At the weekend we posted a feature titled Pokémon X & Y - What We Know So Far, with an assumption that the initial burst of images and concept art was over and that the dust would settle. The Pokémon Company isn't done yet, however, revealing new images and details for us all to absorb.

The image above shows the three starters and their types as well as their relative strengths against each other — basic stuff for most, but useful to those who may be planning to try the series for the first time. Below, meanwhile, are high quality concept images of the new Legendary 'mon, with added statistics for their heights and weights.

Some fresh and official standalone images of each of the starters are in the gallery below (click to see the full image), while some new screenshots have also been provided and included on the game page. If the size of the Legendary creatures was an area of interest for you then at least that's now cleared up, and we wouldn't be surprised if The Pokémon Company teases us with more snippets of information on a regular basis.