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Pokémon X & Y Catch More Official Artwork and Details

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

More images and legendary dimensions, of course

At the weekend we posted a feature titled Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far, with an assumption that the initial burst of images and concept art was over and that the dust would settle. The Pokémon Company isn't done yet, however, revealing new images and details for us all to absorb.

The image above shows the three starters and their types as well as their relative strengths against each other — basic stuff for most, but useful to those who may be planning to try the series for the first time. Below, meanwhile, are high quality concept images of the new Legendary 'mon, with added statistics for their heights and weights.

Some fresh and official standalone images of each of the starters are in the gallery below (click to see the full image), while some new screenshots have also been provided and included on the game page. If the size of the Legendary creatures was an area of interest for you then at least that's now cleared up, and we wouldn't be surprised if The Pokémon Company teases us with more snippets of information on a regular basis.

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WingedSnagret said:

Probably the first article I've commented when it was 0 seconds old.
Anyway, this is looking awesome!



gekslupis said:

The legendary art definiently made me want X version now. Both are cool, but I personally like the elegant appearence of Xerneus.



Rapido said:

Xerneus = Dark/Ice Yveltal = Fire/Flying? Pardon my lack intuition.



rjejr said:

The Pokémon Company needs a dojo like SSBB had so they can release a Pokemon a week for the next 9 months. They could call it "charting the birth of Pokemon", cause, it's like, 9 months until it arrives.



NintyMan said:

It would be Super Smash Bros. Brawl-like if they released snippets of information off and on from now through October. It would certainly help with passing the time and keeping the excitement going.



Lalivero said:

@DestinyMan It also has the potential to mess things up if it turns into a situation where we know pretty much freakin' everything before release(do I even need to elaborate?).

Of course they'll reveal more info up until release but I don't want a dojo type thing.



ShadJV said:

I'm thinking of getting Y to match my chromosome. i honestly like both the legendaries and it's still hard to be certain which legendary will be obtainable in which version (Black had the white legendary and White had the black one). I'm torn for the starters, I love Fennekin but it's seemed to be so overwhelmingly popular and I like being diverse... I've not seen many Chespin supporters but it looks sorta bland to me. I guess I'll wait to see their evolved forms though.



Bucho said:

I'm really looking forward to Pokemon X, Xerneus looks slightly more amazing to me, i'm very curious for what the backstory for these two legendaries will be, and i certainly can't wait for the pokemon movie they will inevitably star in.
As for the starters, i've been picking the water starter for 5 generations (and their spin-offs) now, maybe this time around i'll pick Fennekin because i love the Fennec Foxes, and this pokemon has the best potential for a super awesome third evolution.



SharkLuvr13 said:

I preordered both games at Gamestop yesterday, when I picked up my 3DS Can't wait to see the new pokemon! Also, i'm going for Fennekin and Chespin. Good luck everyone, Gotta catch em' all!



Bassman_Q said:

These images have confirmed for me that I will be picking up Pokemon Y and choosing Chespin as the starter.



Bassman_Q said:

@ShadJV - I think we can be sure that X will come with Xerneas and Y will come with Yveltal, since the logos of each version seems to point to their respective legendary. It wouldn't make sense for Xerneas to be the legendary of Y when Y's logo obviously is in the shape of Yveltal, and vice versa.



Hoerig said:

Fennekin looks like a shaved Chihuahua and Chespin looks like somebody strapped leaves to a dewott lol



Phle said:

I can't take my eyes off Xerneas, I fell in love the second I saw the trailer. So elegant and beautiful. Yveltal looks strong and evil with a quite unique body shape. Both of them seems have a lot of personality and history. I think they did a good job on the legendaries this time, I wasn't really amazed with those they came up with in generation V. As for the starters I find it a bit hard to judge them just yet, as only their first evolution has been revealed. Fennekin looks beautiful though.



Mr_3DS said:

Waiting for more info on what Pokemon are available in each game...and then I preorder



Chuie said:

also i will be getting Y so far untill i learn more like exlusive pokemon



Magikarp3 said:

Everyone else probably realised already but my mind was blown all the same: Xerneas's body is shaped like an X, and Yveltal is shaped like a Y!



