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Potential Wreck-It Ralph Sequel Should Have a Moment "Perfect for Mario"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

If it gets made, that is

Wreck-it Ralph may have been released in North America way back in early November, but it's not long since it arrived in movie theatres in the UK, bringing its own brand of classic gaming cameos and animated hilarity. For retro gamers and Nintendo fans alike the movie has plenty of references to pick up, including an appearance by Mario's arch-nemesis, Bowser.

But what of the moustachioed hero himself? His absence in the movie wasn't down to licensing issues — again, Bowser was in the movie — but due to director Rich Moore not finding the right moment for the character to appear. In a refreshing example of putting quality above quick marketability, Moore explained to Digital Spy that he had wanted Mario to feature, and would strive to find a spot for the mascot in a potential sequel.

Over the course of developing the story I was always looking for the perfect moment or scene to include Mario.

But it had to be organic, it had to feel like [the scene] was made for him and unfortunately as we were developing the story and taking it to where it needed to go, that moment never made itself clear.

If we're lucky enough to have a sequel then we'll create that moment that's perfect for [Mario].

Whether a sequel arrives is likely to be down to the money generated by this first film, though animated films and video games seem like a good fit for success.

Have you seen Wreck-It Ralph, and if so what did you think? Is a Mario cameo high on your list for a potential sequel, or are there other game characters you'd rather see first? Share your cameo appearance dreams in the comments below.


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pureval said:

Saw the movie in the theatre. Loved it. I can not wait for it come out on DVD. I would like to see Mario in a sequel if they can find a good spot for him where he will not be out of place. Maybe put his framed picture on a wall inside a castle or something original like that.



NintyMan said:

I hope a Wreck-It Ralph sequel is made some day with Mario in it. I enjoyed the movie a lot and I look forward to getting the DVD. From what I've read before, Wreck-It Ralph did well at the box office in the U.S., so a sequel should be likely.

If it is made, I would like to see more Nintendo characters rather than just Mario ones.



solcross said:

Great movie. I didn't really miss Mario all that much with the rich cast it had, but I did enjoy the cameos to help ground it in the "real world".



HawkeyeWii said:

That was a great movie! That was one of my favorite Disney movies in recent memory. It was so fun finding all of the little video game easter eggs in the movie.



Jaz007 said:

I havn't seen it yet but I would absolutely love it if they could get Nathan
drake in the sequel . Awsome would just be overflowing from that scene. I also want Sly Cooper in there.



WanderingPB said:

The petition @ to release Rayman Legends is up to 7808 signatures te fans have spoken…

Wreck Ralph is a great movie to all video gamers old and new…if there's a sequel it would be awesome to see what story they come up with to add our other video game favorites. And for the record the scene with Qbert really hit an emotional button with me



SCAR said:

I haven't even seen the first one, and they're making a sequel already? WTF Netflix? Haha... I think having Mario or Donkey Kong in the movie would kind of ruin Ralph image. He is basically a combination of both of those characters IMO, and it would be obviois to viewers. They should have Link, or one of the other characters. They can do whatever, but that's my suggestion...



Handy_Man said:

I loved the first movie, and I would love to see a sequel, especially if it has Mario in it!



Shworange said:

Link would be awesome! Have him slicing up every batch of grass he saw and would never speak other than grunting while swinging his sword. Good times.



SCAR said:

I don't know, I was hoping Netflix was awesome. Guess not. Haha. Besides, Toy Story 3 came out on Netflix soon after theaters.



1958Fury said:

I'd love to see Samus Aran. Of course, Wreck-It Ralph is more likely to make arcade game references than console ones, so that's probably out. Eh, forget Ralph, I just want someone to make a Metroid movie.



Jukilum said:

@SCAR392 Netflix only got a deal with Dismey going again a couple months ago. (Disney movies were on there a long time ago, but Disney ended their contract. Disney Channel movies and TV Shows were unaffected.) There are only a small amount of Disney movies back right now and new movies won't be on the service until 2016.



