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New Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Details Battle For Attention

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

There's a lot of extra content

Fire Emblem: Awakening has, judging from the conversations among members of the Nintendo Life community, proven to be an engrossing and all-consuming strategic RPG experience. It seems that our love for the title, as shown in our Fire Emblem: Awakening review, is shared by a good number of 3DS owners.

While the main adventure is a lengthy and significant undertaking in itself, Nintendo of America has followed with the additional DLC (downloadable content) that has been eagerly snapped up by owners of the game in Japan. With new DLC available every week, the number of extras is rapidly increasing.

So far Nintendo has released the Champions of Yore, Golden and Lost Bloodlines map packs, with some maps available for individual purchase and Champions of Yore 1 being available for free until 6th March. Typically completing the maps unlocks new characters that you can add to your party, which is always useful in a tough scrap; additional extras include new stat boosts, skills or even character classes.

In a video released by Nintendo of America, below, you can see a handy summary of the packs that have come before, as well as the upcoming Smash Pack — which unlocks the new Bride class — and the Rogues Pack. Packs consist of three maps and seem to typically cost around $6, while maps available individually set you back $2.50 or more, as there are slight variations in prices.

Those of us in Europe and PAL regions are still counting the days to this one's arrival, of course, but for those of you in North America we'd love to hear about your experiences so far with these DLC extras.

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New_3DaSh_XL said:

I've been holding off on getting the DLC, but I love FEA so much, later I may just get all the packs available!



Whopper744 said:

This has been a great game. The DLC is pretty cool...but I've already spent 12 bucks just on DLC and now more is on the way.....again, not complaining about the DLC itself. It's cool to see new stuff pop up each week, but 6 bucks each time?.....



Spoony_Tech said:

@Joshers744 Get ready because there is so much dlc you probably won't get it all. I can see them giving us an update every week for the next 3 months! The dlc will cost more then the game itself when its all released!



LordessMeep said:

Yes, Bride class! The DLC is pretty great - so far I just have the entire Champions of Yore pack. I'll hold out till I finish planning out my future purchases (Luigi's Mansion, AC:NL, Harmoknight) before putting all my spare dollars towards the rest of the map packs. While I'm pretty rubbish at the game (but enjoying it on Classic nevertheless), I'm looking forward to the Future of Despair ones.



Shworange said:

I've bought a few of them, but it'll be a while before I actually get to them. The game's huge already.



dequesi said:

3 times $2.5 is $7.5, so a pack with 3 maps at $6 saves you $1.5, not $1.

Easy, no?



SLiM said:

I think Nintendo Life should start reviewing DLC to let us know if some of these packs are a good deal or not.



ThomasBW84 said:

@dequesi Actually I've taken that bit out entirely to reflect the fact that some prices were shown as $3 for a map, so it seems to vary.

I'm sure you never make any mistakes ever



Silvervisiona said:

I considering laying down some cash for the DLC, up until I realized that I can get the majority of the extra characters via SpotPass. The later DLC looks much more interesting than those that are available now, and the only draw for me would be the items and abilities. I can just watch youtube to get the sidestories.



Bass_X0 said:

Oh, so now DLC is okay?

I wish I could keep up. Nintendo fans are either rabidly against it or praising it.



SkywardLink98 said:

$6 for a map pack is okay, depending on the pack. The Champions of Yore doesn't do much to lengthen the game, which I primarily why I buy DLC. The characters can be gotten for free via spotpass, so the primary reason you'd buy it is for the new Bride and Dread Fighter classes, or for the grinding abilities in Golden Pack and Lost Bloodlines.
@Entei One map takes up roughly 30 blocks, so it'll be fine on the standard 2GB SD card, unless you got the game digitally and have other download games.



FiveDigitLP said:

I rarely by DLC for games, but this is definitely one I'm willing to buy some for. In fact, I've already bought the first two and will probably end up buying all of it at some point.
Man, this game is taking up so much of my time! I play it every chance I get...



Void said:

I know I'll be buying a few, like the DLC for the Bride, Dread Fighter, and Limit Breaker Manuel.



Prof_Clayton said:

I'm going to get anything that unlocks important things. Specifically the ones that Unlock Classes. Whenever I have a few extra bucks on the eShop, it finally has a great place to be spent.



ueI said:

@Bass_X0 This article has worsened my opinion of DLC. Although I already have Fire Emblem, I will no longer buy any game that has DLC scheduled to release in increments. Having to wait up to a year to experience the entire game is ridiculous.



theblackdragon said:

kinda sucks for us playing on Normal/Casual, getting all these characters when we've still got all the others to deal with, lol. talk about an abundance of things to do in this game :3




Oh snap....., I won't be getting this for a while, I mean, THIS GAME IS HUGE IN CONTENT, kinda like kid icarus. I still haven't passed chapter 14 because of all those crazy child paralogues that are hard as hell (except for the morgan paralogue), also enemies appear on the map for you to kill, not counting the mystery boxes which provide you to battle and experience with fire emblem characters from the past with teams for you to defeat and recruit. All those companies that launch dlc (yes, I'm looking at you capcom!!!!) should learn from this, the characters you get from it are completely optional, the quests are extra along with new classes that do not affect the main game that much while, at the same time you get a game that is GIGANTIC on its own. Wow....




