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Nano Assault Neo Update Now Available

Posted by Andy Green

Fixes online ranking flags and GamePad disconnection issues

Arcade-style blaster Nano Assault Neo has been in the Wii U eShop since the console launched, and has been keeping plenty of people entertained ever since. The game wasn't perfect, however, as it had a few niggling issues that needed to be fixed; fortunately Shin'en Multimedia, the game's developer, stated an update would be released to sort them out

Thankfully the promised update is now available to download from the Wii U eShop free of charge. The update will rectify problems players have been having with GamePad disconnection issues and the online ranking flags.

Updates seem to have been made much easier to implement on Wii U, with many developers praising Nintendo for lowering restrictions found on various other platforms. Shin'en Multimedia revealed to us in our developer interview while talking about this very update that "there are no restrictions in such updates by Nintendo".

We gave the heart-racing blaster a glowing report in our Nano Assault Neo review, so this update certainly comes as welcome news.

What are your thoughts on the game? Are you happy an update has been released?


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9th_Sage said:

Is the update live? It's not coming up with an update when I launch the game.
Nevermind, there's just a delay in NA, it's not up yet.



PinkSpider said:

Oh good im glad they sorted out the gamepad disconnecting will get back into that game now



Mk_II said:

you should your own forums.. i reported this a couple of days ago



Spideron said:

Just updated. Never had any troubles before, so there's no difference that I noticed. Nice to see the update system works though...



SuperCharlie78 said:

I didn't need this update actually, though the flags hiding your current world ranking were weird.
On the game, I think Geometry Wars and Super Stardust are still better than this one.



darklink604 said:

I still can't see the update in the eShop. Anyone have it available west coast in North America?



hattrick said:

I've not had any issues w/ my "copy," but glad they are fixing it for others who did have problems!



Mewtwo_Ex said:

@darklink604 It seems it is not displayed as an update. I saw nothing in the eShop too. In fact, it proposed me the update when I started the game for the last time.



Furealz said:

The gamepad disconnected once and I was all like WTF? It only happened once and I thought it broke…



Nintenjoe64 said:

I'd love to see sales figures for this game. I got in the top 2000 on one level on my first attempt and I am definitely not good at it!



pitchblack said:

It's 8:16pm here on the west coast of Canada. Not sure why but update still not available for download yet.



Moshugan said:

Disconnection issues?
I have had (only) two occasions of disconnection issues. But they were not limited to any particular game. They were so random, except there was one common factor at both times. There was this one guy playing with us. Only when he was around did the GamePad disconnect randomly.
Weird, huh?



SCAR said:

It's still not on the eShop. Must have had some last minute hold ups or something... The Gamepad glitches only happened when playing 2 player from what I saw, and the flags covered the ranking number online.



ToxieDogg said:

I need to give this update a go. I did notice a massive Gamepad issue not long after the Wii U launched in Europe though which I reported on the Nano Assault Neo Community page on Miiverse....when you started a new round, if you were holding the left analogue stick in any direction before the round started, the controls were borked once the round started and you had to quit out of the game to rectify it.....highly annoying as it happened to me a couple of times, once when I was on the third round of a cell, and another time as I was about to start a boss fight. Hopefully it's all working properly now



9th_Sage said:

@ToxieDogg sounds like perhaps it was calibrating the joystick at the start of the round (and it messed up the controls because of that)? Weird issue, hope they fixed it.

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