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3DS Maintains Dominance of the Japanese Charts

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Wii U slips just behind PlayStation 3

The latest round of sales results from Japan, covering the period from 7th to 13th January, give us an early indication of sales levels in the region after the boosted business of the Holiday season. They tell a mixed tale, with 3DS still ruling the roost and Wii U scrapping it out within the main pack.

In terms of hardware sales, there's a substantial drop for all platforms with the two 3DS models still outselling all others combined, something that we've been in a position to write many, many times in recent months. The figures are below, with last week's sales in parenthesis.

1. 3DS LL – 56,377 (156,184)
2. 3DS – 36,284 (123,075)
3. PlayStation 3 – 22,991 (64,352)
4. Wii U – 20,715 (67,083)
5. PSP – 17,069 (54,873)
6. PlayStation Vita – 11,088 (33,309)
7. Wii – 1,873 (5,632)
8. Xbox 360 – 921 (1,893)

While last week brought substantial dominance for Nintendo hardware in the software sales, this week sees a fightback for some games on Sony systems. Nevetheless, 3DS still locks out the top five: lifetime sales are in the final parenthesis for each entry.

1. [3DS] Animal Crossing: New Leaf (Nintendo, 11/08/12) – 83,220 (2,186,309)
2. [3DS] New Super Mario Bros. 2 (Nintendo, 07/28/12) – 21,784 (1,855,840)
3. [3DS] Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate (Best Price!) (Capcom, 11/15/12) – 14,809 (170,410)
4. [3DS] Run For Money: Flee From the Strongest Hunters in History (Namco Bandai, 07/05/12) – 14,602 (387,698)
5. [3DS] Paper Mario: Sticker Star (Nintendo, 12/06/12) – 14,472 (484,867)
6. [3DS] Inazuma Eleven Go 2: Chrono Stone Reimei / Neppuu (Level-5, 12/13/12) – 13,834 (379,369)
7. [PS3] Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage 2 (Tecmo Koei, 12/20/12) – 13,289 (207,446)
8. [Wii U] New Super Mario Bros. U (Nintendo, 12/08/12) – 12,400 (432,110)
9. [Wii U] Nintendo Land (Nintendo, 12/08/12) – 11,703 (262,176)
10. [3DS] Taiko Drum Master: Chibi Dragon and the Mysterious Orb (Namco Bandai, 07/12/12) – 10,014 (385,076)
11. [PS3] Yakuza 5 (Sega, 12/06/12) – 9,725 (554,579)
12. [PSP] One Piece: Romance Dawn (Namco Bandai, 12/20/12) – 9,046 (273,785)
13. [PS3] Call of Duty: Black Ops II Stand-In Edition (Square Enix, 12/20/12) – 8,788 (99,474)
14. [3DS] Mario Kart 7 (Nintendo, 12/01/11) – 8,147 (1,947,404)
15. [3DS] Tongari Boushi to Mahou no Machi (Konami, 12/20/12) – 8,065 (127,801)
16. [PSP] AKB1/149 Renai Sousenkyo (Namco Badai, 12/20/12) – 7,278 (187,714)
17. [3DS] Pokemon Dungeon: Gates to Infinity (Pokemon, 12/20/12) – 7,119 (416,008)
18. [PS3] Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational (SCEJ, 11/22/12) – 6,951 (247,322)
19. [NDS] Pokemon Black 2 / White 2 (Pokemon, 06/23/12) – 6,619 (2,943,072)
20. [3DS] Professor Layton vs. Ace Attorney (Level-5, 11/29/12) – 5,907 (255,596)

Nintendo may be disappointed to see Wii U fall behind PS3, though it can happen that young systems with limited software libraries struggle against established competitors. With heartening festive sales also reported in the U.S. these are good times for 3DS, and we expect Nintendo's management will be plotting steps to try and ensure that Wii U gains momentum in the coming months.


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Wonder_Ideal said:

To quote a well known fat man, "Ah 3DS, dominaTING AS usual I see!"
As for the Wii U, it just needs to hold in until its second wind arrives.



real_gamer said:

Glad to see 3rd parties games on the list for the 3DS. I think if Nintendo update the WiiU to fix issues such as loading times, better navigation on the TVii, and so forth, I think Nintendo will be like "Told ya so" and watch us consumers cry with joy with the upcoming games.



New_3DaSh_XL said:

That's kinda sad, I have to admit. Oh well. When new titles come out it'll easily beat PS3.