Bluezealand said:

"Wreck-it Ralph may have been released in North America way back in early November, but it's not long since it arrived in movie theatres in the UK and Europe..."
In the UK maybe, most parts of Europe got ist last year in November/ early December, though...

Also, since Disney produced in over 75 years only two sequels to it's Disney Animated Classics (not counting DTV-mess from the Cartoon Studios, which they stopped producing in 2006) it is highly unlikely, we'll see a second one. Maybe a short like with Tangled.



SCAR said:

Darn. Disney movies on bluray are just so expensive, it's not even cool. The 3D ones are even worse, and those movies have been out for decades. I think $10-$15 would be a more appropriate price for Disney blurays, unless Disney is going broke, but I think they're just 'cashin'. I guess I'll buy used DVDs or VHS. I don't even care, I just want to see some of the old movies for NOT $10 or more.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I certainly hope that they make a sequel. Wreck-it Ralph was a great idea, and there's still a lot they could do with it.



Whopper744 said:

I really like the first movie and would love to see Mario in a sequal! I just hope a sequel to the story wouldn't burn out the cleverness of the original.



The-Chosen-one said:

id love to see mario and luigi make an appearance in this movie.
and as a thank you they can put ralph in a mario kart game or maybe a apearance in smashbros in a cutscene or something.



Haxonberik said:

Money-wise, this has been the best non-pixar animated film for Disney. If it's about money, we should have a sequel secured.



DreamyViridi said:

The references were good enough for me; Mario didn't make an appearance but his name is mentioned by Felix when there's a party at his place. Ralph also finds a Mushroom when looking through in a 'Lost&Found' box, and of course; there's Bowser.
The lack of Mario himself didn't bother me much; but if a sequel is made, it'd be great to see him there. The movie was fantasic and still has loads of missed potential.

A cameo dream for me would be Luigi or Peach explaining to Vanellope how their Blue Shell works during Kart races. XD



Deathgaze said:

While the movie has a lot of charm, it's also quite a mess - think about it.

Filled with video game references, mainly oldschool but the style of writing indicates it's for children. Makes. No. Sense.



bluecat said:

Saw Bruce Boxleitner at a convention the other day. He said they had wanted to put Tron in the first film but couldn't but he should be in the sequel.

I thought the story in the film was just OK, I was more entertained by all the references in it. Worked for me. :]



ToneDeath said:

I haven't had a chance to watch it yet, but although I'm not really expecting a Toy Story beater, I am of course very keen to see it.
However, I have used the release as an excuse to play classic video-game tunes in the foyer of the cinema I work at



NintyMan said:

An idea they should look into if they do decide to make a sequel is have Ralph and friends move to a home console setting. That would really expand the scope of video game cameos from the arcade.

The challenge might be that Disney rarely makes sequels for the theater besides the DTV ones they stopped making seven years ago. If they couldn't break Disney tradition, then there's always shorts or even a TV show.

Luigi, Donkey Kong, and Peach should appear as well, and obviously Bowser again. Wishful thinking would have me hope for Wario, Pit, and Kirby as well.



Varia01 said:

I absolutely loved Wreck-It-Ralph! I noticed the surprising absence of Mario while watching it. If there is to be a sequel with Mario in it, that would be neat. I still long for Wreck-It-Ralph to come to Blu-ray and DVD. I will look for Mario if there is a sequel.



Zombie_Barioth said:

I don't really see a problem with having Mario and DK appear along side Ralph, honestly I think it'd be rather funny to see Ralph and Felix interact with the characters they're based on. They just better not leave Diddy Kong out if they do.

Way behind on my movie watching, been waiting for this to come out on Blu-ray/DVD. Somehow this reminded me of Scott Pilgrim (yet another movie I keep forgetting to watch).



SuperMinusWorld said:

Loved the first movie. I can't wait to see what they'll do with Mario. I'm crossing my fingers for a Disneu animated Super Mario Bros. film!



Captain_Balko said:

... What? It makes perfect sense. Eight year old kids can't drive themselves to to movies. Parents always accompany children. The references are for the PARENTS, not the children! People have been doing this for ages - inserting popular culture references or higher level humour into a film that children won't understand but adults will be able to chuckle at. The genre isn't CHILDREN, it's FAMILY. The whole point is that the movie panders to parents and kids alike.



