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Video: Grab a Sneak Peak of WiiWare Console-Exclusive "ROM City Rampage"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

15 seconds of glorious pixels

A few days ago we were relieved to confirm that Retro City Rampage arrives on WiiWare on 28th February, a long-awaited and delayed retro homage to the original GTA titles. That description may sell it a little short, as it's packed with pop-culture references and diversions that are set to distract gamers on a regular basis.

Also confirmed for the WiiWare version of the title as a console-exclusive — it hits PC/Steam on the same day — is ROM City Rampage, a playable extra within the game's arcade that emulates the main game as it would have been on NES, apparently true to the real limitations of the hardware. Considering that other games in the Arcade include Virtual Meat Boy, BIT.TRIP: Retro City and Epic Meal Time, we suspect it's an area of the game that'll be popular.

Developer VblankEntertainment is currently preparing a "making of" documentary for this extra mode to show how that NES version was put together, and has released a teaser to show it off. It's just 15 seconds long, but shows some lovely pixel cars and lines of code.

Check it out below, and let us know whether any of you retro-heads are likely to spend more time in ROM City Rampage than the main game.

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C-Olimar said:

Looks really cool, and I'm intrigued by the arcade. I hope this game turns out good!



AlexSora89 said:

The first Animal Crossing's in-game NES library already added a lot of value to that game. With the GTA-esque Retro City Rampage, it's going to repeat that very same feat, and it's gonna be even better. Hopefully RCR players won't have too many problems with the ROM library "pulling a Golden Saucer", as FFVII players would call it.

(Too many acronyms? Sorry, I was in a hurry.)



Zemus-DJ said:

Kinda wished they did a Eshop release for both "eshops" thou I'd perfer the on the go aspect of things........least it's finnaly coming out



Damagemanual said:

@Zemus-DJ I agree. I don't understand why the 3DS eshop is split between the 3DS and the DSi but the Wii and Wii U eshops are independent of each other.



Shanksta said:

If I wanted it on my computer I would have gotten it months ago. I just don't like playing games on my computer. Plus I want to use the wiiremote since it is perfectly suited to games like this.



XCWarrior said:

Glad to see this still is coming to WiiWare. Again people, you can play it on your Wii U, just go through the Wii Menu. At least it's not the PS4 where you likely won't be able to play all your old PSN games at all.

@SCAR392 Don't renew your subscription to PS+, then attempt to play that "free" game of RCR. If it actually boots up, I'll be in shock.



SCAR said:

I understand PS+ isn't free. I bought my subscription last March, and I don't plan on renewing. If you bought all the games on when they came out, PS+ didn't really matter, but Retro City Rampage was free on PS+ a month after it came out. There's basically no reason to buy games if you have PS+(at least for me), and they've given away over $400 of free downloads just in one year. I haven't boughten a single game for my PS3 since I got PS+, and I rarely play it anyway.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Technically they are letting us use them for free not giving them away. Mine came with console but I don't see myself getting enough value for the price to buy next year. Especially since the majority of titles I get excited about are usually the ones NA publishers are too afraid to localize.



dxblord said:

this game is a down ported version from the other versions"xbla and PSN". and the developer don't want a wii u version because he don't fell like porting the game for the wii u "lazy or money hat?"



dxblord said:

Holy poop they have deleted my comments in retro city rampage Facebook page and blocked comments altogether. I told them he can easily fined a publisher to port his game on wii u.( would have helped him) the first replay was
"Retro City Rampage: The game was delayed because the Wii version wasn't going to make a cent of revenue, let alone profit due to how things are set up (see previous post linking to an article from 2009, a year before the game was even announced). I'm putting it on Wii as fan service."
keep your fan charity service to your self. NOTE " HE CANT PORT TO THE WII U DUO TO CONTACTE (MONEY HATING)"
Don't give this indie developer your money. he is ripping you off with a down ported game that started in wii ware.



A1234 said:

can't wait for this game! and "Arcade" sounds awesome! omg Bit.Trip Retro City?!



Gioku said:

Me and my friend have been playing this game on PC, and it is the greatest thing I have ever laid eyes on! This sounds really cool!



sweetiepiejonus said:

I would guess English not being first language or those voice assisted typing devices don't work as well as the commercials say they do.

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