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LinkedIn Profile Suggests That Splinter Cell: Blacklist Is Stalking Towards Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Ubisoft loves the Wii U after all?

Ubisoft may have annoyed a lot of Nintendo fans with the Rayman Legends delay, but the recent news that Watch_Dogs is coming to the Wii U this year has surely given the publisher a little boost. That goodwill could be amplified if the LinkedIn profile of a Ubisoft staffer is to be believed.

The profile lists Splinter Cell: Blacklist as coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and — most importantly — Wii U.

Of course, such a posting should be taken with a pinch of salt, but then many were surprised by the Watch_Dogs announcement. It's also worth pointing out that this isn't the first — or even the second — time we've heard such news, which should hopefully suggest that the stealth action title is definitely coming to a Nintendo console in the near future.

Could Ubisoft be preparing more Wii U support in the future? We certainly hope so.


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Shrapmo said:

If Ubi continues to show multiplat love to the Wii U I might just forget about the whole Rayman debacle.



LeVideoGamer said:

This was leaked on a list from a games retailer before the Wii U was even released. Hardly surprising if it's actually true.

People can quit supporting Ubisoft all they want, but if they release games like this, Watch_Dogs, Ghost Recon Online and Rayman Legends for the Wii U, with Rainbow Six: Patriots still a possibility, I'll buy their games for my console, no doubt.



GiftedGimp said:

I said it before, Ok Ubi has made some questionable decisions of late but they are still ( it seems) to be the best 3rd party supporter of the WiiU.
I hope its because they can see the true potential of the WiiU in regards of technical ability and because of the tablet controller...
the other alternative is they see a way of making a quick easy buck with sub-standard ps3 ports with added touchscreen features..
lets hope its NOT The latter.

If they deliver high quality games taking advantage of tne WiiU's hardware capabilities and the touchscreen then I can see Ubisoft making a lot of money from WiiU owners.



Ichiban said:

its kinda sad that we have to grasp at straws and rumours regarding 3rd party Wii U games.
I still think that the whole "we wanted to make a Wii for you" speech Reggie made at e3 2011 was a load of BS when Nintendo themselves are pumping out the same old games for Wii U so far....



Amigaengine said:

Trust me. The Wii U one year out looks alot better than what Xbox will be able to offer from a 1st party perspective. Sony on the other hand has more developers but I still think Nintendo will not just show at E3 but show large. Software will be plentiful



pntjr said:

The only way Ubi can apologize for the pain and suffering in the Wii U drought we are all trooping through is by having this new rule: If it goes on PS3/PS4 and 360/720, it goes on Wii U.



Shanksta said:

This game coming to WiiU is good news, but I'm not a fan of the new voice actor/ playstyle. I wish this new game was like the old ones. I've yet to decide if I'll get it or not.



Gamer83 said:

Ubi has been supporting the Wii U from the beginning. This is why while I agreed it was crap that Rayman got delayed, the outrage and some of the flat out hatred was totally undeserved.



Meaty-cheeky said:

I hope this is true. I remember having a lot of fun playing Splinter Cell on the GameCube, and If you connected your GameBoy Advance you would get a mini map, that would show all of the security cameras and bad guys walking around, I believe there was a weapon or two that you could use when using the GBA.

I Hope Ubisoft does the same great effect on the Wii U game pad.



Meaty-cheeky said:

One more thing, I hope this one is as good as Splinter Cell Chaos Theory, the most recent Splinter Cell games haven't been that good.



cornishlee said:

Rayman aside, Ubisoft have long been the third party producing the most for Nintendo platforms.



Gamer83 said:

It could happen at some point and if it doesn't, it's still just one game. Blacklist looks better anyway.



AJWolfTill said:

I agree with @Gamer83 and @cornishlee.
I think the reason why the whole Legends thing hurt so bad was because since the beginning Ubisoft has been so devoted to the Wii U.
I remember being more sold on the Wii U after Ubisoft's E3 conference last year than Nintendo's.
Legends was a dick move by the higher ups but Ubisoft itself hasn't stopped supporting the Wii U.



Lopezdm said:

I'm kind of mad at Ubi soft at the momment. I have been boycoting thier games but I really want this one.. Damn morral high ground. lol



Gamer83 said:


Boycotting games, especially if it's because of the delay of Rayman, is the most ridiculous thing ever. Not buying their games is not going to make Ubi want to continue to support the system, and frankly its the only third party that has supported it consistently so far and it keeps announcing games. I suggest Nintendo fanboys get over the butthurt real quick.



Lopezdm said:

No, it's about voting with your money. If you like being treated like a money cow that is your right. I will spend my money on game that are developed and produced by people that respect gamers. EA is huge example of this, they honestly don't care about the gamer and want you to part with your money in any way they can get it. For me Rayman has little to do with it.



WHMIII said:

Splinter Cell on Wii U would be awesome. I feel that the more cross-console games that come to the Wii U, the better. The lack of games seems to be due in part to developers not taking the Wii U seriously, so they don't make games for it, so developers don't take it seriously etc. There needs to be more games so that overall sales go up so that more developers come to the Wii U. Not sure if that made sense, I hope it did.

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