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Ubisoft Still Undecided On How To Use The Wii U GamePad In Watch_Dogs

Posted by Orla Madden

Just put a map on it?

We reported over the weekend that those who purchase Watch_Dogs for the Wii U would get the same experience as copies of the game sold on other platforms, and now developer Ubisoft is thinking on how to implement the games features on the GamePad.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Senior producer Dominic Guay said on the topic:

We’re still investigating how we’ll use the tablet on the Wii U, but with the things I mentioned before, for us it’s not going to be a weird stretch. It’s natural. What’s really cool with Watch Dogs, when we start thinking of those devices, it’s not a weird abstraction, it’s not like I’m a space alien and now I’m using a tablet. Why am I doing that? Aiden Pearce is using a device to control the city, so it’s quite easy to imagine what we could do with that.

Guay added that the 'core' social aspects of the game will be the same for all platforms, including the Wii U:

So the connectivity between players with mobile devices, the way you can control the city, the immersion, all those are core and on any platforms we’re going to ship on we’re going to make sure we nail those pillars down.

We have no doubt that you're all looking forward to playing Watch_Dogs when it hits the Wii U; a release date has yet to be confirmed. How do you think the GamePad will be utilized? As usual, we'd like to hear your thoughts on the subject.


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Pichuka97 said:

Just put everything the PS4 version will have and add to it. That way people won't turn the other cheek on the Wii U version.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

Make the GamePad our hacking device where we can use it to hack anything around us and see people IDs and stuff.



luminalace said:

While I would like a Pro Controller option just to be sure, the Gamepad is screaming to be used as a conduit for all the hacking in the game.



rjejr said:

@Pichuka97 - "Just put everything the PS4 version will have and add to it".

The real question going forward for this game and probably many others - will the WIii U game look more like the PS3 version or the PS4 version or somewhere in between? How many different versions on different platforms can 1 company make? I suspect a KiNeXBox version as well, and a 360. So 5 versions not counting PC? Something's gotta give.



Smitherenez said:

It's should not be that hard to come up with something right? Just make the gamepad like a mobile phone or something, since the protagonist is using one for his hacking. A bit like what zombiU did.



Gigagator said:

There's a good opportunity to showcase what Wii U is all about in this game, perhaps a perfect opportunity. If it works well, Nintendo should release a console bundle with Watch Dogs included.



shingi_70 said:

So the PlayStation version will be using the PlayStation app support and the Xbox version will be using smart glass support. Yet somehow ubisoft doesn't know how to use the Wii U tablet. Ahem.



Shiryu said:

Just make the game good and you will get my €uros. It's very early in the Wii U's life and until Nintendo steps up and bring us the big guns, we will have to take the ideas that 3rd parties are using on their Wii U Games. There are already lots of good examples out there.



DePapier said:

They could use it so you see the game in first person with the GamePad and you look around at who and what you want to hack and just tap on to hack it. But judging by Ubisoft attitude I don't expect anything innovative.
Nintendo should provide official guidelines for ports to lazy developers.



SmallFryUnify said:

I already posted on the previous Watch Dogs article:

I explained how I thought they could use the Gamepad without detracting from the other versions, it just meant that if you had a SmartGlass device or PSVita, you would essentially have the same game as the Wii U version. If you didn't have those devices then you would just use an on-screen user interface, however the Wii U would benefit by having improved user interface as the default setup on the Gamepad.



DePapier said:

@CDreams I've just read your ideas and they're truly interesting. But since the game should be due Holiday 2013, and not only Ubisoft hasn't finished the game but they also have no defined ideas of what to do with the GamePad, I wouldn't expect them to go so deep...



SmallFryUnify said:


You're probably right, however the thing controlling the cameras is very similar to using Google Street U or in ZombiU when you look around using the Gamepad. Other than that it's just putting menus on the Gamepad that as always persistent unless you change them or go into camera mode. It's a more intuitive use than having to press a button to get the interface up on screen, it's also a lot quicker and removes clutter from the screen.

I genuinly think with Microsoft pushing SmartGlass and Sony now pushing the PSVita as an alternative to the Wii U's Gamepad, then there's a good chance they can code in those features as core elements. On the Xbox720 (assuming it doesn't have a touchscreen controller like the Wii U) then you would just activate it in settings to send the touchscreen stuff to the SmartGlass device of choice. On the PS4 you can use the touchpad for some features but if you have a PSVita, again you just activate it in settings. In fact it might be a good inventive for Sony to push and market the PSVita, that they will have access to extra features, features that are fun and intuitive, yet do not interfere with the main game.



