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New Club Nintendo Reward In The Form Of A Yoshi Cleaning Cloth

Posted by Orla Madden

Will cost you 400 coins

North American Club Nintendo members have a new addition to their catalogue - a Yoshi Cleaning Cloth, costing you 400 of your precious coins.

The 6x6 green polkadot polyester cloth features our favourite dinosaur, and there's only a limited quantity of these on offer. So like our green friend, you best stick your tongues out and grab one of these quick if you want one.

We think the design is quite adorable, but what are your thoughts? Is 400 too much for a piece of fabric? Let us know in the comment section below.


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SonataAndante said:

Too damn expensive. The 3DS game card case was what, 350? I would have bought it at 150, maybe 200.



Tasuki said:

I dont know whats going on with CN lately. First they lower the amount of coins we get per game now they offer this at 400 coins??? WTF?? Total ripoff when I can go to Fry's Electronics and get a four pack of cleaning cloths for $2.99



Mk_II said:

a very substantial part of CN prices is made up of shipping & handling costs. I would be happy to pay those costs in real money but now it eats up a lot of your coins



Boo_Buster said:

@Mk_II Exactly, and agreed. I still enjoy CN though. I was going to buy the games anyways, might as well get some stuff for doing a survey that takes 30 seconds.

Having said that: This cloth is too expensive... but Nintendo's thinking, I believe, is it's Limited Edition



RandomNerds said:

@Burning_Spear "Free. Nintendo is not obligated to do any of this."

Yeah I get your point, and you're right, but as consumers, supporters, and fans we can let them know how we feel about their products and services. The idea being that we improve a brand we love. But you're right, it is absolutely a free service that they do not have to offer... PLUS there are other things to spend your coinage on if you don't like that piece of cloth.



Emaan said:

This looks nice, but I agree with the 400 is too much crowd. Club Nintendo seems to have been giving us less coins and taking more away as of late.



ayylmao22422 said:

It's true that you have to buy lots of games first, but this is still technically free. And let's not forget there's alot more stuff than just a yoshi cleaning cloth



cornishlee said:

Angry people with pitchforks demanding Club Nintendo points and Nintendo Network points account integration please form an orderly queue on the left.



Ryno said:

PlayStation and Xbox club rewards are so much better. Oh wait....



edhe said:

For 400 Club Nintendo (Europe) stars, I can get a set of two Princess Peach themed folders.

That would take me 8 surveys (I just earned 50 for a survey on ZombiU). This is not to mention registering games would earn more stars.

NA club coins are supposed to be harder to get - is this still true? Otherwise, this is an awful deal.

Regarding the content on the Europe service, we haven't had a change of stock for a long time. We do have a SNES Wii Classic controller for 7000 points though.



RevolverLink said:

I'd consider it if I had the necessary coins, as I tend to like the more practical CN rewards.



RedYoshi999 said:

LOL this has been on the Aussie club for quite a while, but we get 2 cloths for 1250 stars I think. Definitely not worth it for some fabric.



edcomics said:

So it's potentially a $40 cleaning cloth. I know this whole thing has been discussed before. The freebies are nice, but this is a bit insulting. The rewards I have are the reversible pouch (which I carry my 3DS in) and the 3DS game case. Those are GREAT rewards, and reasonably priced! This just makes no sense.... and where the heck is the Zelda merchandise?



bahooney said:

Totally ridiculous. I understand that it's free and everything, but, come on. Dude. Nintendo. Seriously? A CLOTH?! I could get this for like two bucks at Target. Sure, it'd be pink and Yoshi-less, BUT WHA?!!??!/ewgr fsnn



gekslupis said:

What is the difference in this cloth and a piece of fabric i could find at a craft store?



NintyMan said:

I ordered it. As long as I can get a long-term use of if it, I can't complain.



Drewroxsox said:

When are you guys going to realize that America's club nintendo sucks ass?
Here are a few of the crappy prizes they offer:
Screensavers, Grill-with the ultra hand, Notebooks, Reversible pouches, Animal crossing paper fan, shoelaces, greeting cards, towel, Yoshi cleaning cloth...
do I need to continue?



