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Wii Street U App Finds Its Way to Wii U eShop in Japan

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Nosiness from the comfort of the living room

Last year Satoru Iwata confirmed that the Google Maps Street View functionality would be coming to Wii U, an app that makes sense given the GamePad's screen and motion sensors. It may not be a big hit or a system seller, but this potentially fun app — called Wii Street U — has now arrived in Japan.

Satoru Iwata himself celebrated by wearing a rather bulky Google camera rig while still managing to smile; all for a free app. You can see a video of it in action below, and we're sure many Japanese Wii U owners are snooping on where co-workers live at this very moment.

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sgotsch said:

These overly enthusiastic people in Nintendo videos are driving me crazy. xD Would love to try the whole thing myself.



DePapier said:

They can even see inside the NASA Space Center?????? Dude, I had to fly over the US just to see that!!!

Honestly, it's awesome. And totally worth a paid app. (And if you're not happy about it you can just go on Google Maps on Wii U's Internet browser.)



19Robb92 said:

The feature is neat, but all in all this is extremely pointless for me. If I want to use Google maps I'll use it one my computer or phone (not that I ever use it anyway)... Especially considering the slow loading times on the WiiU menu.

I was hoping for something cooler.



luminalace said:

Cool but is the type of app that I really want? No. I would much rather prefer a media player that can allow the Wii U to play Video and music files!



mshope10 said:

its free and fun but people sound like they don't want it.

it's a fun time waster to use Google maps at home and now with wii u and the gamepad it look more fun and its free and some people don't like it?

does this make sense? i just don't get it?don't get it if you don't like it.

but some people might



Nareva said:

I actually think this is pretty cool. I often use Google Maps at home, but this seems more like a touring/learning tool than a mapping tool. Based on that video, it looks like they're pushing the whole 360 degree view feature, which I think is pretty cool. Never been to Notre Dame? Never been to the pyramids in Giza? This looks like a very cool way to tour them from your home.



ThomasBW84 said:

It's free, for anyone asking — it is mentioned in the article

Free in Japan, anyway, I imagine it'll be the same in the West.



SchamMan89 said:

Is Miiverse integrated with this? It'd be awesome to share parts of the world you're exploring with friends.



LittleIrves said:

This looks like a great little unique addition to the platform. If nothing else, it might pique the interest of someone who hasn't played games before, get the WiiU GamePad in their hand, make them more comfortable.... which could lead to a round of Nintendo Land... which could lead to playing more games, etc.



RandomNerds said:

Well seems pointless now, it's nice that Nintendo is including something like Google maps because that data cab be used for other features down the road. Pointless or not if Nintendo's going to compete in this next-generation it needs to keep adding more and more features even if only 10% of them are adopted and used.



SMW said:

If you don't want it, don't get it. Its as simple as that. This is for exploring the planet from home. Now I can stroll through Antarctica or anywhere else while on my couch!

I'm personally looking forward to this. I find the controls for Google Street View to be very awkward on PC and the Android app isn't all that better. Finally with the Wii U gamepad, I can zoom through street view with ease!

As for the price, I recall them saying it'll be free for a short time. Is that still true?



SCAR said:

I think it looks interesting. I don't have a smarta$$ phone or tablet, so I have to use Google maps at home on the computer. Looks like I'll be using it on the Wii U soon, though. I was gonna buy it if I had to.

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