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New "Batman Arkham" Title Due in 2013

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Holy financial briefing, Batman!

Time Warner recently revealed its latest financial results, and as a result has hosted the now-standard investor call to answer questions on the company's strategies and plans. Warner is one of the biggest contributors to the TV and film industries, or course, but is also a major player in video game publishing.

Notably, the company published the critically acclaimed Batman: Arkham Asylum and Batman: Arkham City, two titles that did the Dark Knight a great deal of credit. It seems that the series isn't far away from another return, with Warner man John K. Martin — Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer — letting slip, within a lot of detail about the film and TV parts of the company's business, that the series will return this year.

And we also have a strong games release this year, which will include the next release in the Batman Arkham franchise. So all in all, we expect Warners to post another very strong year in 2013. And with a little luck, the year should be as good or maybe even a little bit better than 2012.

With Batman: Arkham City: Armoured Edition arriving on Wii U, we certainly hope that the next home console entry — which we assume this to be if Warner is targeting the biggest profits — will also come to Nintendo's system. No doubt details will emerge in the coming months.

Would you be excited about a new Batman Arkham game, and what do you think of the odds of it coming to Wii U? Wild predictions and speculation are welcome in the comments below.

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XCWarrior said:

As long as it comes out the same time as the PS3/360 or PS4/Durango, that's great for Wii U. If not, going to be pointless.



Dreamcaster-X said:

You would think WB would bring this to the Wii U seeing as it's one of the more popular titles on the system but the way things have rolled lately for the Wii U , I won't be surprised if it doesn't come out.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I hope the next Batman game comes to Wii U, because WB did a great job on Batman arkham city for Wii U.



TOMBOY25 said:

i cant wait for this but honestly im finding it hard to believe it'll even come to wii u......more for my ps3 then



Peach64 said:

Wow! I'm sure they'd previously said 2014. If it does hit this year, I don't see it ending up on the next Sony and MS consoles. This series has a great reputation and I doubt they'd want to risk putting it out on new hardware that they're unfamiliar with. Much better to release on 360, PS3 and Wii U.

I remember reading rumours the next one would be a silver age prequel. That would be pretty neat.



Highwinter said:

@Peach64 Pretty much every developer has been working on next-gen games for a long time now. The reason we're getting all this news about new sequels/releases coming now, is because we're obviously very close to them being released.

I'd say it's unlikely this would be a 360/PS3 game, those systems are more or less finished.



rastamadeus said:

@Highwinter Nonsense. The game - and a good deal many more - will be coming out for PS3/360 over this year, the next and probably the one after that too. Look at how the Wii U is failing everywhere, do you really think developers, well actually publishers, will want to chance this happening to PS4/720? A lot of big third party games will be on current consoles for the next couple of years because of the massive user bases they have and that with the way the world is at the moment people can't justify spending £350+ on a new console.



Tasuki said:

I have read in a few places that said that Mark Hamil wont be back for another Arkham game and also that Paul Dini wont be involved in anyway. Also I heard that it was going to be prequel based on the Silver Age and it will also include other DC heroes. I hope it doesnt but if it does go that route its hard for me to get excited for it.



NinGamer85 said:

@rastamadeus my thoughts exactly...ps3 will have title til 2015 and xbox til 2014 at least. If this game is ready in 2013 it is being developed for current consoles...not future...since they haven't been officially announced for release this year...and honestly they would be better waiting till next on dev. Cost and sell cheaper so more will buy



Peach64 said:


I know devs have had kits for those other consoles for a long time, but almost every console's first year tends to be new IPs were developers can be more experimental. You don't usually see big franchises like GTA, Metal Gear and all that come out in the first year of a console's life. They certainly COULD have had the time to do it, but I don't think they will have. It doesn't make much sense to put big name franchises out when an install base is so low.

And many consoles see some of their best games after the next gen has arrived. After the 360 was released, PS2 got Okami, Dragon Quest 8, Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts 2, God of War 2 etc.



MrGawain said:

I would think there's a good chance of it coming to the Wii U- they released City even though they knew a large percentage of people had already played it (I hadn't, and loved it on the Wii U). Plus I'm guessing the game follows similar mechanics, so a lot of work for the switch to the Wii U gamepad must of already been done.

Also, Injustice is being published by Warner for the Wii U, so they seem to be happy to make games for the Wii U.



Sean_Aaron said:

If it's quality of course I'll want it. I still plan on getting the current one as soon as I finish with Ninja Gaiden 3.



Peach64 said:

Ugh. I'm not sure how reliable VG247 are, but they're saying that Rocksteady are not developing this, so it's more likely to be some kind of spin-off, rather than a proper continuation of the series. Rocksteady are working on a new Batman game though, so that's probably the silver age prequel that they previously said would be 2014 or later. Disappointing



LavaTwilight said:

Seems good considering they re-released Batman: AC. They'd have more time to get rid of any latency issues this time though.



GiftedGimp said:

Loved both the previous Arkham games, and even tho had completed Arkham City on ps3, I brought the excellent WiiU edition. I will have the next game in the series on pre-paid pre-order as soon as possible if they Do a WiiU version.



SkywardLink98 said:

I'll only get it for PC if they remove GFWL. GFWL glitched up and deleted my save, and refused to read my backup.



WesCash said:

Sweet! I still need to pick up Arkham City though.
I wonder if WiiU owners will get this at the same time that PC/PS3/360 owners get it. I'll get it on PC but hopefully Nintendo doesn't get shafted. I can see that happening though, not gonna lie.



Varia01 said:

Awesome! I would look forward to a sequel after enjoying two strong titles of Batman fun. Yet I really hate how these cuss words keep on coming up.... Other than that, I love the combat and sneaking skills. The detective usages also contribute to the series powerful reputation. A sequel would be highly appreciated.



hYdeks said:

I'm excited for a new Batman Arkham game, and yes, I think Wii U will get this game. From what I heard, it's suppost to be a older style Batman (golden/silver age, perhaps) so, hey whatever, as long as it's still a great Batman game



Spleetal said:

Huh looks like I'm going to pick up Arkhangelsk city armored edition, was on the fence but I don't want to be two games behind



sinalefa said:

I still need to pick up Arkham City, so when I do I will be sure to pick up the Wii U version. Probably I would do the same with this one.



Znerd said:

Since no one else is asking I will Does anyone want these guys to make a superman game cause i think these guys can do the impossible and give us a good Superman Game Besides i herd this game was gonna be a Prequel anyway



WaveGhoul said:

I couldn't get into the AC PS3 Demo. But still, Outside of NSMB.U, Nintendo Land and Zombi U, it's the only other released Wii U game at the moment that i'd at least give a chance. Hopefully the Wii U GamePad screen elements make the game more unique & enjoyable instead of being another traditionally controlled 3D Stealth/Brawler, a genre that i'm not exactly a big fan of....It would be pretty neat using the Batarang with pointer controls, which sadly hasn't been incorperated in the Wii U version.



Captain_Balko said:

... What? Arkham City: Armoured Edition was an utterly exceptional game. The original Arkham City was deemed "the greatest licensed game ever made" by multiple reviewers? Why make a comment that many people would disagree with you about, and then not back it up with an inkling of evidence?

I smell a troll.



luminalace said:

I just hope it comes to Wii U. WB are pretty good when it comes to supporting Nintendo platforms so I am hoping it does.



Jaz007 said:

I would absolutely love this on Wii U since Batman: AC AE, was one of top three games.

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