HaastMK7 said:

Yesterday I had to explain to some people exactly how much the 3DS is dominating Japan (and the rest of the world)

This is a perfect example of what I was explaining. Vita is dominating nothing.



atariman said:


to be honest, The PSVita is actually going turn out fairly poorly. I wouldn't say that the Vita is on top of the list. because they would have to have better requirements to the Vita, and better game company's to hire to make good games. the 3DS has about 30,000,000 sales right now, and 1.8,000,000 sales on the vita. not to correct you, but I think the 3DS is winning, bot the Vita (nor Wii U and PS3)



Mahe said:

All those people saying the Wii U is doing just fine... yeah.



HaastMK7 said:


What I meant was that the 3DS is dominating the home consoles and the Vita at the top of the page.

(Should of added "At the top of the page" My mistake)

@All PSP is the better console than the Vita, lol just look at the chart XD



Burning_Spear said:

Overheard outside of Jack Tretton's office:

"How is this happening? We've got HD graphics, cross-compatibility with a home console, 3G wi-fi and mature games. Helen, get R&D on the phone!!!"



Auracle said:

Looks like the Wii U is doing just fine. My guess for the reason that sales aren't higher is the bad economy. It works two-fold. One, people have less extra money to spend. Two, due to less money, people are choosing older, cheaper consoles with established libraries. Having the latest thing just isn't as important anymore. I'm sure this will change, given time and additional games.



Reala said:

With a number of new entries into console scene mostly if not all from the US, it'll be interesting to see how they do in the Japanese chart, look out 360 your 8th place on the chart may be threatened!!!! or not



gavn64 said:

wait for pikmin, smash bros., zelda, 3d mario, metroid, wonderful 101, bayonetta 2, wiiu virtual console(a real factor now considering nintendo is serious about online, and maybe f zero, starfox, and donkey kong to all come out you would swear that all these games had come out giving the doom and gloom some naysayers are showing it all comes down to that key word "patience".



Hokori said:

@Mahe Seeing how it outsold the 360 and PSP... It obviously doesn't have the same library as the PS3 since its 6 years younger.... Wait till summer before you neh say



HaastMK7 said:

I can say I don't mind the PSP, But I do mind the Vita. Good thing the 3DS is dominating.



SubZer023 said:

Rictofin:THATS MUSIC To My Ears!!!!!! 3DS on top you no the Usual not biggie Right Guys 3ds Top Vita Bottom



shonenjump86 said:

I really want Yakuza 5 and Layton vs Ace Attorney. I take it since their on that list that they are selling well? As for the Wii U, I guess I should get one since Rayman and Bayonetta will be coming soon. Still not in a hurry though.



Mahe said:

@Hokori Six years ago, the Wii was selling almost 100,000 weekly at the same time period of January after its launch. It didn't have the game library that PS2 did. Yet Japanese buyers were interested in games like Wii Sports, Zelda, Excite Truck and Trauma Center.

None of these games have currently confirmed sequels for Wii U, and nothing like them in the foreseeable future. It might be years before the big names arrive, and maybe never for the smaller series.



tabris95 said:

I feel really bad for the Vita. It really is a remarkable handheld that I find to be leaps and bounds better than the 3DS in terms of power, features, capabilities, and above all, comfort. Yet it completely lacks the proper library to be anything but a paper weight. Just sad.



Zombie_Barioth said:

@Mahe The Wii was a crazy fluke though, and people were snatching them up as soon as they were back in stock. I do agree that for all we know the heavy hitters are years away and most people aren't going to by Wii U now just to wait 2-3 years for them.

I really hope the Vita picks up the pace, right now its too expensive to take a chance on in hopes of things getting better. I'd get it just because it plays PSP and PS1 games better than the PSP on top of it own games but it isn't even fully compatible with those.



Mahe said:

@Zombie_Barioth In April 2000, around a month after the PlayStation 2's launch, it was selling around 100,000 weekly as well. Was that a crazy fluke too?

What was crazy was the Wii U launch with a lack of games and a high price. The Wii U not selling well is Nintendo's own fault.



TotalHenshin said:

@BluTyGer It strikes me as odd that people are still saying this, even though it's been over a year that PSP has usually outsold Vita on a weekly basis in Japan. I'm not trying to insult the system, but those are the stats.



Sun said:

It's weird that PSP still sells more than Vita. What would we think if DS sold more than 3DS?



Mahe said:

@Sun The DS did outsell the 3DS for a long time in the US. PSP is still outselling Vita because Vita's game selection is really poor.



rjejr said:

Didn't Nintendo include DS, DS Lite, DSi and DS XL sales all under the banner "NDS"? Why split out 3DS and 3DS XL?

If the WIi U Can stay ahead of the PSP it should be ok. If it ever drops below the Vita it's done for.



DaemonSword said:

I will give Vita the nod for having better internet capability/functions (come on nintendo, fix this), but then again so does every iPod/iPhone/iPad.

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