@Silvervisiona I think the same, I'm just interested in the dlc that gives me new classes and perhaps new skills; and yeah, spotpass is the way to go if you want extra characters.



Balaclavab said:

Actually, this has made me more likeyl to get Fire Emblem when it's released in Europe.
Well, I hope the DLC comes out in europe anyway, I see no reason for it not to.



Retro_on_theGo said:

I didn't really like the DLC I've tried so far. Wonder if we'll get that Bikini DLC ... That'd be weird.



DaemonSword said:

This is awesome! Still, waiting to see how Castlevania turns out before purchasing Fire Emblem...



BrightBeing said:

This was my first Fire Emblem game, and surprisingly, by far one of my favorite video games ever. I snapped up the first couple map packs available in NA as soon as I bought the game (from eShop because Nintendo messed up shipping the games to stores) and realized I was addicted.



DaveC said:

I hate how Nintendo sets up the free DLC for this. You must complete a certain amount of levels before it is available. Why? I won't be able to play this that far yet but have the game. I am in the middle of another one and don't want to jump around, it ruins it.

Why can't they just allow you to get the map when the game cart is in the unit? It makes no sense and is irritating. It is a VERY stupid idea. Why the restrictions?



Bassman_Q said:

I don't really have a need for DLC atm, since I've already played 46 hours and still have about 7 more chapters to go til the end (I grind all my characters at once to keep them all around the same level). Not to mention I plan on playing a second playthrough with completely different romantic partners. I heard it makes it feel like a completely different game. I might get the Gold pack somewhere down the line, however.



Bassman_Q said:

And to all you people who are complaining about not being able to get dlc until later, it's not that bad; you can easily reach that point in the game in about 4 hours or less, since it unlocks after either chapter 4 or 5.



LordessMeep said:

@uel - Well, the good thing about FE:A DLC is that all of it is entirely optional and has no bearing to the main game. You can purchase it if you want but even if you don't, you get enough content over SpotPass as it is.



Than64 said:

I have never played a Fire Emblem game until this one. Now I regret passing up all the old titles that are so difficult to find (that don't cost a slice of soul). I like these DLC options. They seem to really help define my characters for the main story. I was initially disappointed that I couldn't get that free pack right off the bat as well, but then the Outrealm Gate opened after Chapter 4 and I was fine. Good job, Nintendo



Void said:

@uel They release it as they make it, would you rather wait a year to be able to play any of it?
Ontop of that, there are 25 DLC 'episodes,' 7 have been released in 3 weeks, ( I assume it will be 9 in 4 weeks.) if they continue at that rate it will be about 3 months (If they don't put in a long pause between the release of the first set and second set.) you have to wait if you really have to have all the DLC.

@LordessMeep Yeah, pretty much the only DLC that really tells more about the story are the 3 Future of Dispare (As they were called in Japan.) levels, the rest are hardly related to the main story, even then you could just find out on the internet if you don't want to pay for it.

@FOURSIDE_BOY For those children containing paralogue chapters, I would recommend you to use premoted units, for most of them, that is.

Also, yes, sheesh, it's five chapters including the prologue (Six if you really want to include the premotion.) you have to play through, it's not that much, it could be done in an hour or two, it's not like you would be able to play any of the DLC at the start of the game anyways, your units are probably too weak at that point to even take on the easiest of them. (Except possibly Frederick.)



ueI said:

@LordessMeep It's not a matter of price; I dislike Spotpass and DLC for the same reasons.
@Void I do not believe they are releasing it as they make it.



DaveC said:

@Qwikman_N_Bass "And to all you people who are complaining about not being able to get dlc until later, it's not that bad; you can easily reach that point in the game in about 4 hours or less, since it unlocks after either chapter 4 or 5."

It is bad because it is a DUMB idea. There is no good reason for it. like I said I am in the middle of another game. I don't want to stop that, play this for 4 levels, then go back to my other game, beat that then pick this up at level 4 after not playing it for awhile. It ruins the story etc.

If I wait the free DLC offer expires and is no longer free, so I must rush to beat a certain amount of levels before the time limit. It is idiotic and serves no purpose other than to be annoying. The way it should work is that I put in the game, turn on spotpass, then a menu appears to download the extra content, that is it.

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