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Monster Hunter Tri Servers To Be Shutdown At the End of April

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Go hunting on your own

As newer consoles and titles come along, it's inevitable that games with healthy online components have their support taken away, leaving what remains for gamers to pick over. Unfortunately that fate awaits Monster Hunter Tri, with the servers for the online co-op in the Wii title being taken down on 30th April.

Described as "transitioning off" by Capcom man Yuri (Dubindoh), the inclusion of this message as part of a blog promoting launch dates for Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on both Wii U and 3DS is far from coincidental. If you're an optimist you may feel that the Wii servers are being moved to provide more bandwidth for the online play on the Wii U title, while cynics may point out that cutting the Wii online may be a move solely to drive committed hunters towards the new version.

Whatever the case, when closed down the Tri servers will have served us for just over three years. For a system that typically lagged behind competitors in online performance and functionality, the online play in Tri was a revelation for Wii owners, with voice chat, text chat and regular challenges adding to the core experience. The thrill of the hunt could certainly be boosted when charging in with three others, so we suspect a few Wii supporters will always have a soft spot for the game and its online play. At least the core single player game (with some local co-op) is a beast in its own right.

What do you think of this? Are you disappointed that the servers are coming offline after three years, or do you think it's the right time to move on and build the equivalent community on Wii U? Let us know in the comments below.


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BenAV said:

Fine by me.
I'll be playing Ultimate by then so there's no reason for me to ever go back to Tri.



JayceJa said:

a little saddening since theres quite a large amount of online exclusive content, and not all players will be able to transition to ultimate by the end of april, but its the push i need to finally get a wii u with a deadline i guess



Wheels2050 said:

"it's inevitable that games with healthy online components have their support taken away" - only if that game requires servers provided by the publisher/developer.

Note that many PC games don't have this issue. I'm not saying you're wrong, I'm just saying that there is an alternative.



Bankai said:

Given how poplar this game is, this is a remarkably early time to be shutting down the servers.

EA only shuts down servers for games that have like, 10 active players left, for instance.

But then Demon's Souls suffered the same fate in Australia, so eh. Enjoy playing the game designed for multiplayer by yourself and all that.



madgear said:

Ah crap! I've not even really started this one yet ... it's on my "to play" list. Sigh, best bump it up a notch.



A1234 said:

I really don't like it when this happens. even if I don't play a game online. sad to see online play for a game to go away. you pay for the game. all of the features should stay in the game. what does it take to run a server for online play? any man hours? if not, online servers for all games should keep running.



cammy said:

I loved the SP game and only ventured online a few times. I found it a bit bewildering but I guess I don't have that much experience of online games. I had vowed to get a USB keyboard and go back online with MH, but never got around to it.



Mk_II said:

i'll better start playing then... truth be told, ill never be able to play me way thru my backlog of games. shame really



theblackdragon said:

aaaaand this is why i'm generally leery of games that use online interaction as main selling points. :/



ejamer said:

Having spent hundreds of hours playing online, I'm saddened by this news. But it's been a long time since I went online... so it's hard to blame Capcom for wanting to (a) shut down servers that aren't getting a lot of use, and (b) pushing active gamers to their new products instead.

Monster Hunter Tri has a great single-player mode and is a game I'll gladly keep in my Wii collection even after the online portion is shut down. It's a shame that future generations won't get to experience the great online play (at least for this iteration of the game) though.



Neram said:

It's so obvious they are doing this because of the new versions coming out on 3DS and Wii U. If I were a dedicated MH3 player on Wii, I think I'd be disappointed. I do ask myself though, how is it that games like Diablo still have servers running after over 16 years yet a game running for just about 3 years has the plug pulled already? It's probably due to server costs or something, but it still seems strange to me.



AyeHaley said:

Glad I resisted buying the game 4 months ago and saved my money for a Wii U. Definitely gonna get both versions of Ultimate. Can't wait!



dustin_g said:

keep it running, that is dumb, nintendo should take over hosting its wifi games that other companies are to lazy to do



JettiBlue said:

It does seem rushed and raises eyebrows as to wether this has something to do with the release of the WiiU version.



shonenjump86 said:

I play a lot of games with online play, but I hate it when the online is taken away. It's been awhile but maybe I should play some Monster Hunter Tri.



ultraraichu said:

I can imagine that most people who play the wii version would move to wii u version because of the extra contents and/or being a "hardcore fan". In a way the online community would become more inactive with only a few hundred players who may not be online at the same time.

