Ubisoft may have annoyed a lot of Nintendo fans with the Rayman Legends delay, but the recent news that Watch_Dogs is coming to the Wii U this year has surely given the publisher a little boost. That goodwill could be amplified if the LinkedIn profile of a Ubisoft staffer is to be believed.

The profile lists Splinter Cell: Blacklist as coming to the Xbox 360, PS3, PC and — most importantly — Wii U.

Of course, such a posting should be taken with a pinch of salt, but then many were surprised by the Watch_Dogs announcement. It's also worth pointing out that this isn't the first — or even the second — time we've heard such news, which should hopefully suggest that the stealth action title is definitely coming to a Nintendo console in the near future.

Could Ubisoft be preparing more Wii U support in the future? We certainly hope so.

[via gonintendo.com, twitter.com]