As we move towards a totally digital age, the attraction of collecting physical gaming media is going to become even more unusual - pretty soon, there will be kids who don't understand the concept of actually buying a physical cartridge.

Thankfully, so long as people like Isao Yamazaki exist, the art of collecting is never going to entirely die out.

Yamazaki's obsession began 30 years ago with the Game & Watch range, and he now owns a sizable selection of Nintendo memorabilia. He develops websites for a living, but has also authored books on Nintendo's history, co-written with French enthusiast Florent Gorges. In 2007 he even curated an exhibition in Osaka entitled Nintendo Museum.

Recently interviewed by beforemario for its "Meet the Collectors" series, Yamazaki revealed that his life won't be complete until he has the signature of former Nintendo president Hiroshi Yamauchi.

Be sure to check out the full interview and gaze longingly at Yamazaki's astonishing mountain of goodies.