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Nintendo of America Offering Free Retail Game To New 3DS XL Buyers

Posted by Andy Green

Provided you register Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon as well

Recently Nintendo of Europe gave people the opportunity to download a copy of a new game free of charge by simply registering a 3DS XL on Club Nintendo. That deal is now over, but Nintendo of America has just started a similar offer.

The new deal offers a free retail download by registering a 3DS XL along with either Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity or Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon.

There will be five games on offer once registration is complete:

The offer is valid on Nintendo 3DS XL systems registered from today onwards, but of course the two games aren't out just yet. Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity and Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will both be available from 24th March. You'll then have until 30th April to register and claim your free game.

Will this tempt you into getting a 3DS XL if you haven't already? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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Krem said:

Once again those of us who bought on early get screwed. I got my 3dsxl for christmas and already registered it so I can't get a free game when I buy Luigi's Mansion? Nintendo NA knows how to piss off thier loyal customers.



Mickamott said:

I'm certainly not pissed off, but I do understand your anger.

On another note, Fire Emblem was the push over the cliff for me, and I was going to get it plus a 3DS XL over the next couple weeks. Super Mario 3D Land was my backup game so I would have more than one. Now I'm just going to wait for Luigi's Mansion (which I was once on the edge about) and just download SM3DL for free!

I feel like all this promotion Nintendo is doing for the 3DS is going to really pay off. Now if they could just translate this level of promotion to the Wii U then they would be set. I love mine, but other people just don't see the value.



Whopper744 said:

I still can't believe I bought a regular 3DS at launch for more then the XL's sell for now...



Bigdog said:

I guess I'm a lucky barsteward this time.

I just bought an XL to replace my 3DS and didn't register it cause I wanted to save the points for the next "year" (I already made Platinum this year). So, I'm still on for this one.

That's just how it is. Deals get better as a product goes on. It happens for every platform.

I mean, look at the new NA ZombiU bundle. It's a steal compared to the regular deluxe. For 40 bucks more you get the pro controller and ZombiU.



ultraraichu said:

@Joshers744 look on the bright side, you have 20 free games (kind of) that doesn't come included with the 3ds xl

It is tempting but I'll hold out for the white 3ds xl to hit NA.



Burning_Spear said:

Meh. I have three of the five free games and aren't interested in the other two. Can anyone say, Ambassador Program Part II (of many)?



Nardar said:

A quote I found on the website about this: "Nintendo 3DS XL hardware registered on and after February 14th, 2013 can qualify for this offer."



Pokefanmum82 said:

yeah well they sucked all the fun out of it for me since i bought & register a new 3DS XL only 5 days ago. so i'm kind of upset with myself for not waiting until later to get a new one



Bucbanzai said:

sounds like a good time to upgrade. i was just checking the trade in prices on my 3ds and old DSI XL to upgrade to a 3ds XL. I have already preorded Lugi's Mansion, so when it comes in I will upgrade and go for this deal. Already have SM3DL so will go for either Star fox or Professor Layton.



NESguy94 said:

@Krem You got it for Christmas, how did you get screwed if you didn't pay for it? I bought mine on day one for $250 and there was an $80 price drop right away. You are always better off to wait and buy a later version of the console most times.

With the original NES, the second version is superior as it doesn't have issues with the pins. The N64 and Gameboy got better color schemes. The Wii got a better laser. With almost every system except the Virtual Boy, more or better games were included with later releases and of course the Special Editions always come out after launch.

@Bucanziai Both are great but Miracle Mask will last you a lot longer if you have played StarFox 64 before. Miracle Mask has a 30+ hour story and new puzzles daily. StarFox takes about 45 minutes to beat the first time but has amazing replay value.



Krem said:

I got the original 3ds at launch and baid full price and yes I did get the ambasader games. then I bought a 3ds xl for christmas, I bought it for myself for christmas, and gave my 3ds to my son. I only mentioned christmas to give the time frame of when I got it. I just hope nintendo does right by its fans; so far they have not.



Jakurdo said:

Weird how early adopters seem to get screwed this time. A similar promotion happened in Europe recently, but it was made very clear that all those who already registered a 3DS XL were also eligible to download a free game. I should know, I had bought and registered a 3DS XL long before the promotion was announced and I was able to just log on and select one of the titles.

Only downside was I had to pick Professor Layton which I found only mildly interesting, since I already owned (boxed) copies of the interesting games. Still, free game, so I'm not complaining, would've liked Starfox 64 3D though.



Lalivero said:

Yeah, I'm not really too upset about it but it would be nice if current owners could become eligible by registering a game. Hell, I'm buying both games anyways so I'd be fine if I had to register them both to get the free download because I'd download Art Academy.



bizcuthammer said:

if Ocarina of Time 3D or Paper Mario: Sticker Star was included in this deal, I'd consider buying an XL since I already have Luigi's Mansion 2 preordered. But I already have SM3DL and SF643D, and am not interested in the other three, so I'll pass.



Nintenzo said:

@3Dash The screen's not dimmer from what I can tell, and the sound is completely bearable. It's soooooo completely worth it for the bigger screens and matte finish, though.



Burning_Spear said:

^^^ Yeah, the brightness difference is being way overplayed. You've got as much brightness as you need. The maximum level is too much, as far as I'm concerned.



