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Nano Assault Neo Developer Lavishes More Praise On Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Shin'en clearly pleased with Nintendo's new hardware

We know that Shin'en Multimedia - the studio behind the Wii U eShop title Nano Assault Neo - is fond of Nintendo's latest console, because we spoke to the company recently about developing for it.

However, Shin'en is clearly a very pro-Wii U firm, as the Manfred Linzner has recently spoken to UK magazine GamesTM about the system - and once again, he's got nothing but positive things to say:

The Wii U development environment allowed us to go from zero to a great, polished game in only half a year. I think we never ever got so far so fast on a new hardware, and we’ve worked on a lot of platforms in the past decades.

Linzner also took time to speak about the console's technological prowess - a topic which seems to crop up a lot these days, what with other developers moaning about a lack of brute strength. Linzner's comments fly in the face of this perspective:

We decided to add a local two-player mode where one player uses the TV and the other one the Wii U GamePad. That meant the complete game world would need to be rendered twice for the Wii U GamePad display. That nearly doubled the burden on the GPU and CPU, but even then we were still able to maintain solid 60FPS without much effort on both displays. Then on top we even added camera streaming, so that the TV player can see the face of the Wii U GamePad player, which adds a lot of fun. We expected the additional camera encoding and streaming would add noticeable strain on the Wii U, but it was almost free. All this proved the system is very well balanced and allows developers without much effort, to use all the unique features. Another benefit of the Wii U is that the system memory is so large that we never have to load an asset again. Everything can be cached and load times are almost gone.

It's great to see a developer speak so highly of the Wii U - we all know it's a great machine.


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Araknie said:

Them and Team Ninja are telling the through about the Wii U. That or the others are encoders.



Wolfgabe said:

The more praise the better. The reason Nano Assaut looks soo good is that it was built from the ground up to take advantage of the Wii U hardware. Shinen has been known for games that push Nintendo hardware look at Jett Rocket



MitchVogel said:

This game looks great! Glad to hear that these developers know what they're doing with the hardware.



Nintenjoe64 said:

I bought this game it was easily worth the £9.

There are many developers who have praised and will praise the Wii U. Most of the hate we've seen has been pure speculation, misquotes or one of about 2 disgruntled devs who are clearly fanboys.

Well done to nintendo for making an old school console with nice low power consumption rather than a PC with a Dyson for cooling stuck in a George Foreman.



Wildfire said:

It's awesome to hear some praise for the Wii U once in a while.
I'm getting tired of all the unnecessary bashing that surfaces on the internet but I believe on the power of the Wii U and the developers who are actually developing for the system and have nothing but praise for it!
And last but not least...Give us another Jet Rocket, Shin'en!!



gavn64 said:

nintendo have never had a whole gig of ram to play around with before i cant wait to see what mario 3d and zelda are going to look like as well as smash bros. just look at the foiliage in pikmin 3 it looks incredible especially in the latest trailer more than powerful enough for me.



Kilroy said:

@gamepopper Back in December, they said they were hoping it would be released by year's end. Knowing Nintendo's very slow process with reviewing gold eShop titles, that comment implied that we're waiting on Nintendo, not Shin'en, now.

@Dogpigfish Yes, it's an intense top-down shooter, akin to Super Stardust, or to a lesser extent, Geometry Wars.



FarukoSH said:

WiiU power its based on the GPU (just like every gaming PC should be), sure the CPU could not be a full powerhouse i7 @4ghz, but it doesnt need to be, if you have a certain amount of money YOU MUST put at least 70% on the GPU and the rest on the CPU, the benefits of a better CPU are marginal compared to a better GPU...

And thats what gives me hope that we could actually see WiiU along the new consoles with Sony and Microsoft (the other reason its im pretty sure after thi generation, they will go for a modest upgrade, not even close to last-this generation) when companies start to take full knowledge of the console itself im pretty sure we will see some great looking games. Or maybe we see the wall, but streaming a game to 2 screens and keeping great performance and graphics at the same time, should be more than enough proof that the console its really powerful

PD: do not read any 4A comments, they just dont know how to optimize a game unless its a super computer



Aran said:

I think it´s a great game system, it´s just the hate of the people trying tu pull it down. The developers just have to get used to it, then they´ll make great games and they´ll know how to take advantage of the Game Pad. Something like this happened with the 3DS, and today, is one of the bes selling consoles. Wii U is just starting, Nintendo will know how to make it grow even more.



DePapier said:

That's what I like to hear: constructive praise from developers who actually decided to work on the system from the ground up.



Ryon said:

See this is the different in the games.
majority of wii games released THUS FAR, have been ports of other games from other consoles. there not made for the wii u , from the ground up.

This company PROVES that the wii is a excellent system, if people took time to work on the games.



luminalace said:

I love Nano Assault Neo..can't wait to see what's next from Shin'en. Ever since Nanostray on the DS, I have followed their work.

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