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New Pokémon Gets Caught In Some Footage

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Called Sylveon in English

Earlier this week we brought you the news from CoroCoro magazine of a new Pokémon called Ninfia, along with a scanned image of it in all of its pink glory.

Following that reveal, The Pokémon Company has stated that its English name is Sylveon, and reiterated that it'll be the eighth Eevee evolution; no other new details were given. The short trailer below shows the 'mon in action, and it looks like it can hold its own.

So, what do you all think of Sylveon?

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Phle said:

I'm in love. I had a dream where I got to ride on Xerneas' back. Next time I'll meet a Sylveon too.



Lan said:

@SteveRod1992 That's what I'm thinking. On pokemon's facebook page they asked what type fans thought it was. And if that picture of the "???" type thing is official, I'd bet there is a new type.



Palom said:

@Lan I checked the official website. That picture is in fact from there.

Sylveon, huh? I can't wait for more details!

Seriously, six Pokemon in and I'm hyped for this game.



Lan said:

Yeah, they're putting too much emphasis on its typing, there has to be a new type. Light maybe?



AyeHaley said:

The game looks amazing! I wonder what type Sylveon will be.
Something involving genetics I guess?



Drawdler said:

Much more appealing in video.
I love all the new Pokémon, gonna be too difficult to decide on a team this go.



kyurem6298 said:

if you look at the moves it does they all flash in some way so i still think its going to be a light type. plus the way it looked to me made me think of a magician with the bowties.



steamhare said:

So why don't you think the new type is "magic", kyrurem? A type for pokemon that act like performance magicians might fit in pretty well.



Marakuto said:

I see Psychic type Pokemon as magicians already with their appearance and the look of some move animations.



GamerFromJump said:

Calling it now, Sylveon is a Normal type. More Pokemon in the pink color group (17/37) are Normals than any other type. It'll need something to make it worth using.

This doesn't preclude a new type, though the amount of rebalancing needed would boggle the mind.



Beta said:

What are those weird noisy sounds? O.o You know, the ones after a move hits.



Silver_August said:

Ok guys i gotta do this again cuz my nerd frustration is growing

Slyheon....Sylph.... Wind spirit.... WIND Spirit - do I need to say more?!

And Magic type? Ok! stop right there Magic? Yeah cuz moves like Trick, Metronome, Trick Room, Wonder Room, and EVERY PSYCHIC MOVE EVER isn't already "magical" in some way.

People forget something - Pokemon is not based on fantasy, Pokemon is based on SCIENCE. Yes alot of pokemon are inspired by myths, legends and stuff that are fantastical, but they are still designed, and justified through a thin layer of logic and scientific justification.

Magic is not science, magic is fantasy and like "light" type its another concept that doesn't lend itself to many pokemon ideas when elements of what we would label as magic can be found in other types, fire breathing is a form of "magic" but thats every fire move ever, Zoroark's ability Illussion can be considered magic, is he magic? NO he's Dark Type because hes a trickster,

just because its a spirit using trump card we think Magic? Espeon is based on a Carbuncle, a fantasy inspired magical cat creature. IT learns alot of magical type moves, is ig magic type? NO its psychic because it evolves via exposure to the SUN (kills light type while we're at it) and uses science to explain that through the power of a Superior developed mind it gains psychic abilities.

How do we know these moves will be in the final game? for all we know this could be a way to troll fans and keep them guessing to ensure the next issue of CoroCoro magazine will fly off the shelves or keep us at the edge of our seats for the next Nintendo direct - OR it could be using Metronome, it can be anything but it's NOT magic, science people! Pokemon is loosely based on science! been that way since the days of mewtwo being an enhanced clone of mew!



Emaan said:

Looks really cool in action! I'm pretty sure it's a Dragon type. Just by inductive reasoning.



MadScientistMan said:

Well the French name, according to Serebii, is Nymphali and a Nymph is a minor goddess in Greek Mythology so it may be a new light type.

I'm more leaning towards thinking it to be a female only normal evolution of Eevee and there being a male one announced later on. Purely because the word Nymph refers to a female minor goddess and I really don't think there will be a new type.



