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Update to Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate To Bring Off-TV Play and Cross-Region Online Multiplayer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Play with hunters from across the Atlantic from April onwards

With Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate around the corner on both Wii U and 3DS, it promises to bring an expanded version of the Wii original to a new audience, as well as enthusiastic veteran hunters. It's also a game that has an active community and fan-base, many of whom frequent the dedicated boards over at Capcom Unity.

In what seems like a victory for that community, Capcom has today announced that it's bringing an April update to the Wii U version of the title to add two oft-requested features: you'll be able to enjoy off-TV play on the GamePad screen, and the online multiplayer lobbies will be opened up so that North American and European gamers can go on the hunt together. The GamePad-only play will be welcome to those who'll have difficulty reserving the TV for hours on end, while cross-region online is sure to bolster the four-player hunts. In addition, Capcom will provide free downloadable quests for "several months", with the first being available at launch.

These extra details add to what is likely to be a hefty amount of content. Let us know what you think of this update and the goodies it'll bring.

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edhe said:


It's a pity we can't play with Japanese players though. If I can play with someone from Australia, I should be able to play with someone from Japan (at least the ones who are able to converse in English)

Although it might be awkward with them needing a subscription fee, while we can play free.

@MK_II I found it hard to control, but only because I'm used to playing on a gamepad that has the sticks below the buttons.



ohhaime said:

I happy to hear both these features are coming. The off-TV play almost makes me rethink buying the 3DS version but I'll buy it anyway just to support the series.

@edhe Actually I think the Online play is free in Japan for Ultimate because Nintendo is running the severs this time.But yeah it would be nice to play with Japan.



Korgoth said:

I'm excited for the off screen play option only since that means my wife can enjoy the living room while I still enjoy Monster Hunter... might never stop now.

@Mk_II I agree that the demo feels funny. Mostly for me since I'm used to style 2 controls, but also the Wii Classic Controller had notches at the 8 primary angles to help you keep pressing the analog stick in the proper direction. Didin't realize how much I used them till they were taken away on a game I'm used to having them.



AhabSpampurse said:

@korgoth I had similar issues, I kept firing at 11 o'clock, despite being certain I was aiming dead ahead! Bit of practice and I'm nailing it now.



AhabSpampurse said:

In response to articleitself though, and very much in Regular Show style... "OOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!"



ultraraichu said:

I can imagine all the fans losing hours of sleep since they can communicate with more people with a wider gap in time zones and playing on the gameplay so they don't hog the tv all day and night.

Not that I'm complaining



BenAV said:

Oh, wow!
I did not expect that at all.
Both additions are really, really great news.



MERG said:

Now I'm pushed further to get both's gonna be an expensive month.



CanisWolfred said:

@edhe That last bit may be what's making that impossible, actually. I don't think they could make a paid server interact with a Non-paid version, as far as I know. Not without changing a lot of things. 'Course, I could be wrong.

Anyways, hurray! Now I get to play with my friends across the pond!



Tasuki said:

As if I had another reason to get this game. I am glad that they added the off-tv game play because my Wii U is connected to the same TV as the Xbox 360 so now when my son is playing something on the Xbox I can get a quick game of MH in. Honestly that was the only reason I was thinking of playing the 3DS version more but now I dont have to worry about that it seems. Great job Capcom just you got tired of all the fans hating you.



DePapier said:

Since they're going this way, how about two-screen local multiplayer with the GamePad. That way if a family member has his own save file, we could join each other on one file for some local quests.



ohhaime said:

I just saw on the Capcom blog that the games will be on both eShops on RELEASE DAY!!! No extra waiting!



BenAV said:

The main reason I'm so happy about the online being cross region is because that means a large majority of the players should be English speaking.
I found with playing Tri on the PAL servers that I'd be playing with German players more than anyone else, which makes it hard for me to communicate with my team properly considering I don't speak any German.



XCWarrior said:

A few weeks before release, Ubicrap delays Raymen Legends for 7 months.

A few weeks before release, Capcom announces improvements to Monster Hunter Tri Ultimate.

Hmm, I wonder which game will sell better, and which company people like more right now. Hmmm... mystery.

I'm still buying 3DS version as well, because I can't take the Wii U Game Pad with me on the road.



RoryLee said:

Awesome! Capcom did good on this one. And I hope that all companies start using off-tv play because that is one of my favorite features for the system.



GraveLordXD said:

So any word of this having couch co op? One person using the game pad and the other using the pro controller



Totabiento said:

Wow, this is indeed great news!!. I'm still going to get both versions, 3DS and Wii U... but now with Wii U there will more ways to play and more users online to go hunting with!!... great work Capcom!!. This game is going to be THE BEST GAME EVER!!.... until Monster Hunter 4 I hope



AVahne said:

The Off-TV play will be incredibly useful for me because OF THE GOSH DARN WII U OVERSCAN ISSUES.
I'll be getting the 3DS version at launch, but will wait til April for the Wii U version.



erv said:


This stuff is going to be just legend Everybody buy it, learn it, teach yourself, master its insanity, it is really that rewarding:D



XXIV said:

I'm hoping the downloadable quests will come to both problems (which is likely, since they are most likely the same ones released for the original).