Emaan said:

Love the official artwork for the two legendary Pokemon. I'm really impressed with the designs for Xerneus and Yveltal. Hype machine!



c1pher_c0mplet said:

I LOVE Pokemon so much! Started with Black Version this past September (as well as Black Version 2) and I'm hooked! X and Y are going to be awesome! 2013 is going to be an excellent year for 3DS (and that's because it's barely started)!



NintyMan said:

@Chriiis: Of course I don't want them to spoil everything, but it would help a little. Sadly, with the internet, things could easily pop out in the open.

Both of the legendaries look very cool, but I'm going with Xerneas. It looks so majestic and yet so powerful at the same time. I'll also choose Fennekin when I start out. Looking forward to returning to the Pokemon series.



Robo-goose said:

If I remember my Princess Mononoke lore correctly, Xerneas could instantly kill you by using any water type attack. Worth the risk, Xerneas looks awesome!
Totally, man. Dat elegance...



WindWakerLink said:

(sigh)...just like when Gene V came out, I'll probably get both version for "the serious file" and the other for "the fun factor and experiments..." "and I don't mean action replay or game shark stuff." Heh heh heh...
But in all seriousness though, I SO EXCITED FOR the Gene VI games!!!! This will one of the things that keep me going during school this year. Hahaha!



mizzy_helen said:

I'm definitely going to buy it.
But i'm gonna wait a little before I decide to buy x or/ and y!
I wish I had a hat like Chespin has. It's really cold outside



Dodsangstens said:

As I've been reading the comments posted here, I've realized that a lot of people seem to think that x and y were named the way they are because of the way the legendary pokemon look, let me add a different theory to that... Xerneas looks nothing like an X, go ahead look at it. Is it the antlers? Not possible there are eight of them. As for Yveltal, if you look at any big bird, even in real life, with it in flight, they all look like Y's. Take Zapdos for example, Y, Articuno, Y, Molrtres, Y, all of them, Y. Now that we've debunked what everyone thinks, here's what I think they're really going for. We have pokemon X and Y, which naturally will end the series with Z obviously, X,Y and Z. Now what is that exactly? For those of us that are educated we know that those are the axis that make up the 3D aspects of any game. Get it yet? These are the first pokemon games that are exclusively for the 3DS, so, it's not that they look like X's or Y's it's a little deeper than that, not much but, a little.



ViKTRO said:

Theory: I think it is going to be awesome if they have the two new rumored types in this game: Light, and Sound. There fore Xerneas would be light, he has the rainbow pastern on his horns that matches the colors from a light pyramid. Yveltal would be a sound type, Just a thought, its wings,and tail all look like tongs if you look closely.



GRL021291 said:

Pokemon X & Y = inspired by DNA and Coordinates.
X = x chromosome and x axis
Y= y chromosome and y axis
Z (third game) = z chromosome (it exists) z axis

Now, with that information:

Xerneus will be Ground & ??? = because x is the horizontal axis (2d graph), usually associated to the ground.

Yveltal will be Flying & ??? = because y is the vertical axis (on a 2d graph), the opposite of x.

Pokemon Z will be Ground & Flying= because the Z axis is seen both vertically and horizontally on a 3d graph, and its coordinates rely soley on the x & y axis. (see the reference? Z only lies on a 3D graph --> game will be on the 3DS).



TheTensho said:

I love how they give us a choice of legendarys. Reindeer or FREAKIN AWESOME DRAGON. Yeah I want the reind- NO GIMME THE FREAKIN DRAGON. also we all know the only starter people are actually gonna get is Fennekin...



Supow said:

I think I'm going for Chespin... Never rly find any grass types I like through I love the type ;S But Chespin looks nice =) Also, to me it looks like a grass/ground type
Froakie water/ground I think... Just cause it's a toad/frog like Palpitoad
So if I'm right Fennekin fire/ground seems natural to make them all have the same secondary type?
Well not sure at all but I would love a fire/ground type =)

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