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UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fresh Approach From Nintendo

Posted by Damien McFerran

“Wii U has not caught the public’s imagination yet”

UK games trade publication MCV has spoken to a wide range of retailers and the general feeling seems to be that the system needs a price cut — as well as new games and better marketing — to turn its fortunes around.

January marked the console's second month on sale in the UK, and it accounted less than two per cent of game sales.

MCV interviewed some of the biggest retailers in the UK, including supermarket giant Tesco. Here's what Tesco games buying manager Jonathan Hayes had to say:

Wii U has not caught the public’s imagination yet. We need a killer app to drive sales, and a big marketing push to clearly communicate what Wii U is all about.

Those in charge of smaller video game stores seem to agree, but also call for a price cut to stimulate sales.

Nick Whitehead, founder of Xbite, said:

Both the machine and software prices are too high to compete. The price point needs looking at but this alone will not fix the issue.

Barkman Computers’ Nick Elliot concurs:

Lower prices should be led by Nintendo and publishers – not left to retail to discount down to the optimum price point.

It's clear that the Wii U is in a rather tricky situation not just in the UK, but all over the world. In North America for example, the system has sold around 40 per cent less than the previous Wii did at this point in its lifespan.

Clearly new games are required to ensure consoles continue to sell, and if Nintendo can communicate to potential buyers just how great the system is, that will also help. But is a price cut at this stage too extreme?

As ever, leave a comment to let us know what you think about the situation, and how Nintendo can turn it around.


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dartmonkey said:

I don't see the price being lowered. More likely they'll do free game promos as with the 3DS - Get a download code for Wario/NSMBU/NintendoLand when you buy the console.
And personally, matte colours would be a big draw. The demo
Gamepads I've seen look very...sticky. I'd go for matte red.



Peach64 said:

I keep saying it, but price is NOT the reason for poor sales. Quite a few online retailers did their own big price cuts, such as Zavvi's 25% off and it didn't help. There's just no games yet. Nintendo screwed up by not having more first party stuff out during the launch window, but they can't change that now. When the big games turn up, people will happily spend £300 on it.

And before people having a go at the UK for this, the NPD numbers show Wii I sold 55k units in the US during February. So you can't bad mouth the UK (population of 63 million) for only buying 40k in a month when the US population of 315 million only bought 55k).



Grubdog said:

So now retailers can't do their jobs either. Right after Nintendo's done publishing Square-Enix's games, advertising Ubisoft's promises and fixing Team Ninja's next game, they'll get right on this I'm sure.

Nintendo Land is a big game and probably will be the big Wii U game for it's entire lifespan, it's so damn amazing. More people are slowly playing it each day but it'll just take time for it to be seen. I also think when PS4 and X720 are shown Wii U will look much better in comparison when the reality of the "next-gen dream" comes crashing down.

For now, they'll have to push Rayma- oh I mean Lego City Stories and Monster Hunter.



Burning_Spear said:

It's not the price. People are paying just as much and more for tablets. People don't buy the console for the console; they buy it for the games. The launch window has had a lot of releases, but how many were truly new, compelling titles?



Grubdog said:

ZombiU was the perfect game for the UK market but crap journalism got in the way.



MagicEmperor said:

I'll never understand the argument that the Wii U's price is too high. Frankly, I was perfectly satisfied with the price.



SilverLightning said:

so a £290 Wii U is too expensive when the PS3 was launched it was £599 and that was fine..... logic right there folks



DePapier said:

People expecting a price cut before the launch of the Wii U Direct's games are dreaming. Period. Iwata himself said it has to be "absolutely clear." The hardware is launch at a loss, and though it is profit-positive when buying just one game with it — the least expected from anyone buying a console — Nintendo will simply not cut the price until costs of production also get lower.

I was reading the following on Forbes the other day: the Wii U sold 3 millions in its first 3 months, yet the PS3 and the Xbox 360 each sold less than 6 million each in their first YEAR. Like that comment said, it's half the results for a quarter of the time. AND with crappy advertising and no games.

@Peach64 is absolutely right, the games need to get there, and the marketing also. But let's put our hopes on E3 for that last part. Like some one on this website once put it beautifully:
"Bring on the games, and let them do the talking."