Sean_Aaron said:

My daughter and I really enjoyed it and I liked the fact that it had some really touching moments in it. It felt a lot more like a Pixar movie and that's not too surprising since John Lasseter is now the head of Disney Animation since the buyout of Pixar by Disney. A lot of folk saying "Disney doesn't do sequels" seem to have forgotten that little fact. I fully expect Wreck It Ralph to be the next Toy Story; we'll get at least one sequel for sure.



OrangeSmoothie said:

I loved Wreck-it Ralph, and so did the rest of the 20-24 year-old college kids I saw it with. I don't buy a lot of movies, but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting this one. As far as Mario goes, I liked the passing references to him in the original film, but I think it would be harder to believably put him into the film since Mario and Fix-it Felix are so similar. As long as they take the references seriously as they seemed to in the first film though, I don't think I would have much to complain about.



TwilightV said:

What's this guy on about? Mario is adaptable, meaning any moment would be perfect with him.



Blue_Yoshi said:

I LOVED THIS MOVIE its one of the best newer movies I've seen in a while and I was disappointed that Sonic's screen time was less than a minute so I'm hoping they make him and Mario main characters.



sinalefa said:

I loved this movie. I saw it twice and I am waiting patiently (not that patiently, tbh) for the Blu Ray. I welcome a sequel as long as it is not a cheap cash in.

Funny that Sonic got screen time but not Mario, and the blue blur's part could have easily been taken by Mario. The original Mario Bros was an arcade game after all.



Henmii said:

The real reason was that Nintendo asked soooooo much money for Mario being in the movie, that Disney/Pixar said: Oh, forget it!



Trikeboy said:

Sonic has another appearance but it is a blink and you miss him one. When Ralph first goes into the Candyland game, he buzzes past Sonic who then falls back and drops his rings.



SCAR said:

@Sean_Aaron Now that you say this is the next Toy Story... This is basically a Toy Story based on 'virtual toys'. I read about this movie before it came out, and saw Q-bert and they apparently all meet by the outlet or something? Seems ALOT like Toy Story, having multiple 'toys' interact.



TheSonicdude97 said:

IMO, I would rather see an epic Sonic scene where he helps out Ralph in a sequel, but seeing Mario in a scene as well would be cool. I know Sonic was visible in the background over 6 times (including a portrait of him and Tails in the Tappers' scene), had some dialogue, had Dr. Eggman in a scene, and a pretty sweet 16-bit animated part in the credits sequence, but I was hoping he could've had some cool interaction with the characters and probably an interaction with good ol' Robotnik. I just really think there's a lot of potential for Sonic in a film like this and probably a film of his own with a storyline relating to his beginning games and the comic series. All in all, my friend and I went loony everytime we saw the blue blur appear~ XD Excellent movie and awesome story!! I give it ☆11 out of 10 Stars~



Shock_Tart said:

to be honest i didnt really feel a huge need to see a mario cameo just because bowser was in the movie. the movie was great as is, the movie was based around a character in a game who was supposed to be a villan so it obviously felt more natural to add bowser there instead of mario, if they tried to add every character as a cameo from said game for each game the movie would have felt like they were trying to shove big name characters down the audiences throat instead of making a good storyline. they did a great job and the story line was awesome, im actually glad they didnt make big name video game characters main characters in the movie, if they did it would have seemed that gaming companies were just fighting for screen time and recognizably so they could boost sales.



luminalace said:

I really liked the movie and it made me feel quite nostalgic and I can easily say that it was the video game references that made me enjoy it so much. I hope there is a sequel.



FriedSquid said:

Yes, I really want this to happen, but they gotta have Link appear, too! I'm really interested to see what, if a sequel will happen, they might do, considering that they've talked about console games and online gaming to be in the possible sequel. That would be great.



Drawdler said:

If I had a Tumblr, I would reblog this. But I don't mind if Mario does appear. He must be a pretty good friend of Felix.

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