Last month Nintendo announced that it would be running a special promotion that would see seven classic NES and SNES games made available to download for a measly 30c/30p.

F-Zero is the second game released under the promotion, and we can now confirm that there's no need for North Americans to wait until tomorrow's usual download update from Nintendo; it's in the Wii U eShop right now just waiting to be downloaded.

Balloon Fight was the first reduced game and will now be full price as a result of F-Zero's emergence. You have until 21st March to download the futuristic racer at the special price, after that it'll be replaced with Punch Out!! Featuring Mr. Dream.

Yes, unfortunately Europeans will have to wait a little longer as Balloon Fight is still listed as a sale item, with no sign of F-Zero just yet. If it's any consolation Europe, the game will be out tomorrow and will run at 60Hz.

Will you be racing to the eShop to download this one? Let us know how you're finding it in the comments below.