AJWolfTill said:

Nintendo said it was up to retailers to market the Wii U at the price they thaught was relevant when they announced the global pricing.
The Premium Wii U costs $350 in America. Going by a currency calculator that should mean the Premium costs £225!
But wait all the Uk retailers are selling it at £300 ($465).
And yet its selling on Ebay for closer to the American Price.
Granted there may be additional trade prices but not to the extent that we are seeing here. Also Games are £50 each... I've never spent more than £40 on a game. The pricing is clearly messed up here.



Peach64 said:

PS3 didn't actually have a sales month as low as January was for Wii U. In fact, no console in the last two generations has, not since the Saturn and virtual boy. Something needs to change but its not the price.



Haywired said:

What can the "killer app to drive sales" be though? it already has Nintendo Land (supposedly the ultimate showcase of the Wii U) and a 2D Mario platformer (Nintendo's strongest asset and most popular franchise).



dizzy_boy said:

I doesn't help when the majority of retailers don't even stock half of the available games.
If they gave more space for a better selection of games, then they would sell more, It's that simple.



FritzFrapp said:

I don't think hardware price is a huge problem, but software prices definitely are. Furthermore, retailers have to shoulder a lot of the blame with a lot of profiteering going on. And that's when they can be bothered to stock the Wii U at all. Same goes with the 3DS. The shelf space allocated to 3DS at this stage in the machine's life is scandalous.
Another factor is that Nintendo UK have changed a large amount of staff in the last year and I don't think the new staff are doing well. There's little to no advertising, reps aren't doing their jobs in getting stores to stock products and there is minimal stock differentiation in stores - Wii U just gets chucked in with Wii stuff, same goes for 3DS and DS.
With the ongoing recession, I don't see things improving much. All games sales are going almost entirely online and online retailers are getting squeezed more than they used to – that's why we're not seeing so many bargains now.



Peach64 said:

@Haywired A 3D Mario game at launch would have made so much difference. I know they can't churn out big games in no time, but Galaxy 2 was almost three years ago and I'm sure I've read a lot of less experienced guys got pulled into that games development as it was mostly level design since the engine was done. Nintendo could have been working on the next 3D Mario for 3/4 years to get it out with the Wii U.

Like I said above, I'm sure Nintendo know they messed up, but the problem is they can't just click their fingers now and have big games appear. It's going to take time now.



Haywired said:

I agree that a 3D Mario at launch would have been more spectacular than a 2D one from our point of view (seems odd to launch a next-gen console with what is seen as a retro game and where the previous entry in the serious came out just a couple of months prior). But still, would it have made a huge difference to sales? After all, New Super Mario Bros. games tend to sell nearly 3 times more than the 3D ones.



belmont said:

The price is too high. Basic costs 319 euros, DX 379 euros and Zombi U 420 euros. Even if it had more games the average consumer would not buy easily.

PS3 and 3DS took off only after major price cuts. I don't remember the EU price of PS3 at launch but 3DS retailed for 269 (or 279 I am not sure) euros! It was way high. The PSP launched with the same price ages ago but the economy was in a way better shape back in its day.

Wii U needs some more advertising. Most don't know what it is. I have seen in a local retailer a sigh which says that Wii U games don't work on Wii!! Apart from e-mails and one or two events before launch there was nothing.



BlatantlyHeroic said:

@Peach64 Don't be that naive. It can take from 2-4 years to make a game, there's no way they would be able to release more first party games than what has already been released.



Bankai said:

I love how certain Nintendo fans blame literally everything but Nintendo for Nintendo's problems. It's the retailers fault, it's crap journalism. It's not like Nintendo is responsible for selling Nintendo products or anything



MrGawain said:

The price may be an issue t some people, but if they want all the goodies tha come with a Wii U then that's what they have to pay. How much do iPhones cost?
Lack of games is the reason of the slow pick up. I bought one to play Arkham and Darksiders 2, because I never played an Xbox/PS3, but for the gamers that have, they want new games.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, Nintendo should have held back Skyward Sword and released it on the Wii U as the flagship like Twilight Princess was on the Wii.