Optimistic viewpoint: best to have double the power on one then divided on two.



theperson said:

They should send out the online event quests as dlc on the shop channel for people who missed out



AVahne said:

If it was originally on Nintendo servers, it'd probably keep on running. Then again, Nintendo's servers back then would force Capcom to use friend codes. But now that 3U is apparently on Nintendo's modern servers with no friend codes, people will probably be able to happily play the game online for many years to come.
Example? It's still possible to play Phantasy Star Zero for DS online. Sure you need friend codes to play with friends, but there is a free play mode. Nowadays barely anyone gets on anymore, but at least the server is still up after so long so people can still TRY to search for free players.



TwilightV said:

These morons should at least have the courtesy to have player character data transferred to the new game.



Ven said:

these people don't care about save files or player data, they just want you to go and blow your money on the latest version, like all big companies. At least in Pokemon you could transfer all your pokemon.



NSBlueLighing said:

Sad for me as this was the first monster hunter game I ever owned. I played the Ps2 games at my firends house and liked it ever since. In Tri i believe i have 500hrs, loved this game and going on it twice a month to see the same dedicated players over and over after each month...i will stay in a server until my wii breaks!



NSBlueLighing said:

Also does anyone know if it does cost any company to keep servers running for any game? I can only imagine it being electricity and if it ever crashed someone has to fix it so I never understand why servers go down.



Fuzzy said:

Should have one last hurrah with my character.

Would be nice if they were allowed to have an update where you're allowed to play the online content in single player once the servers shut down. Would be a nice challenge.



EOTW said:

Its sad, but I've nothing to complain about. I clocked in at over 500 hours and reached an HR of 117 before calling it quits. I definitely got my 50 bucks out of the game.



sinalefa said:

Thankfully I am not a fan of online, although I admit the one here was pretty good.And even if the game has a lot of single player content, the best hunts are the online-only parts. It is also easier to beat a monster with several hunters.

Had Capcom cared about Wii gamers, they would have merged the Wii server with the new game's server and shut it down when enough people migrates to the Wii U version.

Less money Capcom spends in maintenance, and more money from MH addicts getting the new version. They could quote Frank Zappa: "We are only in it for the money"



retro_player_22 said:

Will I'll trade this in for Ultimate then. No need for an outdated version when a better one is coming. Hopefully Capcom doesn't end other server as well, I still love playing my Tatsunoko vs. Capcom online.



SCAR said:

Flower dies, another grows. I'm getting the new games of MH3 Ultimate on 3DS and Wii U.



Schprocket said:

What I'd like to see in games like this (which is subject to the way the game locates the servers) is that the server software is released for interested fans to keep running.

Probably the only thing I miss from PC gaming is the ability to set up your own servers (usually on an old linux-powered box) if you wanted to.



Wowfunhappy said:

I don't own this game, but turning off the servers now seems waaaaay too early. This game isn't that old.

I hope this kind of thing doesn't become a trend.



SageWaterDragon said:

Actually, I encourage this for Capcom. Monster Hunter Tri is still one of the best single-player games that I have ever played, so you can't complain THAT much. I mean, you people had 3 years to play it. I don't know about you people, but I want Monster Hunter 4 to come stateside. What better way to do that then to have lots of sales for MH3U? People seem to have a misunderstanding in which they thing Ultimate is just an upscaled port. If that is the common thought, then why would people buy it?



Hitaki said:

I bought my wife a second copy of monster hunter tri and a new wii a couple weeks ago just so we could play online together. I can understand cutting back on the servers dedicated to online play, but shutting them down entirely is unacceptable.
I promise nintendo this:

If you end online play or this game than I will return the wii and the game, and I will never buy another nintendo product again. I do not want to have to worry about if something like this would happen again. You have two days to send me an email letting me know that some servers will remain dedicated to this game or I will make this decision.



Hitaki said:

Also, does it really make sense to release a game where the majority of the game is online play when you intend to shut down the servers after just three years? It makes this game completely obsolete! Bad business sense, bad ethics, completely ridiculous.



avneeshchamp1 said:

I can afford a wii u and mh3g, not a big deal, but what about the people who have the wii and only mhtri and can't afford a wii u? Think about it..



SkywardLink98 said:

Well, there is such a thing as LAN tunneling so I'm sure some fan will find a way to keep the game going, but still it's sad for those of us who only recently got the game, D:



Ven said:

@Hitaki Nice.
I just got this too (for $5 at a pawn shop), so it sucks that I won't be able to play online in a few months. like i said before, its a big company that think of profit, not player satisfaction. just look at Aliens Colonial Marines.



