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Rumour: Pikachu 3DS XL Makes It To Chile, North America Is Next?

Posted by Andy Green

Chilean 3DS is the same used in North America

The spectacularly yellow limited edition Pikachu 3DS XL originally started off as a Japan-only system, but since then it's been on a bit of an adventure, making it over to European shores last December.

It now appears to have found another home, with the system apparently being announced for pre-order in Chile during a special Pokémon event.

Because Chile and North America are technically both in the same 3DS region, it naturally will have many people wondering if the Pikachu 3DS XL is going to be confirmed for a Stateside launch in the near future.

There's no official confirmation as of yet but it's looking a lot more likely now than it did a few weeks back, that's for sure. Best get your Pokéballs ready, just in case it does pop up!

What do you think, North America? Would you like to see a wild Pikachu 3DS XL appear in a shop near you soon? Let us know in the comment section below.


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Nareva said:

I've always wondered if new colors or prints actually make people decide they want a console/handheld. It's not really a selling point for me. Are there people holding off buying as they wait for a particular color design or who trade in equivalent systems just to get a different one?



Klimbatize said:

@Nareva I am waiting for a black XL before I make the upgrade. If I felt the XL was a must-have, I'd obviously get one with the color choices available now, though I don't particularly like the red or blue. I figure a black version will come out eventually (already available in Japan) so I can wait until then.

So to answer your question--yes, color choice can affect the sales of a device, though it's probably not a huge factor.



bboy2970 said:

I really hope the Pikachu 3DS XL comes to the US. I'll pick one up for sure! In the case of the Charizard XL though.....I would cry if that left Japan since I already spent $450 importing that mother.....



bboy2970 said:

Oh damn..............I gave away the secret.........Just ignore these posts on the week when I reveal it on Swapnote :3



earthwormjimx3 said:

Well, that's pretty nice news for me Because i'm Chilean! YAY! >u<

Speaking of Chile and videogaming, there should be a latinamerican Nintendo Life hosted in Chile :3



Mk_II said:

@nareva it will appeal to a lot of kids to buy a 3DS, and there are also collectors who buy all the special editions they can afford (and im sure Nintendo knows that very well).



Celes_chan29 said:

I simply can't wait. I hope Nintendo of America confirms this news. I've been wanting a 3DS XL for awhile now, but ever sense I seen this beauty I have halted my purchase in hopes that we might get the pikachu-themed handheld. I hope this gets bundled with the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Fingers-crossed.



Savino said:

Get used to it! We are a far better market than US or EU rigth now!
The games here at the brazilian eshop are 5 dollars cheaper ( sometimes more) than at he us eshop! We are getting spoiled by nintendo!



Scaboda said:

This is my ticket into the land of 3ds, ive been waiting to buy one and i will pre order this the INSTANT it gets announced for NA. I only hope it hurries up what with fire emblem, mh4, odyssey, castlevania all coming soon. Jeez.



Omenapoika said:

I bought this one last night, at a sale!
For some reason this was the cheaper than the original, silly finnish stores
(maybe they just dont like pikachu)



StarDust4Ever said:

Good thing I've already got a 3DS xL, especially if you're like me and despise Pokemon...

@Krimbatize: There is a third color option: Get a pink one! I picked up the White/Pink model. Every 30-something male Nintendo loyalist who's secure with his manhood (like me) needs to get a pink DS. Or wait for this, if you happen to be a Pokefan.

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