Peach64 said:

@L-Lawliet I know, but why haven't they been working on them for 2-4 years? It's been 5 years since Galaxy, 6 years since the last Smash Bros. I know the games take a long time, but it's not like Nintendo just finished putting out tons of Wii games, they were done with them years ago.

GameCube had Luigi's Mansion and Meleel, Wii had Metroid Prime Corruption and Brawl. You don't start working on your 2-4 year development cycles when the console launches, you do it 2-4 years before. It was shown to the public near 2 years ago, it will have been known about internally for more than twice as long. They've had time, so I don't understand why everything is still do far away from being ready.



AmishThunder said:

It'll move more units as more games become available. It's still the 2nd best selling console launch of all time. With that said, if I were Nintendo, I'd want to get as many units out there before Sony/Microsoft drop their beasts into the world.



Sean_Aaron said:

I'm still not getting how it's reasonable to compare Wii U sales with Wii when the Wii was one of the fastest-selling systems of all time. Has Wii set the bar then? Are the new Xbox and PlayStation systems in trouble if they also fail to reach those numbers (nearly a certainty since their predecessors didn't)?

It feels like being able to walk into a shop and buy a Wii U means it's struggling. I bought my Wii nearly a year after launch and had to use a stock checking site to nab one - never had that problem with the original Playstation I can tell you. It just sounds like more retailers looking for a saviour and since the Wii U isn't it Nintendo is doing something wrong.

Yes Nintendo's marketing could use some improvement, but the economy still sucks and it's quite likely we'll see people stick with cheaper (and older) game systems that appear to offer a similar experience given the choice. I don't see how Nintendo competes with that - should the Wii U be priced at £99.99?



TheRegginator said:

I've concluded that Nintendo just isn't very popular in the UK. It's much like Microsoft is in Japan.



Baloo said:

It's the games, priced at £49.99 a go they're too expensive, especially for parents of young children.
Download prices should reflect the cheaper cost to system, but Nintendo has always charged too much for d/l. I have a wii u as I love Nintendo and trust that the games will come (which they will) premium and exclusive titles will take time to utilise the gamepad, look at the problems publishers had with the wiimote a when that first came out. Poor use of wiimote or just plain bad motion controls improved with time. Sony failed with their attempt completely and they are way more expensive then nintendos offering



Farmboy74 said:

If I remember right Nintendo let the retailers here in the UK set their own price for the Wii U. So in theory a price cut is down to the retailers. Zavvi held a fire sale at the beginning of January didn't they? Also Nintendo need to advertise it more on the tv, like they are with the 3DS. Every time I turn the tv on, there is a 3DS advert on. Maybe Nintendo need to be more aggressive in the UK, as they freely admit its a region they struggle in.



MAB said:

WiiStreetU is a killer app

It's not the UK's fault they don't work hard enough to make some decent scratch... I mean imagine if you lived in AussieLand where we pay almost twice as much for our products for christs sake there was a time last year when we had to pay $20 for like 4 bloody bananas... We just stopped buying bloody bananas. I know I keep bringing this up but I remember paying over $400 for a Wii at launch and only had WiiSports, Red Steel & Twilight Princess for 8 months so everybodies complaints and whinging mean diddly squat as far as I'm concerned



ajcismo said:

Its games, games, games, games, games. Don't any of these supposed expert business people ever actually play any of the games they're selling or analyzing? Just like all new consoles/handhelds before it, there are no damn games. If you have no games, other than the fanboys, who is going to buy it? Nobody has any patience anymore.
This is going to get more interesting by the end of the year. The Wii U will actually have some killer games out and the PS720 will be sporting a large price tag without much for software. And the rumored lack of backwards compatibility with both machines isn't going to help them either.



carlocunanan said:

Software is priced a bit too high in my opinion... even though most PS360 games cost same or just a bit more...



WaveGhoul said:

A friend of mine who constantly downplays Nintendo said that the Wii U would be Nintendo's Last console and that they would turn into a 3rd party He's never played the Wii U before, or more than 3 games on the Wii....And hasn't touched the GCN, N64 and NES. Some people seem more concerned with sales and console popularity rather than actually...You know, playing the system, the games and whatever for themselves and having a little....what's the word? FUN and forming their own opinion. Console popularity and sales charts good or bad don't diminish or boost the fun i'm having while playing a game on that particular console.

