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Anima: Gate Of Memories Coming To Wii U eShop

Posted by Damien McFerran

Another Kickstarter campaign is successful

Spanish developer Anima Project Studio - the team behind the WiiWare title ANIMA: Ark of Sinners - has announced that its next project is coming to the Wii U eShop.

Anima: Gate of Memories has recently passed its Kickstarter goal of $90,000, bringing in $110,664.

The title will initially see release on PC and Mac, with a port to the Wii U coming later.

You can check out the prototype footage below. Is this is a game you'll be keeping your eye on?

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cornishlee said:

Depends entirely on what the game is and how it plays. A couple of videos of a semi-naked girl running around casting spells tells me nothing.



Ichiban said:

Im starting to notice a trend of Wii U getting digital titles announced, with PS & Xbox missing out....
Despite what ppl say about Wii U, it looks like they really nailed the digital side of things.



Garo said:

Based on my experience with the demo, Ark of Sinners sucked big time. Hope this'll be better.



Volmun said:

looks promising probably get it depending on haw it terns out when it is finished



AVahne said:

Didn't the original score pretty badly?
Hopefully the devs got their act together with this game. Though, so far the animations look pretty...out of place. Would be nice if they redid them before launch.



SonicMario said:

The camera angle seems like it could be really annoying during gameplay...Cough Cough sonic 06



Xilef said:

Looks decent. At the very least it's nice to se so many indie games coming to the Wii U.



CanisWolfred said:

Just so you guys know, this is actually part of a larger franchise, namely a Tabletop Roleplaying game, albeit one inspired by Japanese games. While I'm not too hopeful for this game, it is slightly possible they could pull off something interesting, if they don't go with another platformer, which is obviously not their strength.

That said, I can't believe this got funded so fast. That test footage was awful, and these guys only have one game under their belt, which wasn't well recieved. It's very strange.



gekslupis said:

I will keep an eye on this but the footage shown is boring to watch. If a more interesting, officail trailer is relesed I will think about it.



brandonbwii said:

Wasn't the original a side scroller? Anyway, this game has potential. I noticed a trend that many of the games through kickstarter have a Wii U eshop goal. Very cool!



BakaKnight said:

Looks really interesting, just hope they will work on it with care under EVERY aspect and not like the previous one on WiiWare.
To be fair I only played the demo of "ark of sinners" and it was sad to find the gameplay barely acceptable, like a Beta of what could have been a very good game.
And should I mention the italian translation? That was...HILARIOUS XD I literally laughed badly from the digital instruction booklet till the end of the demo XD
But seriously... the next game must have an acceptable translation. If they can't afford to pay people for many languages then only translate it to english, but I deeply hope to never see again a game with such an awful translation.

Really!!! You can't take seriously a game when they even failed to translate the "Press 1" at the title screen!!! @O@



Pod said:

Ark of Sinners wasn't a particularly good or good looking game, but it had an intense atmosphere and great music.

This looks more sorted out in both graphics and gameplay, so if it sounds as good as the first game, it just might be the real deal.

I wish them all the best, and congrats on meeting their Kickstarter goal.



MerchantPrince said:

Definitely will be keeping an eye on this. I want to get into the tabletop RPG that it is originally from, but until I get the money to acquire the source book, I will eagerly anticipate playing this.



SKTTR said:

I enjoyed Anima: Ark of Sinners for WiiWare.
It wasn't the best game and it sure was hard but there was something to it. I would give it a 6 or 7/10, worth a spin for core gamers that look for a semi-open world 2D platformer / beat'em up mix that's not too deep: There are no RPG elements, just bits of exploring, and light puzzle elements now and then. The focus is on platforming and fighting.
While gameplay has lots of potential to improve, the unique story and dark atmosphere (variety of neat backgrounds / detailed handdrawn cutscenes) kinda made up for the flaws. Fair restart points also balance out the difficulty of the extremely powerful and sometimes unfair enemy hordes.
I had no problems getting used to the controls despite having only access to the lesser EU version.

I'm very interested in Anima: Gate of Memories for Wii U eShop. It's now 3D and it seems it has some RPG elements this time, but my main draw is the pretty new character you play as (Will every Anima game have a new girl to play with? That would be cool!) and the story of course. It seems they have some very dark plots in the Anima universe.

Will this be good enough to wake interest in their tabletop game?



Henmii said:

The graphics don't look bad, but that's all I have to say about it! The Anima game on Wiiware is supposed to be a real stinker, so I don't have high hopes!

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