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THQ To Sell Majority Of Its Remaining IPs This April

Posted by Andy Green

There's hope for Darksiders yet

THQ auctioned off most of its assets last month, resulting in several studios and IPs being picked up by the highest bidders.

Sadly, it appeared that the Darksiders franchise was dead and buried due to its studio, Vigil Games, not finding a suitable bidder.

However, it looks as though there may still be hope for it yet, as THQ has announced it will be selling off the majority of its remaining IPs in a court-supervised sale this April.

The IP titles open to bids will be:

Red Faction

Also on offer will be Big Beach Sports, Destroy All Humans! and Summoner. Other licensed software will be up for grabs too including Marvel Super Hero Squad, Supreme Commander and Worms.

The initial bids for the properties will be submitted by 1st April, with final bids required by 15th April. The final approval for the sales will be in May. THQ has said it has already received a lot of interest for various titles, but didn't clarify which ones.

Darksiders II was made available on Wii U as well as other platforms and it was a series that was arguably growing in stature; it's certainly welcome news to hear there's still a glimmer of hope for it to continue. There are signals out there showing that Platinum Games is interested in picking up the series; whether it bids or not, only time will tell.

Hopefully the sale will conclude with Darksiders and others in new loving homes.

What are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see the Darksiders series continue? Let us know by dropping a comment below.

Thanks to Tasuki for the tip


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milojica said:

Nintendo should revamp Homeworld games! It should be a very nice fit for the WiiU.



Shworange said:

Nintendo should buy darksiders. Then incorporate that into the zelda timeline. After skyward sword there is a fourth timeline where Link is Death...



darkgamer001 said:

It's a shame that the awesome Darksiders devs who made that Zelda tribute are already gone...




I really hope someone picks up darksiders.

this would be a gret opportunity for ninty to bag itself another exclusive next to bayonetta 2.

a possible darksiders 3 would be a huge feather in nintendos hat. not to mention owning a great studio like vigil.



cornishlee said:

Almost finished Darksiders 2 now and I have to say I've really enjoyed it. It doesn't have the instant emotional hook that Zelda games do but, for me at lest, it's been a more fulfilling experience and combines the Zelda RPG mechanics with effective platforming and third person action mechanics, which are two of my favourite genres.

Basically, I'd love to see the series continue (and the first one get ported to the Wii U) but with the studio already dead and its staff fled there has to be concerns over the development of any possible next instalment. Concerns which would rightly be shared by publishers and consumers alike. Platinum, if they are genuinely interested and have the available cash (a big if) I could see doing something great with the IP. Nintendo would probably entrust it to someone like Platinum if they bought it; they have a happy knack of placing the right IP with the right studio. It's a lot of big "ifs" though and we're not going to be any the wiser for a few months.

In some ways, it does make sense as a Nintendo IP, in other ways it doesn't. It doesn't because it could be seen as a Zelda competitor (although, of course, they could always release in different years given current development cycles). It does make sense as Nintendo try to create a platform offering more "mature" and/or "core" (whatever those terms mean) games. Like Bayonetta 2, this could fill that niche nicely - a game that could help shed the "kiddie" image of Nintendo whilst still playing up to Nintendo like gameplay values.



Shworange said:

Wouldn't Donkey Kong or Luigi or Kirby be a competitor of Mario's? Wouldn't Wii Play be a competitor of Mario Party? Nintendo has a history of putting out games with similar play mechanics and or styles. Darksiders would be a great addition to that. I would love to see what Platinum (as you mentioned) would do with it. Retro could also potentially do an amazing job with the game!

I'm sure all of this would never happen, but it's a great "what if..."

Also, imagine if link had his heart ripped out by Dimise and got kicked into the temple of time's gates. The sages wanted to save him, so giving him the power of death was the only way to make use of his triforce imbued soul. And hence, a fourth time line appears!



Wildfire said:

Come on Nintendo! You know we want Darksiders, you know that YOU want Darksiders! So what you're waiting for? Go grab it and make it another one of your great franchises!



cornishlee said:

"“We had chosen Austin as the destination for [our U.S. branch], and we needed a lean and core team of expert to run the studio,” said Yerli. “At the same time, we didn’t want to continue with Darksiders 3, since that doesn’t fit with our strategy. So when I heard that [THQ laid off everyone at Vigil], I decided on Saturday morning to fly out to meet with them to see if the team would be interested to join our mission, which is significantly different than what this team has done before.” - Crytek




Tasuki said:

I was thinking of checking out Darksiders II but since THQ went under and it sounded like the series was never going to be finished I put this game on the backburner. Its nice to hear that it might get finished after all. MIght check out this series after all.



Eien1239 said:

@Shworange I threw up after reading that, besides you can infuse those games stories that would infuriate the original darksiders fans.



C-Olimar said:

I bid £2 for Big Beach Sports. I'm sure I'll win; nobody else wants it. Then I can make sure noone has to suffer from its mediocrity again.



GiftedGimp said:

Nintendo need to buy Darksiders and give it to one of thier 2nd Party devs.
I already said on Miiverse if they were to bring the original Darksiders (visually updated) let alone the other 2 originally planned I would buy all of them.

Also there is a lot of love for Darksiders franchise, Couple it with Bayonetta it would be a massive coupe for WiiU exclusives



Henmii said:

Hopefully Darksiders finds a new, capable home! One that wants to work for Nintendo!



ThreadShadow said:

Whoever divided up the Lots for bidding didn't know what they were doing, imo. They have two lots featuring huge bunches of IP's that deserve to be sold off separately and to their developers. Locke's Quest and Drawn to Life 1-2 should be bundled and sold back to 5th Cell, and Costume Quest and Stacking should be bundled and sold back to Double Fine. Same with deBlob, and so forth. Many devs might be interested in buying back their own IP, but they may be hard pressed to buy the whole Lot. Hhmmm...I guess I'm just more of a gentleman then the remaining thq board members...

I see "crawler" has been wrapped up in a huge Lot aswell. I wonder if anyone will bite and make it what it was supposed to be? Crytek usa perhaps?



cornishlee said:

Where did you find information on the lots? Judging by that interview I linked to in a previous comment, I'd guess Crytek USA are only interested in developing an original IP at this point in time.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I bet that all this stuff gets bought by MS and buried.

Whoever gets Darksiders will be compelled to reboot the franchise because they'll want to make 4 games instead of 2.

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