Anyways, I have no right to even really judge the XBOX 360 or PS3(even though i've owned both) considering I haven't played too many games on either. Most of the games on both consoles accompanied by their control schemes(for the most part) and exclusives just don't really interest me that's all. The PS3 did pretty poor in the beginning, but it started to shine later on. What's stopping the Wii U from doing the same thing? Oh wait....The soccer moms, Good old grandpa and the enormous other pile of casuals have moved on to their shnazzy I-Pads! Wii need a Wii Sports 2 stat! lol



Tornado said:

Definitely the price of the games. Yes, I know games cost more during the SNES era, etc. etc. But it isn't the 90s. The gaming industry and the worldwide economy are much different. I just can't justify dropping $60 on a game--I haven't purchased a new game at full retail price since 2008.



Reverandjames said:

I really REALLY want a Wii U, but I just can't afford it, and I'm betting that a lot of other people are in the same boat. Plus I don't feel any proper incentive to save money for one until more games start coming out. Plus I am kind of waiting for a price cut.



SilverLightning said:

nintendo went wrong with its launch games, they thought third party support would help it sell by having darksiders, FIFA, COD and mass effect 3 most of these games are avalible on the Wii, PS3 and the 360, no will buy a Wii U to play COD because they can already do taht on there previous generation console, the Wii U didnt have enough first party support at launch and thats where nintendo is going wrong and there is still no first party support since launch, sure the was NSMB.U but every ones seen it all before, nintendo land was perfect for Wii U but no one knows about it because it was never advertised, nintendo needs to make a new advertisement approch and first party support is needed before people start saying "what the hell is a Wii U, the noise the fire trucks make"



Buzzthebatgirl said:

Games, games, games and exclusive games. This is what the Wii U needs, not Shovelware, ports of old Ps360 games, and "exclusives" getting delayed and ported.

The launch line up was a bit meh with only a few stand out titles, and the last big exclusive title (Ninja Gaiden) got ported with better features?! WTF? Rayman is now dead in the water and well, the next few games worth buying come out in late March/April. Who the heck releases a console and doesn't keep the games flowing?



GiftedGimp said:

Smaller retailers and alternative games and console sellers like tesco will want Nintendo to make a price cut so they can buy them in at lower price, and offer lower prices.
Its strange as when When my Missus dad went to our Local GAME Stores at the beginning of January from both the Stores he could only buy the Standard WiiU as both our Local branch's had no Premium packs in Stock.
When I brought My WiiU around 3 weeks ago I was able to get the Last Premium pack from one of the stores, the other had none in stock.
I doubt GAME are only ordering in 2/3 WiiU's for sale at a time in store, so it suggest that people are going to the main retailers and ordering from alternative online outlets like Shopto.

Some people will also be waiting for concrete details on the Next Xbox and Ps4 before buying anything. With all the wildly varying rumours about each console people don't really know what the best option to follow at this point, except the fanboys who will buy even the console as £1000 and powered by a gerbil and grahpics drawn by a imp.
Once alk the facts are know people will buy what suits them the most.

WiiU could turn out to be the console to own in the end, Regardless of specs and prices, Both Next Bkx and Ps4 are rumoured NOT to be able to play Used Games, and I have a lot of long time Xbox and Ps3 freinds saying if that turns out to be true they wont be buying regardless of price and specs.




2 words

Product awarness

you can have the best console in the world, but people cannot buy something they know nothing about.

half the people I speak to think the wii u is a new controller for the wii



GiftedGimp said:

Also IF the Next Xbox, Ps4 can't play used games, you can guarantee that the retailers will be showing All kinds of love for the WiiU.



rjejr said:

Chicken and egg. Wii U doesn't need a price cut b/c the system needs games. But, since the system doesn't seem to have enough AAA games then doesn't that mean it needs a price drop?

I agree with Peach64 - Nintendo showed this system at E3 2011, nearly 2 years ago, so they should have been working on it for 2 years before that. so SMG3, SSBU, MKU, should have all been ready at or near launch. It's been YEARS since Smash Bros. and Mario Kart. Why is it taking a full year after launch for an HD WIndwaker, couldn't that have been ready at launch? And where's Pikmin 3, it's been 10 years since Pikmin 2.

