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HMV Debt Acquired by Hilco

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Gift cards are being honoured once again

HMV, one of the UK's foremost entertainment media retailers in the UK, and by extension a major part of the video game presence on the high-street, has been in administration since last week. It's been announced today that the company's debt has now been acquired by Hilco, a retail restructuring firm that also owns HMV Canada; it's reported by that sources close to the deal feel that this increases the retailer's hopes of emerging from administration.

Prior to the news of Hilco's acquisition of the debt, the retailer's administrators also confirmed that gift cards are now being accepted in stores. There was anger among consumers when it was announced that gift cards wouldn't be accepted when the company went into administration, no doubt voiding a number of Christmas gifts. In a sign of a steadying ship, the administrators also announced that all charitable pledges would be paid.

The ability of Administrators to honour gift vouchers will depend on the specific circumstances of each case. Since our appointment as Joint Administrators on Tuesday afternoon, we have been urgently assessing the Companies' financial position.

I am pleased to confirm that, having concluded this assessment, we are able to honour gift cards. I can also confirm that all money raised by HMV for various charities will be paid in full. We recognise that both of these matters have caused concern for individuals and organisations affected and are pleased to have reached a positive outcome."

We will continue to assess the longer term options for the business whilst continuing to trade. I am hopeful this process will result in the business continuing as a going concern.

Some positive news for the retailer and its employees, though important steps are still needed before the company can emerge with a stable future. Perhaps these revelations and the rescue of GAME, last year, give hope of a successful outcome.


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cammy said:

Except for Irish Consumers. The HMV gifts certificates won't be honoured over here.




As much as people believe HMV are overpriced for Games, I got Sonic & All Stars for the Wii U £10 cheaper there than in Game, Black Ops 2 for Wii U is also £10 in my local store, they have also been selling the Wii U console at much more competitive price's than Game did at launch. I love Game and what it represents, but HMV are needed too in my view, and despite some ridiculous prices sometimes, theres always value to be found somewhere.



SilentHunter382 said:

In Ireland they were by far the cheapest for me to buy games (except for online ofc) and gave the best deals for trade-ins.



satya said:

@bulby1994 industry dies then the rest will follow.....chain reactions are so common in the world of business. better to stop the rot than let the worse case scenario happen

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