Black11 said:

Hey what if we all send them emails saying we want the servers to stay up or they make an update to make Alatreon, Jhen Morhan, and The Deviljho playable on offline without as much health and attack just less than regular, and we could choose the ranking of our monster like High Rank or low rank and get items based on that ranking and the ceadues stay the same..... we could try just a suggestion it could work for all you people that cant afford a wii u and luv monster hunter tri you could try doing that ive already sent them EMAIL(S)



Grim5000 said:

I really don't like this, I mean, if the new game was on the wii still, sure I would a bit more ok with it, but wih it being on a whole new system that in all respects is doing pretty poopiedoodledingdongs in sales right now ($400 for a 32GB system that is probably goin to be easily out powered as soon as the next gen comes out? Seriously, WTF? Might as well build myself a whole new computer for twice that and get better games + mods + a longer life span than any console can get). Don't get me wrong, I like the game, just started this game again and was hoping to get started online soon, but guess that's not happening much now



Jabari said:

I think they should continue the service. There are still alot of people playing. My friend just purchased the game and now will never have a chance to get the online items. Instead of completely getting rid of the servers they could use fewer. I have been playing a long time and have not seen one server full to the 2K limit. PLEASE leave one server up for online play! That is not much to ask. My friends and me really love the game.



Vinnyc said:

The simple connection between the players as well as all the other High Ranked items, weapons, and armors are being taken away. I have yet to experience all of that and I may never be able to again. I bought Tri when it first came out and only got through mid-way of only the solo quests and the online quests. I was so hooked on this game. Then my parents split and we had to move out. We sold everything except some clothes. Donated the rest of the larger things. 3 years later, lucky me, my uncle gave me his Wii. The only thing missing was a copy of Monster Hunter Tri and I would be ready to start the awesome hunting again - with everyone else online. I really can't afford a 3DS or a WiiU. A Wii and MH3 had literally been the only game I've been playing the past years. I still have yet to slay the Alatreon and everything else in the higher ranking stuff. Can't we just leave up a server or two for the ones like me? Or let Nintendo take care of the servers if Capcom doesn't want to anymore? There's still many players that play online and I really can't afford to buy anything else that was this enjoyable for me and many others that play Tri. Please just listen to a major fan of MH and reconsider.



Soul3at3rX2J9 said:

its quite utterly depressing.... all of the best content lies in online gameplay. the best monsters, the best weapons, the best quests. without online gameplay, more than half of everything you need to build yourself up is gone. you cant get better armors or weapons. i think its too soon



JakeShadow98 said:

Monster hunter tri was the best wii game I have ever played and I am not enjoying that the servers are to be shut off



Pita said:

I think its WAY too soon! The offline feature of the game does not cut it. Everything you need to build up is achieved online. I am fairly new to MHTri and now I get to throw it in the corner to collect dust. I will not purchase a Wii U. They have lost me as a customer. Why bother buying it to play the new MH? Just so in a few years you spent $400+ to play an awesome game for a short amount of time. Whats the point. The same fate will follow that game. I don't follow trends.



mittenskarpa said:

This just isn't fair. This is the only game I actually look forward to playing online. It's a good way to get anger out and it is making me even more mad!!!!!!!!!!!!



dev_astator said:

I agree with mittenskarpa. I just got my game about 2 days ago. I was planning to play multiplayer on monster hunter tri. Is the Wii really getting old??? I mean I updated my Wii to 2011. Can Capcom please put the monster hunter tri servers back on??? Can you at least put 3 years of the servers to be active? Just really take that under consideration and please put those servers back on.



KelbidromexxH said:

Im glad they think that everyone who wants to get a new Monster Hunter game, but doesn't want a WiiU is the perfect plan. I don't want a portable Wii, it's just useless to me. Not to mention Monster Hunter is going to be the only good thing about it. I just got the game to play it, and now I can only get the decent crap out of the game. Offline play is good, trust me, but online mode is where practically over 50% of the enjoyment of the game is where it is at. They need to take in consideration that many people still want to play MHT. The WiiU isn't going to be that good of a console. Only reason is Monster Hunter. When MH4 comes out, you MH3U players better expect for online mode to not function anymore. Have fun with the 400-something-500-something dollars to be wasted on a useless console.



IvanPlavi said:

I dont have money to buy a Wii U and honestly the only game i play on wii is monster hunter tri SO PLEASE JUST PUT ON ATLEAST 1SERVER.....

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