And the answer to the above can be found in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, a Gamecube sequel. Luigi sucks stuff with a vacuum, nobody thought to use the Wiimote for this? And Kid Icarus is better than most Wii games. And Fire Emblem is better than any JRPG on the Wii. Nintendo has been so focused on it's handheld it hasn't given proper focus to the Wii U. As long as the 3DS kills the Vita Nintendo doesn't care all that much about the Wii U.



wariosmith said:

too right Sonic-doom, It took me long enough to realise the U was a whole new console not just a new controller. I've lost count of people saying - 'oh you bought a new controller for your Wii' ... and when I say no, they just ask what's the difference... and apart from Nintendo land... I don't have much to say yet.

Have pre-Ordered Lego City... £45 including gteed delivery on day of release...




I showed my 16 year old cousin that hates nintendo, ninja gaiden 3 RE and Zombi U

guess what ? he wants a wii u now

I have just done nintendo's job for them



potomas said:

Would have bought more games but they are to expensive. Also as someone else says I don't think Nintendo is that popular in uk



Will-75 said:

@Araknie thank you took the words out of my mouth , I'm so tired of reading this poopiedoodledingdongs how the Wii U needs a price cut I'm happy with the price as well it's well worth it's price we live in a world where people pay $800.00 and more for a cell phone and then pay a monthly bill upwards of $200.00 a month to keep it active . The good games are coming as well there is alot of really good games to play in the meantime and to my knowledge there has forever been a sales slump at this point and time of the year after all the holidays people are just now getting caught back up on their bills .



3dbrains said:

if they want to sell more they NEED to reduce the price of games. None of them are worth £50-£55.
at this rate a ps4 game should be around £80. bu i cant see that. sony will sell games at £30-£40 and nintendo will be blaming something else for low sales.



kereke12 said:

they need to bring the prices down here in north america it bad enough that the games cost or $30 in my opinion if nintendo want to see more sells here they need to bring the prices DOWN see i can understand if it comes in a bundle like the new zombieU that brings the goodies see that is worth paying over $200 but serious a regular consle that cost almost $300 for example the Wii u basic that only bring what 8gb which is like have an ipod that doesn't hold anything then on top of you have to buy the game and the things u need for it i would rather waste over $200 in clothes or buying games for my 3DS then buying that IM A BIG FAN OF NINTENDO NEVER LIKE SONY OR MICROSOFT but if they want me to buy it bring the prices down just a little bit. that what i have to say about this article.



FullbringIchigo said:

you know what i think the problem is the name people see it and think "oh look a new version of the Wii well i already have one" if it was called even Wii 2 people would no the difference yeah i know we gamers do but what about people who ain't gamers and don't understand this stuff like parents shopping for their children?



IxnayontheCK said:

Honestly its bad marketing and no must have system selling titles. Even kids are buying/wanting xboxes. Nintendo needs to take the gloves off. Show people WHY they need the wii u! I love nintendo & am partially biased but i can also acknowledge their glaringly obvious misteps.



WaveGhoul said:

the Wii U commercials have been utter s***. There's absolutely nothing exciting, or anything that screams 'Next Gen' about them. The Wii commercials were much better. "Wii would like to play"



banacheck said:

The fact is the Wii fad is over the casual-players are moving on, the Wii also showed this fad move by the Wii dropping in sales. Nintendo saw this as a need for new hardware the Wii U, i would be very surprised the Wii U saw anything like the sales of the Wii. People don't get the Wii was a casual fad & it's over sad but true, and as soon as the Next-Gen console hit the PS4/Xbox720 thats also when you will see the Wii was a casual-players fad.



LztheQuack said:

@Peach64: From a sales standpoint, a 2D Mario made a lot more sense. They sell many more units than a 3D Mario.

I think retailers need to give the Wii U some time. Nintendo is releasing games starting next month, so let's just be patient.



