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Nintendo Force To Reveal Exclusive Mutant Mudds Deluxe Info

Posted by Damien McFerran

Issue one is available today

You've probably heard of Nintendo Force already - it's a venture by a team of dedicated Nintendo fans (including our very own Corbie Dillard) to recreate the magic of the now-defunct Nintendo Power.

Although it doesn't have the blessing or involvement of the original Nintendo Power staff, Nintendo Force is aiming to be the spiritual successor to that publication, carrying the torch for Nintendo-related coverage in magazine form.

Issue one goes on sale today (11th January), and according to the magazine's Twitter account, it will feature exclusive new details on the forthcoming Wii U eShop release, Mutant Mudds Deluxe - as well as an interview with the one and only Jools Watsham.

Will you be ordering a copy? Let us know in the comments section.

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FriedSquid said:

I noticed that the guy who made Brawl in the Family is on board with this, too. Sounds like they've got a lot of dedicated fans making this happen, I hope it does well.



Twilight_Crow said:

Good start for Nintendo Force.

I believe in written media. It's a way to physically preserve and contain the core of what is going on right now for the future. Seriously, have you gone through your old Nintendo Power magazines? That there is history people.

Good luck to Corbie and everyone working on Nintendo Force.



shinpichu said:

Wait, are they doing a physical magazine? I would have thought it would have been better to do an eMagazine.



SLiM said:

Glad to hear someone at Nintendo Life took the opportunity to keep Nintendo Power going albeit under a different name. I loved getting a new Nintendo Power each month as a kid.



Aerona said:

Nice cover. Where can I buy a copy? Google and even their official website didn't seem to have any answers.



Aqueous said:

It has my attention, though I haven't had any magazines in years. So I'm not sure if I will bother trying to get one.




I was a little skeptical about this whole Nintendo Force after Nintendo Power's FINAL issue shipped out. But if it can re-capture all the same glory Nintendo Power did or come close enough to doing the same, then I might buy an issue. R.I.P. Nintendo Power: Get The Power, Nintendo Power! And hopefully, welcome, to something new.



NintyMan said:

Very nice cover there. If I could somehow find it at a bookstore, I would gladly subscribe. I already miss getting Nintendo Power in the mail. I guess many people don't understand the charm of physical magazines.



photofool83 said:

I just ordered my copy!!
(I used the coupon code "HPSD" and saved some money.)
Anyways, I am so excited.



Aerona said:

Went ahead and bought the first issue, since the coupon made it a little more bearable and I'd like to show my support for the project. I doubt I'll be able to purchase any more issues unless I can get a subscription for $20-30 a year.



tanookisuit said:

I'm just getting a site error clicking forward to see where to buy off that HP magcloud site so I think they're having problems.



Damagemanual said:

I really wish the digital copy was sold elsewhere. I guess I had an account YEARS ago on that site. I have no idea what my security question's answer is now. Won't let me make a new account or reset my password. Lame.



Schprocket said:

@Pixel-Perfect I'm debating the price myself but I think I've been swayed enough to buy print + digital.
These are the things I've considered aside from the content - might help people decide one way or the other
1) the synopsis says there's no ads between the covers - 78 pages of pure content is virtually a book.
2) There's not a lot of revenue to be gained from advertisements due to the first point
3) The mag is for the Jan/Feb period, so it may only be six issues a year (at this stage) so the cost averages US$9.00/month for print+digital, US$2.50 for digital only.
5) It's the first issue! - an instant buy for OCD collectors of such things!

Points 1 to 4 are the financial considerations which to me suggest value-for-money in either form - point 5 ignores the reasoning of 1 to 4 = LOL!

For any Aussies contemplating buying the print issue, although it's a print-on-demand service, for some reason, the printing is onlly done in the U.S.
The cheapest shipping is US$10.50 (USPS), no tracking, estimated 3-4 weeks delivery - so it's almost a typical Aussie newstand delay.
Any faster shipping starts at around US$30...

Hint: use the code at #28



Bulbousaur said:

Try using a fake name and a different email address?

Anyway, just bought a digital copy, £3.20 after the exchange rate, gonna start reading it now!

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