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Legendary Pokémon Meloetta Distribution Date Announced

Posted by Orla Madden

This one's a real fighter

Good news Pokémon fans! Starting 4th March, the mythical Pokémon Meloetta will be distributed by participating GameStop stores across North America for Pokémon Black & White and Pokémon Black & White 2, for a limited time only.

Meloetta is the very first Pokémon able to change its Forme and type during a battle, using a particular move to trigger the change; its Pirouette Forme is the only Pokémon with a Normal- and Fighting-type combination. It fights as a Normal - and Psychic-type in it's Aria Forme.

Players in Canada will also get in on the event at participating EB Games shops starting 9th March. For those interested in picking up the mythical monster, make sure you have no more than 11 Wonder Cards in your possession, otherwise you won't be able to catch the beast. Not forgetting your copy of the game would be useful too.

Will you be hoping to add Meloetta to your party? As always, let us know.


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Pokefanmum82 said:

hopefully i can get it too.....i didn't get the last gamestop distribution because I feel like an idiot at 30 going into gamestop for a pokemon. I wish this was just a wi-fi event instead.



Tasuki said:

I would but I traded in my copies of Pokemon Black and White since I never played them. Not even sure why I bought them in the first place.



EvilLucario said:

Why use a Meloetta when I can just use Heatran, Scizor, Genesect, Ferrothorn, Dragonite, Manoswine, or Breloom?

Thanks, but no thanks. I'll just own people with my eventual team when I pick up my White 2.



AltDotNerd said:

I'm only 20 pokemon away from (legitimately, no hacking/action replay) having a complete pokedex. Meloetta is one of those pokemon and I don't plan on trading one over the GTS for a "Lvl 9 or under Reshiram"!



Megumi said:

When will this end? Don't think I'll be heading to GS until towards the end of March. :/



DarkLloyd said:

its been a while since i played my pokemon black, dont remeber how many wondercards i have or how you even attain them lol



Wheels2050 said:

Hopefully she becomes available through wifi later. Keldeo was like that - an in-game event first, then a wifi event.

As an Aussie I'd like to be able to catch her!



Schprocket said:

@mumof2kids82 Try overcoming the knowledge that at 50, in spite of what you recognise as the cleverness of Pokemon, it does not sit well with your peers who are more interested in watching TV, fishing, four-wheel driving, drinking to excess, and other 'young grandfatherly age' pursuits...



DarkNinja9 said:

lol if your embarrassed go in the morning or noon that way no ppl and you dont have to go up to the staff just take out your DS and download then walk away like nothing happened its what i do xD

but about time jeez but no it couldnt be wi-fi event -_- least i will get 2 one for each game



TwilightV said:

I go to the Gamestop in the mall to download these. Most times I can just stand right outside the store as I do it.



Arcamenel said:

Yeah for those not wanting to actually go in the store, generally you can be outside the store and be in range for the event. I've sat in a gamestop parking lot in my car and gotten a pokemon before.



Phle said:

So, not for Europe then? I would really like this little cutie, I hope there will be a chance for Europe too.



Raymen said:

Mel-o-e-tta! Mel-o-e-tta! Mel-o-e-tta! I have to run and get B2 and W2 now!!1



Aerona said:

@mumof2kids82 You shouldn't be embarrassed, but if you are, you don't even need to go into the store to get it necessarily. I've pulled up and downloaded mine even after closing time.



WindWakerLink said:

It's ABOUT TIME this event is happening!! I find it strange that we got Genesect before Meloetta. "Weird...."

I would like to train it, but I'm pretty sure it's not allowed for Battle Subway or Pokemon World Tournament in Black2/ I'll just get it for Pokedex. Yea.



Emaan said:

Guess I need to make my way down to Gamestop again. I wonder if it would be cutting it too close if I were to go for it the day I get Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, which is the last day listed.

Oh well. Anything for Meloetta! :3



c1pher_c0mplet said:

I'm in college and not at all embarrassed to go inside GameStop to download a rare, one-of-a-kind event Poké! However, I am going to post-up in the parking lot when Meloetta becomes available to see if I can d/l her within range of GameStop router (or whatever they use for events). Duh, never thought of that! If it doesn't work or the Wi-Fi signal isn't strong enough, I'll just go inside. =D The local GameStop here (like most of them I'm sure) is the size of a matchbox and generally crowded with usually one person on register while the other sits in the back on an eternal break lol



Kitsune_Rei said:

Yay finally! I'm glad they weren't jerks and both versions of the game can get it. It also means if you kept both you can get 2!



bluecat said:

Sweet! And yes you can just park/sit outside your local GameStop to get this Pokemon. I've done it for everyone they've put out that I managed to remember to get. If you got one in a mall just make it part of the trip if you are going shopping or to see a movie. Just stand nearby and take care of business.

And it's not cause I feel embarrassed to be into Pokemon at almost 30, it's just I don't really want to have to interact with any GameStop employees... >_>



Jc333 said:

@mumof2kids82 hahahahahaha, I`m 21 and i just start it playing pokemon again since 1999, i had to buy pokemon black online because i was to emberrased to walk in walmart or gamestop to ask, YES i want that pokemon game please. I know how you feel! xD. When i bought Pokemon Soul Silver i had my girlfriend pretend she was buying it for herself as i stood 30 feet away pretending to watch the HD tvs!



Jc333 said:

And nintendo needs to realize people over the age of 18 still play pokemon and just make all these events wifi events. Now i have to bother my little nephew to go in gamestop and download the pokemon for me. damn!

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