JimLad said:

@LordLzGlad Problem is they're not just trying to sell a game, they're trying to sell a £300 system with it.
To the untrained eye, NSMBU looks a lot like it's predecessor. In fact if you take away the HD and the fifth player, it could easily have been a Wii Game.
Plus Mario Bros Wii came out 3 years into the console's life. It owes much of its success to the MASSIVE install base it already had. I don't think it would have sold the system at launch because it's not visually exciting enough, and sadly that is a big part of what sells games/consoles.
Also oversaturating the brand hasn't helped. It seems like every 2nd game they announce now is a Mario game.



gojiguy said:

I see more bundles happening and I doubt Nintendo will do another price cut, unfortunately.



Eien1239 said:

@Peach64 Well I think getting used to HD consoles was a major problem, This is one of the only times when Nintendo being behind the times has been a problem. Looking at E3 2011 they maybe have scraped alot of projects, . Nintendo rallying to get third parties was also a flaw, And the late distribution of the final dev kits was a flaw too.



AyeHaley said:

Show Wii Street U in commercials, my family finally gets what the machine is all about. Love that app!



ThumperUK said:

All Nintendo needs to do is to bother with doing any sort of advertising & promotion for the console. I've seen endless adverts for Aliens Colonial Marines yet none for the WiiU in the last month. Nintendo seems to have become ever more arrogant in thinking people will just spend £300 on a console simply because it has the Nintendo name for it.

We keep hearing about how cash-rich Nintendo is, why is it not investing in bigger development studios to bring out more games (or buying up some great existing ones which have recently gone bankrupt). It has a massive catalogue of gaming legends but very few games (where is Metroid, proper Mario, Kirby, Yoshi, Luigi, et al??).

Lets face it, what other company would have Pikmin 3 in development since the gamecube era!!! nintendo needs a rocket placing somewhere, and quick!!



triforcepower73 said:

It needs another wii fit. And no I'm not talking about another installment in the series. I'm talking about a game that will attract casuals like fit did. I don't think releasing wii fit u is going to attract many casuals because they'll probably be content with their old version and see no need to upgrade.



Ryno said:

  • Soccer mom and dad are not going to spend $300+ for a new console (plus $ for games and accessories) for Little Johnny.
  • Gamers (beyond Nintendo fans and early adopters) with disposable income are not interested in a new system with the same games on a system they already own or a mini game collection (Nintendoland) or a pretty basic 2D platformer (NSMBU, which I still like by the way).

As a NIntendo fan, I think they launched this system to soon. Hopefully Nintendo's next console launch they will release a must have 1st party game that really shows the system off beyond just a mini game collection.



rjejr said:

@LordLzGlad - Yeah, I was a bit harsh, but I was trying to avoid cliches' like "bit off more than they can chew". I still stand behind my main point, the Wii U has suffered b/c over the past few years Nintendo has been more focused on their main priority the 3DS. Kid Icarus and Luig's Mansion could have been Wii or Wii U games with their emphasis on pointing. SSBB should have had s sequel ready but the team was busy with Kid Icarus.

So yes, Nintendo has limited resources, and those resources have been focused on the 3DS, which is why the Wii U is in a gaming drought.



Haxonberik said:

How about releasing Pikmin 3 already? I kinda feel Nintendo was counting on Rayman Legends to drive them through February, so maybe it took them as an ugly surpise the latest events.



CerberusAzdin said:


I agree. The 3 factors affecting Wii U sales are:

1. It's only been out for 2 months
2. Needs more software
3. Needs cheaper software

I think that Nintendo could market the console a lot better. There are a lot of people who still think its just the controller.

It's good to see that there is yet another bundle coming out soon too. The Monster Hunter bundle will be bought by people who have played the previous installments. Nintendo need to release a NSMB U bundle because this are the ones that sell themselves. The problem isn't buying the console; people are willing to pay more than £250 (in most cases in the past) IF there is decent or appealing software available. The launch titles were great, but why pay £60 for AC3 when I can get it for £35 +/- on Xbox or ps3?

I think things will pick up, especially since the news received from the Nintendo Direct yesterday.



LztheQuack said:

@rjejr Which is why they are coming now. Nintendo can't have all their teams on the Wii U because then the 3DS would have suffered.

