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3DS Has The Potential To Find You A Partner

Posted by Orla Madden

Saves the awkwardness of meeting someone in person

Want to play games on your 3DS? That's so old-fashioned! Why not use it to find a boyfriend, or according to a ten year-old boy, a girlfriend.

That's right, young "Masterclaw 360" posted up on the Colors! 3D 'I need a girlfriend. Girls read description', with arrows pointing down towards the description box on the touch screen.

Funnily enough, someone actually responded to the post, but sadly the picture has since been removed from the Colors! online gallery, therefore the response is gone, too.

Valentine's Day is just on the horizon, time to load up the creative app and start posting similar pictures if you want some multiplayer action on this commercially loved-up day.


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Magikarp3 said:

I was going to do a CNY painting in Colors3D, but I cbb'd. I imagine the same thing will happen for Valentines' Day.



edhe said:

You can't be forever alone when you're 10 years old. I'm sure he'll find a girlfriend in a few years.



Bankai said:

I was so going to ask if it was a slow news day, but other people beat me to it

I am sad now.



edhe said:

Three Australians on the other side of the world complaining about a slow news day that has barely even begun in the U.K and Ireland where the site and its writers are based...



ThomasBW84 said:

Guys, it's not a slow news day (this was posted at 9am UK time/early hours US), we just like posting stuff around Nintendo culture as well. Life doesn't always have to be so darn serious!

And I'm sure the young lad in question is just fine, I'm sure most have moments where they want a companion



Prof_Clayton said:

I have this game, this is always on there, like a few every time I load it up. -.- They always get responses, although usually its girls looking for guys.
Seriously, some of these have made it to the best of the week before. >:[



ajcismo said:

Gamers need love too. My wife has gotten through 4 Zelda's, Tales of Symphonia, Arc Rise Fantasia, and is working on The Last Story.
She's a keeper. =)



Drewroxsox said:

People do this all the time on colors (watch out for pedo bear). It probably got removed because it wasn't artsy.



Banker-Style said:

Funny little story.
The kid in question wouldn't be so keen on a girlfriend when she's fleecing him out of all of his money.



oninowon said:

Isn't that the age where you still are saying "eww!!" to girls?

I don't bother with artwork that has mainly words on it. That goes for all those comic strips that people keep putting up.



Auracle said:

This is one of the reasons why the Colors!3D community is annoying. It's still a pretty handy app though.



SheldonRandoms said:


Yeah, I seen even worse things on Colors! there's people with drawings asking you for online.............well, I think you know.



Raymen said:

Just woke up. Just got on site. Just found page. Just got ticked off someone beat me to a pedobear joke. MEH. HAVE A GOOD MARDI GRAS (if you celebrate it)!!1



Robo-goose said:

Whether you consider this as news or not, it's definitely an interesting post that I didn't mind reading!
The Colors 3D community is pretty much Hatena all over again. That isn't entirely negative, though, because Hatena still had a lot of awesome people who just wanted to post something cool or funny. Same case with Colors 3D, there are still a lot of neat people on there, you just have to dig for them. It's too bad that they don't have an indepth profile system, commenting interface, and search/page function. It can get a lot better, but it's still very handy.

Nice post!



3Daniel said:

i once met someone on drawsomething. we were randomly paired up and eventually started talking. after a few months of texting and messaging and talking we met in person and we dated for just under a year till they moved to deadhorse alaska... yep. that happened. i even did a piece on colors about it. haha.



DerpSandwich said:

Aw man, please don't give this kid attention. It's cute and everything, but soon the idea will catch on and Miiverse will be filled with people trying to hook up. Kind of like how one person told everyone how many "yeah"s he/she had, and suddenly everyone had to do it.



Dodger said:

A bit strange to consider this news. As one who has spent a fair amount of time browsing Flipnote Studio and Colors 3D, these types of posts are incredibly common. Don't see why this one is any different.



FluttershyGuy said:

What I want to know is will it help me land one of (or all of ) my Big Three: Rachel McAdams, Emma Stone, and Anne Hathaway (yeah, she's married... doesn't bother me )? If so, count me in. Otherwise: "Valentine's Day? BAH, HUMBUG!"



KAHN said:

is this even news? i've seen this more than a million times, and it's showing up now? i know it's almost Valentine's Day, but doesn't this technically count as bullying the Original Poster?



HaastMK7 said:

1. How is this news
2. This is a normal Colors! 3D. I have checked back to their desperate submissions only to find them posting horrible comments about frustration to themselves... o-o
3. People need to realize that Colors! 3D is a application for kids too. This is not good even if Valentines Day is arriving soon...



R-L-A-George said:

People do stuff like this in youtube comments, I know everyone needs love, but it gets annoying and being desperate is not attractive.

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