Burning_Spear said:

Wow, I found $5 on the ground. That sucks; 10 would be better.
McDonald’s gives me a free fries if I buy a Big Mac this weekend. It costs them 3 cents to make those fries. Greedy McDonald’s.
I just bought a car and it has a five-year, 60,000-mile warranty. And what happens if the car breaks down in the sixth year?
I won the lottery — a million bucks!!! Yeah but you have to pay taxes.
Want to come to the concert with me tonight, I’ve got an extra ticket? Do I have to pay for the parking?
Refer a friend to DirecTV and get $10 off your bill!!! Big deal, it still costs $120 a month.
Wii U lets you play all your Wii games so you don’t need two consoles on the same TV. It sucks, Nintendo is too lazy to put VC on the GamePad.



WarioPower said:

I'll just stick with downloading games with CN coins. Most of the other stuff is costs way too many coins!



SMW said:

I'm definitely interested, but that price is too steep for me. I'll save my coinage for games.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Oh my god...

THERE ARE NO "HIGH COIN VALUES!" (I don't wanna seem rude butbI'm frustrated)

This is NOT a hard item to save up for. My christmas 3DS games and eshop downloads gave me a whopping 700 coins, so this was easy to get. The notebooks are 150 coins cheaper and no one complains about those, so why this?



SanderEvers said:

Guys... You get free coins with your game purchases, right? You can exchange these free coins for a Nintendo-themed goodie of your choice, right? So what the hell is your problem? You get it for free!



Malkeor said:

I think it would be best if they gave you at least a pack of 3 of something, like each one would be a different Nintendo pattern. That's just me though



Cranky said:

I'm not bothered about the price because Club Nintendo are my best friend at the moment. I finally managed to get enough points for the Snes pad for the Wii and they have sent me two by mistake, that 7000 free points! Good times.



koops330 said:

although I want this the 400 coins isn't worth it I guess I'll wait for a vc game to come out that I want



Senate_Guard said:

Were's all the Metroid stuff CN? A screensaver of that terrible game I dare not say doesn't count.



Zombie_Barioth said:

As someone who wears glasses this would be pretty cool for cleaning them, but compared to other rewards its not worth 400 coins. Maybe if it was a pack of 3 but how is this worth as much as the terry cloth towels or tote bag?



SonataAndante said:

This comment section reeks of "no criticism allowed." Nintnedo's not obligated to give us free stuff on CN for good coin prices? No kidding. Doesn't make the price of this thing impervious to criticism. Many people, myself included, simply feel there's a bit of a price discrepancy between a screen cleaning cloth and other rewards. Personally I'm miffed because I actually like the cloth and wouldn't mind having it, but it costs more than the 3DS game card case which seems outright silly to me. I often like using my coins on the DL games they rotate around every month so I don't want to spend 400 on a cloth.

I don't think anyone reasonable is saying Nintendo is greedy and awful for this and so on and so forth (unreasonable people say unreasonable things all the time, just ignore the obvious ones). It just seems a bit high of a coin price compared to other nice rewards. Can't people state their feelings on the matter without half a comments section jumping on them?



mikeyman64 said:

I think the term you're looking for is "Payed for."
Nintendo budgets money for these rewards, as well as the program, and so when we buy a Wii U or a game, part of the money we spend on it is used to make/distribute this merch.



SethNintendo said:

Screw that! I only spend my coins on VC/Ware games now! Thanks Nintendo for the ~65 dollars of free games since late 2011.



hYdeks said:

rewards like this is why I don't care about club nintendo anymore, a cleaning cloth for 400 points?!? are you seriously crazy?!?



StarDust4Ever said:

Microfiber cloths are cheap enough not to have some video game character on it. I use them for everything from glasses to touch screens to CDs and vinyl records.

DK barrel TP, on the other hand...



KnightRider666 said:

You know what I'd like to see from Club Nintendo? A Game & Watch Collection 3. I don't care if it is for the DS or 3DS. I own both 1 & 2, and I thought they were totally worth the 800 coins each I spent on them. Who else would like to see this offered?



delt75 said:

Maybe I'd spend 400 coins on it if it were a complete set of all the Mario characters, but 400 for just one? Compared to other items it's about 200 coins too much.



jacob49 said:

Let me get this strait, I need to buy 2 and a half wii u's to get enough club nintendo coins for the yoshi cleaning cloth, thats insane

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