The other problem with the Wii U's February. Historically video games do not sell well during the January/February months.



datamonkey said:

@dartmonkey - "And personally, matte colours would be a big draw"

I agree. I would have much preferred a matte WiiU, or at least the gamepad...

Nintendo need to actually get the message out there that they have a new console on the market. The similar 'Wii' branding was a mistake imo...



alLabouTandroiD said:

If you're looking to sell it to the established Ninty target audience you'll need a price cut imo. 279€ for the system together with Nintendo Land or a different great game would be something i couldn't resist. And no, i don't think it really appeals to many more people than the typical Nintendo target auidence right now.



RoboConker said:

It only have been 2 months since the WiiU came out!
The 360 did worst, there were only 2 or 3 good games over 2 years.
People today are really impatient, even if there was an awesome firstpartie game at launch people would still be crying for more.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I kind of want the price cut to happen but only if it means I will get a decent retail game for free.

The trouble is that with the game drought, the chances of there being a game I want that I haven't already bought are pretty slim. My guess is the price cut will happen in or after the summer and with a bit of luck we'll get the Super Luigi U DLC for free!



mogadon1 said:

I think actually releasing some WIIU games and getting them on shelves in shops would be a great way to start.



Doma said:

I agree with those sentiments. The price atm is a problem because, when i look at the hardware/specs i see little to justify that high cost. The fact it's underpowered, requires an external HD etc.. affects how much i'd be willing to pay for it (about £180 at this point).

Regardless of price though, i still wouldn't buy one anytime soon because of the games situation.



HappyHappy said:

I don't think that the WiiU needs a price drop it just needs more good games. I haven't bought one yet mainly because the games I really want like Pikmin 3 and Rayman Legends aren't out yet. I'm sure when the WiiU gets more games that will appeal to both casual and hardcore gamers the console will sell more units.



Johnathonjordan said:

1.lower the price just a little
2.more games, better games
3.most important work on the "extra's" as in downloadable DLC and cod elite for black ops 2, and and etc.



K1LLEGAL said:

@SilverLightning The Ps3 was never £599. It launched at £425.

@Angel792 The Xbox took nowhere near 2 years to get good games. Are you serious? Around 6 months after it launched Oblivion came out. Oblivion. Thats a huge game to get so early on in a console's lifecycle let alone an entire generation. Don't just make random stuff up. That same year it got Gears of War and Saint's Row. And they're only the heavy hitters; obviously. Plenty of other games came out in the meantime.



shake_zula said:

i really don't get the lack of advertising. i've still not seen a single tv ad for wii u, yet i've seen countless for ps360 games. i work in a blockbuster store in the uk and honestly, other than people who follow gaming news sites or magazines, pretty much no one knows what the wii u is. we've sold two consoles since launch (one of which was to me) and we're a busy store. hence why we're still open :[



capitalism said:

Don't let these hugglebunnies force you into anything Nintendo. Stick to your guns, Wii U will be more than fine. After Monster Hunter 3rd Ultimate, Pikmin 3, and Bayonetta 2 come out you'll hear a lot of these complainers shut up.



Tsuchiya said:

Lack of advertising and multiplats that can be bought cheaper elsewhere, probably even the systems name is causing people to stay away.

Was WiiU really the best name to pick?
WiiU plays Wii games but so does Wii obviously. Some may confuse the names. People may not be able to justify another system that doesn't really offer much in the way of change. Bar the gamepad screen, it's a baby Xbox.

HD isn't as big a deal as it once was. It's still early days but it's just a console with a funny screen on the controller offering overpriced games.

To me at least, it doesn't have that glorious Nintendo feel about it.



GreenDream said:

The Wii U is already barely selling at cost. If they lower the price, they would be selling at a loss. These retailers should ask themselves: would THEY want to sell their primary products only AT A LOSS???



Zombie_Barioth said:

Doma wrote:

I agree with those sentiments. The price atm is a problem because, when i look at the hardware/specs i see little to justify that high cost. The fact it's underpowered, requires an external HD etc.. affects how much i'd be willing to pay for it (about £180 at this point).

Pretty much took the words out of my mouth there. Compared to any other option it doesn't offer very much value for your money. Add to it the fact that just four games cost as much as the console itself, something anyone with basic math skills can figure out. Waiting for price drops doesn't do much good for Nintendo games either.

