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Wii Fit U Gets Social With User Created Miiverse Communities

Posted by Darren Calvert

Get fit together

If you have over-indulged during the festive period and made a New Year’s resolution to get in shape, you will no doubt appreciate any encouragement you receive from friends and family to stay on track.

During today’s Nintendo Direct it was announced that the upcoming Wii Fit U will let players create their own user communities on Miiverse from within the game, to encourage one another to reach their fitness goals. Satoru Iwata suggested that the experience could be comparable to the user-communities used in Mario Kart 7.

Given the popularity of internet forums devoted to exercise, diet and weight loss, this seems like it could be very popular indeed. Players will be able to share their weight changes, BMI and exercises with other Miiverse users so that the community can encourage each other to stay motivated on their healthy lifestyle.

What are your thoughts on these new social features?

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BenAV said:

Don't care so much for Wii Fit U, but it's great that we're getting user communities.



FluttershyGuy said:

We should be able to create specific communities on regular Miiverse. Guess they're afraid we'll make ones about pornz instead of poniez?



Weedy said:

Miiverse communities had to happen really.
Did anyone else notice the typo by the Mii girl dressed in black at 13:05?!
"Congrats, Michelle! I'll going to try my hardest as well."
I'll you now?!!



Emaan said:

Interesting bit about the user created communities. Hopefully we see this expand beyond Wii Fit U.



cornishlee said:

My girlfriend's been on about this ever since I got a Wii U so I'll probably end up buying it and splitting it with her. If it comes out soon I may even have a use for their gentle exercises - cracked ribs mean I can't do my usual routine for a few weeks and I did enjoy the first two titles for a while.

It's frustrating that it still doesn't have a release date though.




One of the small minority which plays Wii Fit Plus to this day. This is very interesting indeed though I'm not 100% if I'll use it tbh. I'm getting the game no doubt. Bit disappointed that there isn't any EU release date



cornishlee said:

I gave up on Wii Fit Plus when I realised that I couldn't access my data after transferring my Mii to my Wii U. I did use it fairly regularly for a couple of years though. Mainly the boxing. That destroyed quite a few nunchucks.



alLabouTandroiD said:

Hope this works for as many games as possible. Competing and communicating with people i know is more fun to me.



SMW said:

Add me to the small list of NL members excited for Wii Fit U. These Miiverse communities won't be exclusively for weight goal discussions. There will be plenty of talk about secrets and unlockables. There was plenty of that discussion on the Wii Fit community websites on the web.

Speaking of unlockables, how come no cheat site has the extra bicycle listed as an unlockable? Most people I talk to don't even believe me when I tell them that theres an unlockable bicycle in the island cycling. I tried to submit this to GameFAQs and IGN and they both rejected me claiming its not unlockable!



Lopezdm said:

Great Idea for user created content..
Nintendo you have been holding out on us.

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