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Ubisoft: Wii U Power Meant No Limitations For Rayman Legends

Posted by Andy Green

Rayman creator lavishes Wii U with more praise

Rayman creator Michel Ancel has had nothing but positive things to say about Wii U since he’s been working with the new system. In previous interviews he has noted that Nintendo’s new home console is “surprisingly powerful” and that Ubisoft could really focus on making its latest game, Rayman Legends, look as good as possible due to not needing to worry about cross-platform optimisation.

Rayman Legends is due out on 26th February in North America and 28th February in Europe (1st March in the UK) and Ancel has again been expressing his love for the powerful new hardware. In an interview with GamesTM he has said that the development team experienced no limitations because of the powerful hardware, and believes players will notice more depth in the visuals than the previous game, Rayman Origins.

Visually, because we’ve had more time with the UbiArt engine, we were able to add a lot of depth to the graphics. You can especially see it in the backgrounds. There are more layers, more details; it feels more like a landscape. We’ve also done a lot with the lighting effects, both in gameplay and graphics.

It looks as though Rayman Legends will be the best looking Rayman game to date, with Ubisoft putting in a lot of attention to detail with the visuals. For those looking to see what all the fuss is about, there is a demo available for the game in the Wii U eShop that we would highly recommend.

Are you looking forward to finally getting your mitts on a copy of the game? Let us know in the comments section below.


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MAB said:

The demo was pretty good but the problem I'm having with platformers these days is they're way too easy I mean c'mon I have only just beat the desert world in NSMBU (downloaded last night) and I have gotten all the star coins so far with 78 spare lives on the board. I played through the Rayman demo a few times without dying also... what is up with the noob difficulty level with games at the moment, huh!



WaveBoy said:

Tell me about it! The real challenge comes into play as far as the NSMB series go when you're trying to collect some of the star coins, or usually the final Special world. Otheriwse, get ready to obtain TONS of 1-ups making coin collecting absolutely pointless. SMB1 & 3 were the toughest.

Rayman Origins on the other hand was a 'pretty' boring experience. Not only that, it took 6 worlds for the challenge to actually kick into gear.It can get very difficult though when you're trying to collect enough looms in each stage, and to a much much lesser degree finding the caged electoons which is brain dead easy. Anyways! I watched some of the Legends footage and the gamepad touch screen controls do look pretty fun and definitly shake up the gameplay and actually offer some variety for once unlike Origins repetitive chore-like game design.



madgear said:

@MadAussieBloke - have you finished Rayman Origins yet? I'd hardly call that easy and that's coming from someone who has mastered Super Meat Boy. It may be easy to run through the odd level in it near the start, but the only way to fight the end boss is to find enough hidden exits and get all the crystals. I can't tell you how long it took me to finish some of those chase sequences.



Nintenjoe64 said:

@WaveBoy @MadAussieBloke

I thought it was too easy to get 5 stars too. I blame the practise the other 3 games in the series have given us because the actual levels were harder in NSMBU but I just found them easier (especially with off TV play meaning no break in play).

I've been watching IGN's Megaman playthroughs and that is the sort of difficulty I want from Mario DLC.



Grubdog said:

Some of you guys really need to try Challenge Mode in Mario U. You'll be asking for your balls back later.



MAB said:

@madgear yes it's easy mate you are trying to school me on hard games by mentioning easy ones... If you can do this nearly everytime you try it like me without throwing your 3DS at a wall then you would find alot of games easy these days

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Will-75 said:

The funny thing about it being a 2D platformer is it looks a thousand times better than most of the 3D titles I've seen, they have done an AMAZING job with the graphics on this title it's beautiful.



madgear said:

@MadAussieBloke Well that just says that you're good at games, not that games are too easy. If you find games like VVVVVV that easy (although I finished it on PC with keys, so might have been why I found it harder) then maybe think about taking up gaming as a profession? There's a lot of money in it.



WaveBoy said:

Even Capcom keeps the retro tradition alive by offering tough as nail platforming & action. Mega Man 9 and especially 10(try beating it on difficult. I did. eek! ) are two perfect examples. Forget about the Loom collectathon crap. Rayman Origin's ONLY area where the platforming actually get real tough is the land of the living dead, and it's over before you know it. Even then, there are no harsh consequences, since you get check points and infinite lives...



Dauntless said:

I don't think Origins even taxed out the aging xbox 360. I don't think hardware can be praised for its ability to do 2D. When it comes to 2D its the artist that should be praised. If they could make a 3D game that looks better then this then that would be truly amazing.



WaveBoy said:


Not to mention, origins and Legends will age beautifully and will remain timeless
unlike the many of these frame rate dipping lifeless 3D first and 3rd person shooters. Mass effect 3 is the perfect example.



rjejr said:

Yeah, it's a beautiful platformer. So's Trine 2. But they're both 2D. Heck, Subspace Emissary and DKCR looked great on the Wii at 2 1/2D. It's easy to make great looking games when there's no camera control. It's why God of War blows away almost everything on the PS3 in a fully open world, no camera control.
When's Nintendo going to blow us away like Super Mario Sunshine and Galaxy did on their respective systems?



cornishlee said:

I'm really looking forward to this after playing the demo, it has a lot of charm and gorgeous visuals. It could even be my first ever pre-order.

You're right, they have got easier, I was actually talking about this the other day with my girlfriend. My experience is slightly different to yours but just as illustrative. I basically didn't play any games (a couple of exceptions on my ex's PS2) between the Megadrive and the Wii. Since buying a Wii I've completed every game I've bought (except Swords and Soldiers!) and I cannot imagine that I'm a better player now than I was then. If hard evidence were needed then that would be that I still struggle with main games I struggled with back then.