Something many people seem to leave out when they bring up how people have no problem spending just as much if not more on a tablet is that a console is just an entertainment device, while tablets can be used for just about everything. People are much more willing to spend money on something they can use for school, work, or other utilities than expensive play things. Most apps are either below $5 or free so software costs are minimal at best as well.



Ren said:

theres nothing naive about expecting to buy an HD console (WITH proper storage and working entertainment and online options at launch) for less than 300 dollars TODAY. Of course 3-4 years ago that would be silly but it's NOT 3-4 years ago; theres no defending this botched launch. 3DS came around, though, I'm plenty happy with that. It's too late for last gen catch-up and it'll be too late when the others come out. Is there anything WiiU has that other consoles don't right now? (besides a touch screen controller; reminds me of dreamcast)



cornishlee said:

Maybe UK games retailers should try giving the system its own section instead of throwing it under the big "Wii" sign. Just a thought.



Molotov said:

Well Shoulda Made It Cheaper.
"Oh Oh Weeee Have Learned OUR Lesson With The 3DS" Naturally, Naturally You Have.



aaronsullivan said:

The Wii U is a gamble with the amazing GamePad included, but seeing the leaked pictures of the awkward ps4 controller with a touch pad (no screen) and a big light to work with the Move stuff shows that it will be a CLEAR advantage over the PS4 when it comes.

To make the GamePad work, the cost was going to be higher, no way around it. The BIG problems are no must-buy games and people just not grasping how the GamePad brings great and new experiences.

As a Wii U owner I'm practically drooling over the upcoming titles and what's now possible. While waiting everyone commiserates on MiiVerse which is fun.



tddct89 said:

@Grubdog Do you honestly think Nintendo Land is the Wii U's killer app? A 3D Mario, the new Zelda, Wind waker HD. These will be killer apps. I don't care if people don't believe in system sellers or not but my younger brother who is a big 360 gamer went out and bought a Wii U so he could replay Wind waker, play NSMBU, the new Zelda, and I bet even my mom would buy a Wii U to play an upgraded Wind Waker. Nintendo land was played by my family for maybe 7 days and now sits on the shelf untouched while NSMBU and Trine 2 are the family games of choice. Nintendo Land will not be the Wii U's big game for its entire life span. I highly doubt it will be the killer app for even the first whole year.



Bankai said:

@GreenDream The console hardware is not the primary product for Nintendo. In fact loss leading the hardware in order to sell higher margin software and licensing to third parties is the smartest business strategy Nintendo could take.

I am pretty sure I have explained this at least a hundred times now.



Henmii said:

"There Will Be A WiiU Successor, No Doubt About It"

What's that for a comment! I just said that there will be a price-cut BECAUSE everyone says there won't be! But surprise, surprise: Nintendo said there also wouldn't be a quick price-cut with the 3DS, and guess what happened?!

People think the Wii u is to expensive, and people think the games are to expensive (at least in Europe). While there probably won't change much regarding game-prices, I expect the console-price to go down pretty soon! It's not a matter of years, but months!!



jayblue said:

games dont come cheap so people complaining of lack of games must be loaded,i got darksiders,nintendo land,mario,tekken,zombi u they will do for now,lack of games on vc so i started getting original gba games i missed some great games just got fzero,mickey mouse,cmrally,going to get golden sun,pokeman games anyone reccomend which one to start from.



The-Chosen-one said:

For the VC i want nintendo to do 2d remakes for the wiiU they should have a small team for that.
Classic games in a new coat. i will be the first in line to buy it.



Henmii said:


You make a very good point! The game prices MUST go down!!

But will the shops learn their lesson? I fear not! Just look at the 3DS: In Europe the games don't sell, and yet they still ask 50 Euro for a game! 3DS won't shift much software in Europe anytime soon!!



craigun said:

It's to expensive for such old technology. The deluxe unit should retail for no more then $199.99

They should also change the name to Wii 2 so the casual consumer understands its not just a new controller. They don't understand what Wii U is.

If you don't get the games out soon, not even $199 will save your system. You may have to start giving them away...

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