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Tiger Woods Is Skipping The Wii U This Year

Posted by Damien McFerran

In the rough

Thanks to its motion-sensing controller, the Wii managed to deliver several compelling instalments in EA's Tiger Woods series. Despite the lack of graphical fidelity when compared to the 360 and PS3 versions, the Nintendo editions still managed to hold their own, primarily because the Wii Remote allowed more immersive gameplay.

Sadly, it looks as if that tradition is going to end with the Wii. EA has informed Kotaku that the PS3 and 360 are the focus with this year's Tiger Woods PGA Tour outing, and has avoided making any reference whatsoever to any potential Wii U offering:

We’re currently focused on delivering a great Tiger Woods PGA TOUR experience for our fans on the Xbox 360 and PS3, where we have a great opportunity to connect fans to the real world of golf and each other. We don’t have any further platform announcements at this time.

Remember the cool golf segment shown when Nintendo unveiled the Wii U, where the player placed the GamePad on the floor and it became a "virtual" tee, complete with ball? Looks like we're going to have to wait a little longer for that kind of gameplay.

Were you looking forward to some Tiger Woods action on your Wii U? Let us know by leaving a comment.


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TreesenHauser said:

Even though I don't play many sports titles, it's still disheartening to see EA (go figure) holding out on Wii U yet again.



Shrapmo said:

This is getting despicable, these developers are seeming just plain lazy when they give excuses like this.



Grubdog said:

Golf clearly must be played with a traditional controller in a cramped position. For the gamers, EA.



wariosmith said:

I've tried to enjoy the the TW on the wii... but found them all - no matter what new claims they have each year - to be not fun. I haven't enjoyed playing TW since the Gamecube.
Now bring on a new version of Wii Sports golf - with the ball view on the gamepad - that would be awesome.



MAB said:

All they really needed to do was copy & paste Tiger Woods 13 and change the number on the title screen

Why is Kevin Spacey in this one.



FullbringIchigo said:

but the Wii U uses the Wiimote too so what's the problem? i'll tell you the problem they are all waiting for the PS4/Nexbox announcements so they ain't paying any attention to the Wii U

also it has the Wii U has the same control layout as the PS3 and 360 so again what's the problem?



Nintenjoe64 said:

This is worth some Miiverse complaining, anyone who's actually played the 3 versions of TW that were about between 2008-2011 will know that the wiimote+ is the only way to play.

Execs are absolute idiots when it comes to anticipating what will sell. Ubisoft and EA obviously had their fingers burnt with their Wii U launch line up. It was shovelware and already released stuff so I don't know what they expected. They also had the chance to have the marquee title for the new system in ZombiU but probably shared the budget out amongst Sports Connection and Rabbids land and FMV for Zombi U. They probably think that AC3 didn't sell well on Wii U because it was available on other systems first so if they delay Rayman it will sell equally well on all systems.



Korgoth said:

Meh, EA has lost my money when they started talking about console generations and the upcoming 4th gen. Here's a news flash guys, the 4th generation was the SNES and Genesis. We are starting gen 8 now.



Burning_Spear said:

I'm a huge fan of this game. Diehard followers of the series agreed that the Wii version allowed the most realistic motion-controlled play, but EA stated (weeks ago) that there wouldn't be a Wii U version this year because the game wasn't profitable on the Wii. When this story broke on the EA boards (weeks ago), someone from EA posted sales figures. Wii's sales plummeted in a huge way after the ground-breaking TW 10. So while I'm disappointed and keep playing my old copies waiting for an update, I understand. People are turning this into another outrage, but the game was a loss for EA on the Wii two years in a row,

My guess is we'll see it again in a year or two, when the install base increases.



Haywired said:

I actually prefer golf games played the old way, with the good ol' power bar! Don't care that it isn't as "realistic" as the motion charades (probably as I can't seem to get any consistency with them. Though maybe I need to be better at golf...)

But anyway, err, boo EA, etc.



XCWarrior said:

So what is going to happen next year when PS4 and Durango are out? Are developers going to continue to release games on PS3 and 360 because of it's install base? I really feel like that is going to be the case.

Gaming industry 1 year from now is going to be ugly. By the end of this year we are going to lose a number of developers, but by the end of next year... we might only have a few third parties and indies left. Something has to change.



eltomo said:

I'm shocked this guys face is still on the covers after all he's done? Hardly a role model...



rjejr said:

So I guess all the good Wii U news is being saved for next week?

Smidgen of good news - he said PS3 and Xbox360 - no mention of any new Sony and MS consoles. Maybe when they get editions the Wii U will as well. Stupid MS and they're "if anybody gets ti before us we won't take it" rule. see: Rayman Legends.



CliffordB said:

One game I really could not care less about in the slightest, no loss here IMO, the TW games have not changed in years, same old, same old every release with the same looking "never upgraded" graphics, BORING!!!!

Much rather have a Mario Golf Wii U game, especially since the Wii missed out on one, last Mario Golf game was on the GameCube, so long overdue a new Mario Golf game, COME ON NINTENDO!!!!



Exile20 said:

Honestly I would love Nintendo to release games if the third parties aren't. No TW13 then release Mario Golf. No Rayman then release Yoshi and so on....

Still disappointing tho.

Doodoo List:



Chunky_Droid said:

Interesting, with the brilliant Tiger Woods' series on the Wii, you'd hope they'd continue it with Wii U. I'd say they're waiting to see how well it sells come next year.

And why is Kevin Spacey in this game?



Silvervisiona said:

Honestly I'm starting to think that developers are thinking and acting like children who are afraid of life being unfair or risky. The Wii U is essentially a no brainer for supporting the PGA franchise. It would be a better if not equivalent experience compared to 360and PS3, and good games will sell!



