As you may have heard, Rayman Legends is no longer a Wii U exclusive and has now been pushed back to the faraway land of September. Ubisoft has confirmed that the Wii U version of the game is finished, but has insisted it will be releasing it with the other versions of the game rather than putting it on shelves in February as was planned.

Many Wii U owners were dismayed at this news, with some venting their anger towards Ubisoft. It appears the publisher has taken some note of this and has made Nintendo gamers a peace offering, by promising them a new "exclusive" demo that will be available to download from the Wii U eShop soon.

Here's what Ubisoft had to say on its official Facebook page:

Thanks for all your feedback regarding Rayman Legends in all of its forms. We have heard you and we will continue to listen. We understand your frustration and that you want to get your hands on the game. We are working with the development team to provide you with a new, exclusive demo for the Wii U soon. Stay tuned for more.

The promise of a new demo is at least something, but many will still feel irked by Ubisoft's decision not to release the already finished Wii U version of the game before the other platforms.

Of course there is already a demo for Rayman Legends available in the Wii U eShop that you can download right now, if you haven't already.

What are your thought's on Ubisoft's attempt at a pacifying gift for Nintendo gamers? Let us know by dropping a comment below.