AVahne said:

US and EU, will AU be included as well?
If so, then we'll have semi-international (sans Asia) servers!



AVahne said:

Strange, I was actually pleasantly surprised how easy it was to control. I thought they might have ended up flipping the buttons like what was done to Black Ops 2 (which worked great actually), but found that they kept the buttons the way they were (as they should) and had no trouble using them.



Blaze said:

Awesome! It's finally worth buying the game if like me, you live in Europe! I think I'll pick this up sometime shortly after release now.



Totabiento said:

How will I play this?, let's see, I can put the gamepad in front of me with the map and play with the pro controller on the TV, or I can play with the gamepad + TV and access the items that way. Wife needs the TV?, play only with the gamepad. Gamepad is out of batteries?, play with pro controller and TV only while it charges. Need to leave the house?, transfer to my 3DS and go!... so many options, I'm dizzy....



Peach64 said:

That's just made it a buy for me I have 2 friends in North America that are nuts for Monster Hunter, and while I don't care for playing alone or with strangers, I'll buy to play with them.



SanderEvers said:

Capcom being awesome. LOOK AT THAT UBISOFT!

We all know Capcom loves to release a lot of paid DLC, they love money. But they also release games when they're done and nor delay it for another 7 months.

I will get both versions (3DS and Wii U) so I can play at home on my Wii U and on the road on my 3DS



manic221 said:

Getting this in april unfortunately got afford it when it comes out >.> Still not 100% sold wasn't keen on the original Wii Version because there where to many loading screens that is still an issue but they are much faster now...

My other problem is the hunt in the demo version of the game took me almost the entire time hitting almost constantly that seems like such a ridiculous length of time... I imagine this is much easier when there are more players by your side but on my own it did get tedious by the end.



belmont said:

Guess the preorder price for the Wii U MH pack in my country: 420 euros !!!! Sorry but no thanks.



Mahemoth said:

Very good news indeed, now please update the water lol because it looks horrible
Aside from that really NICE!



Zellybeanie said:

I honestly didn't care much about this game until I played the demo. It was short but fun and definitely something I could see putting a crap ton of time into.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Didn`t see that coming. Very nice!
Of course local co-op witout the need for a 3DS would be the icing on the cake. But still, this is great news.



Einherjar said:

Capcom, youre making i really really hard for me to hate you anymore
Im still not over that whole MegaMan and DmC thing, but what they do with Monster Hunter is a really nice gesture towards their fans



Void said:

I'm happy about this, it would be even better if it meant connection to aussies too.
@AlexSora89 High five. (TV Tropes is awesome.)



Tate24 said:

It's really making not want get 3DS version anymore. It's shame 3DS version didn't get online treatment to:/



SneakyStyle said:

Great news, good to see Capcom stepping it up and listening to feedback from the fans. A lot of other developers should take this approach.



LittleKing said:

Amazing news. If I get Ultimate, it'll definitely be the Wii U version. I'm not sure how much I want it though, considering I've already played Freedom, Unite, Tri and Portable 3rd.



Kyloctopus said:

Wow. Thanks Capcom. Our last hope to make this Launch Window great.
And still no stupid DLC announcement.



Placlu said:

I'm not really getting this game (Played the demo, sucked badly at it ) but that's really awesome that they are updating it that way. If they can update the game post release to have Off TV support, more games should enable it. I think nintendo should really make it standard.



GN0LAUM said:

I was very concerned when I heard off TV play would not be available. Capcom assured us that the reason was because the touch screen was so useful to the game, that it would be detrimental to the game to play without it. Then I download the demo and find that there is absolutely nothing of value on that touch screen. Even the map of the area was still displayed on my HUD. I was very upset to see this was utter BS on Capcom's part. Off TV play is very important to me, especially if I want to play this game for more than a few minutes at a time. I'm glad to hear Capcom will be giving us this feature.



DreaddJester said:

Very good of Capcom to do this and not withhold the info that they will until after the games have already sold. Gives me some faith that Capcom is for the gamers and not for the money like many companies. Now if we could only convince them to add online multiplayer to the 3DS................ Please.



Drawdler said:

It's coming out close to April anyway... So very good news. I think I'll buy both versions still.



FuriousFrancis said:

Great news for huge Nintendo fans like my self. Has anybody else noticed the amount of JRPG support Nintendo is putting up? In this era of shooters first Nintendo is sticking to their guns. Action, Platformers, and RPGs

Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate is one of my personal most anticipated games for the Wii U.



Mattiator said:

Man, if only I wasn't stuck with a 3DS for this game. Maybe they'll release an update to allow the 3DS version to go online without the Wii U? Probably wishful thinking.



AJWolfTill said:

From the 3ds demo? No I found it difficult too. According to a good friend of mine you need the circle pad pro thing to really play this game.
Wait... I can't play with Japanese gamers? That defeats the whole point of me getting this game then

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