All that said, difficulty isn't the only factor in enjoying games - Kirby's a good example of that. Something else I only discovered since coming back (well, it was Nintendo). It is one factor though and I can understand how it may be held more important by some players than others.



Norfair said:

I just started playing Origins, so far I got with my friends to the second world.
It is lots of fun, I'll play through the game with my friends and then we might return to collecting Electroons we missed.
I will get Legends when I get my Wii U, Origins four people is too much fun to skip Legends (Just like NSMB.W four people and NSMB.U).

Platformers do need to be harder, I agree.
DKCR (Mirror mode) and Super Meat Boy are examples of what more games need to be like, in my opinion.
Difficulty is very important to me when I play alone, but when I play with my friends I don't care, since it is fun either way.



Wonder_Ideal said:

I can't wait to try this one out. I loved the original and I expect to love this one even more.
I thought this was relevant as well.



hYdeks said:

yaaa, I'm sorry but despite what they say, they could have easily made a PS3/360 version of this game, though it is very nice to see a game of this caliber exclusive on Wii U.



Kezins said:

If you want a challenge, go sign the petition on to bring Dark Souls 2 to the Wii U. Mario isn't all that hard because we've been playing those games since the 80s.



LittleIrves said:

I liked Origins, but wasn't that excited about Legends.... UNTIL I played that demo. Hard or not, it looked lovely and the GamePad-specific sections were actually quite fun. I would have absolutely no problem if Wii U became the place for beautiful 2D games with innovative controls, just like the Wii became a haven for 2D platformers in its last few years.



potomas said:

I stopped playing nsmbu because its so hard and frustrating.Been playing games for years but later levels are so annoying.



sinalefa said:

I thought this one would be releasing about March, so nice to hear it is scheduled at least 2 days before that!

I beat Origins with most lums, and beating the Land of the Livid Dead. Had this game lacked infinite lives, I would have never gotten so far. The hardest parts are that extra level and the treasure chests hunts. Hopefully Legends will keep that difficulty.

I love the Nintendo approach in NSMBU, where the hardest parts are the final levels (as that makes sense) and the Challenge Mode, which is something totally optional. I like challenge but I don't pay $60 to bang my head against a wall just trying to beat a game. That is what higher difficulty settings or self imposed limitations are for, to add challenge for more experienced players.

Games could be hard in the 80s when you could beat the whole thing in an afternoon and your parents could not afford a new game in quite some time. It makes sense that games are easier now as time is not a luxury many people have.



LavaTwilight said:

I'm not a Rayman fan, I played the original and never really got into it (tho I did complete it) but after playing the demo I've actually found it to be really fun and I'm being slowly convinced to get my hands on it. I'd like to see some more gameplay videos though before I make a decision, maybe some video reviews!



Sean_Aaron said:

The demo was pretty nice. I'm not a fan of platformer a generally, but there's some nice variety in this one without the off-putting punishing difficulty of something like your traditional Mario game. The music-rhythm stage was a particularly nice surprise.

If I do end up getting this it's more likely to be for my daughter than me. She played the demo and enjoyed the second stage the best.



Sun said:

Yes Andy, this is a must buy for me. It looks much better than New Super Mario Bros. U.



Ichiban said:

I hope there's a collectors edition coming, preferably with a funky Rayman statue!



Lopezdm said:

It seems for every dev that say that the wiiu is a dream to work with we loose a game for the system.



SCAR said:

They just need to make a Rayman like the GBC, or N64 one again. Those were no doubt the best games from that series ever in my opinion(except maybe the rerelease of 2 on PS2). I recommend buying Rayman on 3DS VC overall. I hope this game ups the difficulty, and adds some cool gameplay options. Multiplayer looks cool too, but they need to make it better from what I hear so I'm glad they held it back.



19Robb92 said:


The demo for Legends is just brilliant. I'm definitely picking that game up day 1 if I'm able.



Ras said:

I didn't love the demo, but I'll probably buy it if it can be downloaded.



Codyshelby said:

I thought DKCR was actually challenging. Maybe it's just my playstyle or something? That's another one I'm excited to see on the Wii U...Hopefully. That game looked great on the Wii. If they can improve legends to look as amazing as it does, imagine how incredible a DKC entry would look on the Wii U. Especially those sunset levels...and of course the minecart levels



SparkOfSpirit said:

DKCR was challenging due to the level design (outside of the terrible rocket barrel levels) but I didn't find Origins all that hard outside of the floaty controls that required pinpoint precision from the player. Not a good mix for challenge, IMO.

The Legends demo was WAY better than Origins in both controls and what I saw of the level design, though, and I'm really pumped to ply it.



Drawdler said:

Origins has disappointed me so far. I'm playing it on my 3DS at the moment, and I'm up to, I believe, the fourth world. While the game looks beautiful, the gameplay... Ehh. It's fun, but it's nothing special.
Legends, on the other hand, looks better in terms of graphic direction as well as general gameplay, so hopefully that will be more "wow" instead of "cool".



LonDonE said:

@WaveBoy play donkey kong country returns, it has awesome graphics for a 2d plat-former, with sexy art design, an great level design, but also has challenge, which newer 2d plat-formers lack, the last boss an his stage is damn right infuriating, an i do agree about the lack of difficulty, its not just 2d games, it games in all genres, nowadays all have a lack of difficulty, to cater to all the noobs an casual gamers, they so want to buy there games.

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