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Nintendo Direct: Watch The European Presentation Live

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

3DS is the focus

While Nintendo of America is holding a Nintendo Direct which will cover forthcoming 3DS and Wii U titles, Nintendo Europe is choosing to look exclusively at portable software. Satoru Shibata is confirmed as your host, and 2PM UK time is when it will be taking place.

We'll be covering the presentation on this very page, streaming the video and providing real-time commentary on any announcements.

Are you hoping for some new 3DS titles to be revealed? Or do you expect this presentation is focus on upcoming releases we already know about? Keep your eyes glued to this page to find out at 2PM.

Live Text - Updates will load here automatically, no need to refresh the page.


That's your lot. Yikes, some big announcements and a few major surprises there. We're going to write it all up for you, of course.


Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D announced, a remake of the Wii title.


Mario and Donkey Kong, new eShop game arrives in Europe during Q2.


More furniture and lots of knick-knacks, as well as tons of clothes. Social lives will be lost.


We now have a translated segment of footage that was likely shown in a Nintendo Direct in Japan. Who cares, it's Animal Crossing!


Animal Crossing: New Leaf arrives in Europe on 14th June. Hooray!


Now we see Pokemon Dungeon, a taster for the main course of X & Y in October.


We saw Code of Princess and a new download title, but our stream is jumping around right now.


Ocarina of Time 3D reduced to £19.99 on the European eShop for one week, from 3pm today.


Etrian Odyssey IV arrives this Spring.


Etrian Odyssey IV is now being shown, this game doesn't mess around.


Initial DLC will be free for a limited period.


The game will be pre-installed on the 3DS XL in the bundle, which is exclusive to Europe.


Fire Emblem: Awakening arrives in Europe on 19th April, including a special blue 3DS XL bundle.


It's Castlevania time. Dave Cox is telling us more about it.


Demos of Monster Hunter hit 3DS and Wii U arrive in Europe next week.


We now have a demonstration of cross-play multiplayer between 3DS and Wii U versions of Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate.


3DS Circle Pad Pro XL also arrives in Europe on 22nd March.


Wii U and 3DS Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate bundles hit Europe on 22nd March.


Over to Satoru Shibata, no sign of the goomba.


A new Legend of Zelda community arrives on Miiverse today.


New Super Luigi U arriving as a "large scale" download on Wii U, this year.


Mario Golf World Tour, from Camelot, arrives on 3DS this summer.


It arrives this Summer, so there's one surprising new announcement.


It's a new Mario/Luigi RPG for 3DS, set within Luigi's dreams.


Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon arrives March 28th in Europe.


Details on the multiplayer, up to 4 players local, download and online.


It's a ghost dog. Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon just became epic.


Some nice gameplay footage here, charm turned up to the maximum setting.


Miyamoto makes his first Nintendo Direct appearance to tell us about Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon.


The Year of Luigi, awesome.


It's a 16, this is going to get serious. Oh, Iwata has a Luigi hat.


We see new Star Fox and F-Zero in the comments as predictions. The whole of Nintendo Life approves.


Ten Minutes Europe, or 600 seconds. 599, 598, 597...


If Majora's Mask 3D is announced, the internet may explode...


Less than 30 minutes to go, so let's have some predictions on what Satoru Shibata will say.


OK, Europe, all aboard the hype train.

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User Comments (76)



MrValtor said:

@NinFreak Don't think we will get anything Pokemon related. I think we will get an Animal Crossing : New Leave release date.



GazPlant said:

Would love to see some footage from Lego City 3DS, and of course a hint at the new Zelda 3DS game!



Moshugan said:

News about the 3DS Zelda would be a great consolation for this lonely guy on Valentine's Day.



Beta said:

What I would love would be X and Y info, New Leaf release date and an announcement of a new title.
^Not that far off since all of them are having it at the same time which means they just might have something important up their sneaky sleeves ^_^

But what's more realistic, Love Plus! I CALL IT NOW! X'D (Valentine pun intended)



goldbricks23 said:

I have a feeling there will be no surprises here. Just details on already known games. Maybe some new eshop titles now that I think about it- but nothing too exciting. ... I think I'm becoming very cynical in my old age!



honza said:

I want Shibata to announce European localization of Senran Kagura! Ideal announcement for Valentine's Day



BenAV said:

Not sure if I'm expecting too much new stuff from this presentation but you never know.
Some localisation news would be quite welcome.
Still waiting for Bravely Default and Fantasy Life, among others.



KodaSmooss said:

Not expecting much too... Just some release dates for the upcoming Nintendo games and maybe some eShop games. But I'd gladly welcome one or two suprises as well!



3dbrains said:

My 3DS needs some new game love. Currently playing SM3DL but nearly 100% complete. Just a few more coins to find.
I hope we are getting some games really soon other than the ones already announced.
Hopefully a release date for Wonderfull 101 too.



Phle said:

(^_^) I hope for a game to be released in less than two weeks. I doesn't have to be a game that I don't know about, as long it's one I want to buy. Like Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked, Code of Princess, Fire Emblem, even Pokémon mystery dungeon 3DS or something else.