Game0ver_Gavin said:

I have every game except FreakyForms. I'm not even TOUCHING that game. I might download 3D land for on the go play if it's for free



Yosher said:

Why did Europe offer this to people who registered the 3DS XL from day one it was released, but US residents need to register it on the day this promotion was announced? Seems quite unfair, plus they have to register a game alongside it which wasn't in Europe either.

Oh well.. sorry for the guys who registered it too early.



DarkLloyd said:

as for the max brightness, it seems to be even brighter when you plus in the charger, this i never figured out why other then more power?



Gold_Ranger said:

Nintendo is making me not want to buy Systems on Launch day anymore.
I got a 3DS on Launch Day.
A 3DS XL the day after Launch.
So, i'm not included in the free game... though, come to think about it, I'm an Ambassador and got 23 free games already... but i almost never play them...
10 NES
10 GBA
4 Swords

So, i really shouldn't be complaining....



dc_10 said:

Now I understand the promo but I have one question, does the copy of Luigi's Mansion or Pokemon Dungeon have to be downloaded or can it be a retail cartridge version??? Because all it says it to purchase and register. Any answers?



WaxxyOne said:

I've been wanting an XL for awhile, and I'll almost certainly buy Luigi's Mansion so I might go for this to get the free copy of Layton.



TingLz said:

Oh no!! A deal that comes after a product is released. SHOCKING!!



DreaddJester said:

Pretty awesome!! I was going to get my 3DS XL this weekend so I'm good to go. Since I'm going to be getting a $25.00 gift card with my system purchase and I already have a $5.00 gift card from buying Fire Emblem combined with the already $2.00 in-store discount it will be like getting two games for $8.00.

I already know I want Super Mario 3D Land. Soooo, my only decision to make will be if I get Mystery Dungeon, which I've played older versions and enjoyed, or Luigi's Mansion, which would be totally new to me although I've heard nothing but good things about it. Decisions, decisions...........



HandheldGuru97 said:

I just got me an XL a few weeks ago and I still haven't registered it now I will. I already own 3/5 games and already have the 1st Freakyforms...I am no artist, Art Academy to change that?



Marioman64 said:

@3Dash, wrong. I have both. if anything it's both louder AND brighter. maybe people forget there's a screen brightness and power saving option on the top left?



Noend said:

Don't be mad. You got months of use that someone else missed out on. You win.



SYZYGY said:

If the sound is lower on the XL it is only slightly and it is still loud enough. However i did notice some slight change in the sound itself. For the screen it seems a bit darker mainly because it dosen't get brighter when you plug it in. Also the screen seemed to me to give off a greater range of 3D depth. I think it's worth it for the XL.



Tony_342 said:

I would definitely take advantage of this offer if NoA would give us some decent colors to choose from other than Baby Boy Blue and Rosy Ribbon Red.



Tasuki said:

@Arren: No one said that you cant get in on this. You just have to register a 3DSXL and Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon or Pokemon during the dates specified and you can get the deal.



cspell said:

This has got me wanting to get another one for my kids. Right now until the 16th you can get a $20 gift card from ToysRUs and yesterday I saw Target was giving you a $25 gift card, but I don't know how long that sale going on. My guess would be until the end of the week.



JayceJa said:

at least you guys get promotions like this australia has had nothing, and our club nintendo is a joke, ive got 2600 stars and nothing REMOTELY interesting to spend them on



McGruber said:

This would be VERY tempting to me if they had other colors than Red and Blue. I want both of those games and an XL, though...



Fret78 said:

Literally registered my 3DS two days ago I wonder if I ask politely if they would pass along this deal to me.



Abcdude said:

Well that's screwy. I registered my 3DS XL when it released, ugh, really wanted that free download of layton.



Yanni said:

This deal is not fair!
Here in Europe we weren't asked to register a game for getting the free digital copy we wanted - it was just the system to register. I actually bought the 3DS XL because of this promo and took "Super Mario 3D Land" for free. What a deal!



morphballer said:


Well I don't have a WiiU yet so maybe I should put off registering once I get it.




TingLz said:

@Yanni At the same time Nintendo could just take away this offer and give us no more incentive to buy the 3DS XL...



Ark said:

Heh, I purchased my XL back at launch but didn't register it...until today. I guess it pays to hoard codes. Platinum status for 2014 (and possibly 2015) is still a go.



Nestalgic said:

Awesome. I'm so glad I waited to register. Now granted I was waiting on it so I could secure gold/platinum for next year, but I'll take a free game. Unfortunately I have the 3 of those I'd want on cart already. I guess I'll get Mario 3D and sell my cart on ebay. That'll basically pay for LM2 for me Not too shabby!



Shiromikio said:

Sorry, nope. Bring in the white XL that other regions already have and I'll line up for it. Don't even have to do a free game promotion, just release one of those special editions (Animal Crossing, or one with a simple but pleasant design like Culdcept) so we can at least have more choice, please.



Plutonian said:

This will probably get me to buy an XL. I want an XL, Luigi's Mansion and Miracle Mask, so it works out nicely.



Mascarpino said:

Dangit! I bought an XL at launch and registered it right away. That sucks. Nintendo should just let the people who already registered their XL's still have the free game. I don't have any games on my 3DS XL except for Kid Icarus: Uprising, and I'm gonna get Luigi's mansion but now I don't qualify for the offer... and it would have been great to get Mario 3D Land, too.

Do you think they'll change it so that people like me can still qualify? They have it that way in Europe.

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