GiftedGimp said:

So long as ubi do more than just put the map on the tablet i'll be happy.
Having the second screen as standard opens so much potential to add something unique to multiplatform games on the WiiU, much like Xbox will be able to have Unique Kinect funtionality if it ends up being as standard on the next xbox. Without its proper use then you might aswell just use a pro controller or even buy the game on a different platform, if thats an option for you.

Despite Ubisofts questionable decisions of late, it's got to be said Ubisoft are one of more WiiU freindly publishers around at the moment, so I hope they do actually play thier part in showing gamers and other publishers that actually the WiiU is a system worth supporting by making the game look more towards the Ps4/Nextbox versions graphically and also provide Touchscreen features only possible on WiiU.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

This looks like an interesting game. I'll be watching it, but I probably won't be a ble to get it because my parents probably wouldn't let me.



cornishlee said:

Can you say "dodgy port"?

In all seriousness, it seems a bit late in the day to pronounce something like this. It's been in development for how long?



Shrapmo said:

Wait I thought they were going with the whole "Every console experience will be the same" bit. Which I thought meant they wouldn't be making anyone different one unique.



PanurgeJr said:

I don't believe they don't know how they're going to use it. I think they just want to keep some things about the game secret for the time being.



Molotov said:

Just Do Like Everyone Else: Put A Silly Ludicrous Mini Game In There To Check Off On The Nintendo-Innovation-Integration To Make The Two Players Happy That Will Feel Good To Have Bought The WIi Over Any Other Current Gen Console.



brandonbwii said:

This is the disheartening UbiSoft news yet, even the Rayman fiasco. I was certain Ubisoft had some great ideas involving Wii U hardware already. Turns out they don't know what their doing.

Watch_Dogs begs for Miiverse and Gamepad integration. Wii U should standalone against more powerful hardware for this game alone. Does innovative gamepad use end with ZombiU and the exclusive stages of Rayman Legends?



ShadJV said:

Use the screen to display internet memes relevant to the current situation.



kkslider5552000 said:

I was genuinely worried for a second that they weren't sure about using the tablet in a game where your main weapon is a mobile device. Not realizing that would have been about the dumbest thing ever.



brandonbwii said:

Now that I read the whole thing, it sounds like they do have some ideas and just waiting to see if they could implement more. I hope it's something more interesting than a father/son mode.



brandonbwii said:

I wish people would knock it off with the whole 'They said it'd be the same on all platforms.' If the system has unique hardware of course any company in their right mind will develop for it.

For Wii U it's the Gamepad, for PS4 it's the raw power. I wouldn't be surprised if one of the consoles has a smaller amount of players that can be online at once.

All versions will be the same in the purest form i.e. no extra levels for one version etc.



6ch6ris6 said:

i already see people complaining like this:
"i dont like to have to look down on the gamepad everytime i need to hack something in the game".
though the charakter in the game is doing the same thing lol



Bolt said:

@Molotov Uh Huh... How About You Learn To Type Properly And Then We Will Take You Seriously For A Change?



Zellybeanie said:

They did a great job with Assassin's Creed III's use of the GamePad. Though I always wished the inventory and crafting section really utilized it. The system was clunky when it really should've been a breeze to scroll and select using the GamePad.

I feel if I owned a software company and was working on a game for Wii U I'd not mention that I'm shrugging over what to do with the GamePad. Perhaps they'll let us use it as a hat while we play the game with the pro controller or Wii remote.



brandonbwii said:

Anyone else notice that Ubisoft is the only company to support DLC on Wii U so far?

I hope that changes when NFS comes out. But then again it IS EA.



MAB said:

So after using the Gamepad in all their launch games they're still unsure how to use it in future titles? U serious Ubi or just trolling...



pntjr said:

Or just use off-screen gameplay and call it a day. We really don't give a crap, we just want our game.



kereke12 said:

Really Ubisoft you guys made a Wii U exclusive game for Wii U, which was ZombieU and your telling us you don't know what to do with the game-pad. I mean this is a joke, your making your life and ours difficult with this stuff be real Ubisoft and use the game-pad as a map or to use as a weapons change it not difficult in my opinion...i can there ether tell there going to delay it or not make it at all this is just sad because i was going to buy this when i get the console(wii u)



LavaTwilight said:

Just to use it so you can quickly access the various mobile devices surrounding you, traffic robots, cell phones, train, etc. It'll be kool to see the world as basic developer lines, like polygonal grids only with the controllable devices highlighted, but that may take up too much memory.

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