Scollurio said:

Maybe it's the BOMB and they announce:

  • release dates in EU for all JP 3DS games not announced yet
  • 2 completely new IPs
  • Starfox 3D (true sequel)
  • FZero G-Force
  • Zelda A link to the Future (3D)
  • Zelda Majoras Mask remake
  • Fire Emblem DLCs
  • Patch for Heroes of Ruin fixing endgame
  • DIY kit to fit an extra analogue stick into your 3DS XL (sorry original 3DS)
  • Code of Princess release date in EU
  • 100 new tracks and 20 new characters for Mario Kart 7 based off the in-production Smash Bros Melee

... if you haven't noticed this far, Im not being serious. Im just excited!



Guybrush20X6 said:

I can't watch it because I have class but I'll be keeping an eye on the live text feed. Better update it fast -_^



SilverLightning said:

good job im off school animal crossing release date, luigis mansion 2 release date, miiverse 3DS and a big update will do me. and to be greedy my never-going-to-happen-unrealstic-prediction a sequel to super mario 3D land



Scollurio said:

Majoras Mask 3D and internet will explode? Well could very well be since its shaken in its foundation after all those Aliens:Colonial Marines Reviews went online!



BenAV said:

@dudey300 That's what I'm hoping for.
Probably the best announcement that we might possibly get... but still a long shot I'd say unfortunately.
Still, fingers crossed.

Or if not Bravely Default, then at least Fantasy Life please.



6ch6ris6 said:

hype hype hype hype hype
next week sony announcing ps4

it's good to be a gamer



lebad said:

cave story +?
Zelda wind waker 3DS?
FZero GX for 3DS?
Metroid Prime 3DS with stylus uses?
I'm dreaming ...



Scollurio said:

Oh god I'd prefer a Metroid Prime 3DS with proper controls over anything else I suppose. But I predict: it will be a "soso" Direct, not as awesome as the last Wii U one!



Banker-Style said:

Great a Legend of Zelda community on Mii Verse,I can't use it till next Friday cause I've been banned



Marakuto said:

I can't buy Luigis Mansion 2 on launch date, I have to go to my country for 10 days .



Moshugan said:

What! Amazing! I didn't know it was the Year of Luigi!
Wooo, a new Mario & Luigi game!!



FullbringIchigo said:

on the US stream they just anounced that Ninja Gaiden 3 Razors Edge will be getting a update so it has the extra missions that the PS3/360 version is getting and it free i just hope we get it in UK to



edhe said:

What? No Harmoknight!?

Anyway, there looks like there's plenty to look forward to - on the 3DS at least.



ToxieDogg said: poor bank balance. I'm wanting to buy nearly every game I've just seen on that presentation



Kohaku said:

A lot of news what wasn't expected. Nintendo is speeding up with the 3DS. To much games to play now.
To bad that Pokémon Mystery Dungeon comes after I went on a holiday otherwise it was nice to play it in the plane. Now I have to play Animal Crossing and PMD at the same time, a very nice problem!



brandonbwii said:

I always said thet should've waited to release DK Country on 3DS. No sense in porting it now.

3rd party support is still lackluster, but at least the eshop will have strong titles.



Chrno-x said:

Honestly I'm dissapointed, where's Bravely Default? Where's Dragon Quest VII? Where's Beyond the Labirynth, except the great bundle packs, few confirmations of release (vide: FE, AC, Project x Zone) the only " totally new" not yet announced title was the Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D, so in comparison with latest Wii U Direct, this ND was really nothing special ;/ (next year will be the year of Wario, and in 2 years it will be again a year of Mario, for god's sake Nintendo you have something more than DK, Mario, Luigi and Pokemon and I really hope that in E3 they will show me new Metroid and Zelda and from third party I will finally be able to buy great jRPGs that Japanese gamers are already playing it.,...



Mowzle said:

Ooooh! Goody, goody, goody, goody!
At last a proper release date for AX New Leaf.
Nintendo - you better not renege on that OR there'll be BIG trouble.



andreoni79 said:

Fire Emblem, Luigi's mansion, Animal Crossing, Mario Golf, Mario & Luigi rpg and Monster hunter... I'm fine till Xmas!!!



Swithom said:

Hmmm.... I know they said it was 3DS based but I was hoping for at least an acknowledgement along the lines of 'we have heard your complaints about the PAL virtual console and are looking into it...'

Oh well



Expa0 said:

Etrian Odyssey 4 huh, surprising. Maybe I will hold out getting that USA 3DS for now. Now just confirm Soul Hackers and were getting all the worthwhile games.



WiiLovePeace said:

That was an awesome presentation. Loads of new info & such, far above my expectations, thanks Nintendo!



Lyndexer said:

Mario and Luigi series looks a little... iffy. Though, I am excited for Luigi's Mansion 2 and Mario Golf. I look forward on this.



BakaKnight said:

Nintendo, be honest, you don't want me to buy a WiiU!!!
How am I supposed to even consider to buy it when so so so many amazing games are coming to the 3DS this year? O_O;

Anyway this direct was really great, I literally lost the count of all the games they mentioned that I want!!!
Seems that finally this year I will be able push at its limits my 3DS XL, really can't wait

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