Sega's Streets of Rage franchise - known in Japan as Bare Knuckle - is arguably one of the most beloved 16-bit series of all time. It's not just popular with Sega fans, either; the legendary second outing is seen by many retro experts as the finest side-scrolling fighter ever conceived.

Amazingly, the franchise has been totally dormant since the days of the Mega Drive / Genesis. Rumours of a fourth outing have been floating around the internet for years, and apparently Core Design's Fighting Force was supposed to be an entry in the Streets of Rage lineage. A few years later, a prototype video appeared online for a proposed Dreamcast version which never made it to retail.

It would appear that Yuzo Koshiro - the legendary Japanese composer who created the soundtracks for ActRaiser, Revenge of Shinobi, Etrian Odyssey and Streets of Rage - has now confirmed that he was involved with this project. Speaking to Destructoid, he confirmed that around ten years ago a prototype was made but it was rejected by Sega before it went into development - and nothing has been heard since. He also added that if he were to create a soundtrack to a new Streets of Rage game today, he would use "modern club music".

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