Spoony_Tech said:

I played the first 2 years on the wii version and loved them. By the third year it was all too much the same for me. With the additional options provided to ea you would think they would want to make a game for the wii U to show us what it would look like with the new controller. Had this been a Tiger Woods is coming to the Wii U then we would see like 6 comments in here right now not over 20!



SteveW said:

I bet no developer will worrry about the next Microsoft and Sony systems when they first release and have a low install base... and they wonder why third party games sell less on Nintendo consoles.... like they can keep slapping us in the face and we wont remember it...



taffy said:

Just recently got tiger woods 11 for the Wii. Was shocked that it only runs in 576i and not 480p. But if EA wants to get my money in a sports game bring back the Rugby series!!!



ArkOne77 said:

Wow....I'm heartbroken EA.....(not really) Maybe someone will actually put forth some effort and innovation and outshine Tiger Woods franchise. I remember seeing an early demo of a golf game being played on Wii U where the player was holding a wiimote over the gamepad on the floor with a top down view of the ball in a sand pit and the player chipping it out of the sand.....what happened to that EA? Couldn't pull that off or just lazy???



ArkOne77 said:

@Exile20 Haha! I agree with you on the "doodoo list" ....these bigger developers couldn't be more disappointing in the early days of the Wii U. I'm starting to think that they really do want Nintendo to go down the tubes.....



datamonkey said:

Personally I have a very bad feeling about the lack of support the WiiU seems to be getting. 3rd parties seem to be steering well clear.

It doesn't help that the big N have done a terrible job in advertising it (in the UK at least).



Einherjar said:

Missed opportunity EA Let Camelot show you how its done.
Imagine this: Put the WiiU pad on the ground and use a WMP as a club. The gamepad shows you the ball and the contact zone you are targeting. Lock everything by holding a button and swing away. If done right, golf cant be better than this



MadJay1664 said:

Tiger Woods golf is sh*t anyway I wouldn't have bought this game. Wii sports golf is the only golf game I'll ever reccomend because it's actually fun lol EA are all about money an everyone knows it!!



MadJay1664 said:

3rd parties that don't support Wii U can suck my balls they obviously don't want our money so they can shove their games where the sun don't shine



retro_player_22 said:

Tiger Wood golf games usually sucks anyways as well as EA, don't worry we still got Wii U Sports and maybe a new Mario Golf on the way too.



Spleetal said:

All I can say is these games were in development before the wii U dev kit came out so there's gonna be a gap of some 3rd party games, they'll come around next year



cornishlee said:

Not anything I'm interested in but that's still a bit of a kick in the balls for Nintendo.



defrb said:

I could not care less, EA is producing a lot of garbage anyways, and all is multiplatform, so if you really need to you can always play this on pc.



brandonbwii said:

It's more attach rate than install base. So, unfortunately, that means the PS4/XBOX720 will still have more 3rd party support.



timp29 said:

That sucks for Nintendo. I thought Tiger Woods games were like Lesure Suit Larry now though?



CaPPa said:

Another dumb move by a publisher. Part of the draw of Tiger Woods on the Wii was that it gave something new with the Wiimote controls. I even bought it despite hating golf because it was one of the few games at the time actually making good use of the controls. With the Wii U already showing the possibility of something new (the GamePad tee/Wiimote club combo) it could be a great seller.

On the subject of sales, as far as I'm aware the Wii versions of Tiger Woods sold pretty well, 09 - 1.4 million,10 - 1 million, 11 - 500k, compared to 360, 09 -630k, 10 - 620k, 11 - 480k, or the PS3, 09 - 630k, 10 -750k, 11 - 780k. It could be argued that the sales dropped on 11 for Wii because the game was failing to add new features that the HD versions were getting (although it still sold comparatively well and probably had a much smaller budget), so if the Wii versions sold that well (up till 12 which didn't get a Wii release due to technical differences) why not put a Wii U version out that could generate some buzz.

I just hope that a smaller dev sees the opportunity and puts out a golf title that uses the GamePad/Wiimote and that it sells really well, better than Tiger Woods and EA are left kicking themselves.



TheRealThanos said:

"Hey, that guy on the right looks just like Kevin Spacey!"
REALLY? Sheesh, you guys I'd suggest you Google some pics to see how wrong you are. It's not even close...
As a true Kevin Spacey fan I'm deeply insulted... (smiley as in not insulted, well not really. I am a fan, though... )


I'm really starting to dislike EA... even MORE than I already did.
There's no good reason whatsoever for their behavior of late and I hate myself for being so stupid as to start believing them again after their pledge of support for the Wii U at the previous E3.
Oh well, I guess nothing has changed from the last generation then...



Capt_N said:

I might want a WU down the road. I'm guessing we might eventually see a Mario Golf title?



SneakyStyle said:

Thank god tiger woods isn't comming to WiiU, i'd rather play Mario Golf anyday.

I'm sure one will be developed eventually, and I also agree that a lot of these devs these days are lazy and just make excuses as to why the game pad doesn't fit, when it easily could be done... VERY EASILY.



Meaty-cheeky said:

XCWarrior said:
So what is going to happen next year when PS4 and Durango are out? Are developers going to continue to release games on PS3 and 360 because of it's install base? I really feel like that is going to be the case.
Gaming industry 1 year from now is going to be ugly. By the end of this year we are going to lose a number of developers, but by the end of next year... we might only have a few third parties and indies left. Something has to change.

I Agee with you XCwarrior the gaming industry is drastically changing for the worst. Game developers can't take any risk anymore when developing games, games have become to expensive to make and if they don't sell we'll your going out of business. (Midway, THQ, Hudson) The PS3 and Xbox 360 era has destroyed more game studios than any other console generation, Its only going to get worse when the PS4 and the next XBOX arrive.

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