Silver_August said:

it wont be a new type! Light and Magic types both dont make senseand from a competitve stand point it would completely screw oever every legendary SRd, ARd or simply hacked to have a particular hidden power. Nothing about this eeveeolution says new type, all it says it that it has a versatile movepool



BlueCosmos42 said:

I saw focus blast, trump card and swift, not to sure what the 3rd attack was. It actually might be a normal eeveelution actually. Still interested to see what it becomes though.



Shining-Void said:

LOL at the the people who thought it would be called ninfeon. (JK)Silvyeon does raise questions, i feel like it would be steel.



EOTW said:

The only reason they made dark and steel type was to balance out the other types so that none would be too strong or too weak. Introducing a new type now would throw everything out of balance again. I'm not saying that this isn't a new type, I'm just saying that a new type would be a bad idea.



devilwaffle said:

Focus blast, Trump Card, Thunder Wave, and Swift? those are my guesses, anyways.
and a carnival-esque pokemon evolved from eevee that seems to have a name based off what I think is nymphs (nimfia) and silphs (silvion)... (note silphs are invisible beings of air, so I'm still throwing my vote to flying, but it might just be wishfull thinking.) Needless to say, this is going to be on my team!



Lalivero said:

As someone pointed out somewhere else and I've noticed too, each one in the picture is either weak to/strong against the other, clockwise speaking:

Vaporeon(water) -----> Leafeon(grass)

Espeon(psychic) --------> Umbreon(dark)

Glaceon(ice) -------> Flareon(fire)

That leaves Sylveon and Jolteon, and Sylveon definitely doesn't look to be a ground type(each Eeveelution so far has had a look that fits really well for its type). Unless they come up with a new type that's weak to electric(water is already taken), it looks like it's Flying.



AVahne said:

Maybe this gen we'll get a female-only Eevee with Sylvia, I mean Sylveon and maybe an unannounced male-only Eevee. Hopefully the other Eevee being announced will be dragon type.



Lalivero said:

@Koto Nah, the highlighted arrow to Sylveon is just pointing it out as the new evolution.

Who could do something so horrible to Eevee anyways? I'm guessing you!



UnrealDan said:

I say it's a flying type and they're holding out on either a bug or rock counter type. Just think about it. Umbreon>Espeon, Glaceon>Leafeon..



LtAldoRaine said:

I really like the design.Just hope they finally give Flareon some moves. Poor thing can't take a break.



LtAldoRaine said:

Also,it's obvious,but I just realized,it's an evolution of an old Pokémon,so it won't be like B/W where all of them had no relation to pokémon in other regions (except freaking Alomomola,come on,nothing will convince me that wasn't supposed to be Luvdisc's evolution) so,you may expect some more evolutions of old Pokémon.



Tweak_Squeak said:

This reminds me alot of the other pink pokemon, the rare normal type ones with characteristics close to psychic with moves like Metronome.
Like Clefairy, Jigglypuff, Togepi.
Sooo... question is are they going to make just a normal type, I'm mean there already is Eevee. Psychic already exists too. But it definitely looks like a Charm pokemon.



Demonic_Wolf said:

Nerd Time( sorry can't help it)
They'll most likely pick a type for Ninfia that the other evolutions aren't already, so it propably be a normal. Ithink the flying type version would resemble air a lot more like for example how Flareon, Vapereon, Jolteon, and so on represent thier types more than most pokemon.



TheNewbietoWiiU said:

17 types. Like a game of Rock Paper Scissors but with 17 types. It HAS to be odd or else there would be 2 undesirable types.



Lalivero said:

@Demonic_Wolf It definitely looks 'windy' to me, especially with those flowing ribbons, etc.

If you're going by that look thing though, then wouldn't a 'normal' type evolution resemble Eevee a fair bit more? Kind of like Minccino to Cinccino, as a good example. Sylveon looks to stray into another type really.



jocii said:

Its a light type pokrmon or a flying type
think about it. the new types are problably going to be sound and light types i think

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