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Unchipped Kickstarter Aims To Capture The Magic Of NES Music

Posted by Damien McFerran

"8-bit NES themes brought to life with today's technology"

A new Kickstarter project has been launched which intends to celebrate the authentic sound of NES music. Unchipped - 8-Bit Music Reborn is the work of Brad Tratzinski, and has a modest goal of just $4,000.

Tratzinski - who also plays in the band Splitbelly - reveals that the project came about due to his dissatisfaction with current retro remixes:

I want to release an album that comes from my imagination. I have been disappointed in pretty much all classic game based albums due to how overly remixed they are.

Most existing classic game albums range from dance to techno to emo, metal and so on.....

I want to deliver a package that represents what the classic games of my youth sounded like in my head as I played them. Remember playing those games with the thin digital sounds that made you so excited? Remember what your imagination made them sound like? I give you Unchipped.

What do you think of Tratzinski's work? Will you be pledging financial support? Let us know in the comments section.


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SYZYGY said:

How is this different than things like OCRemix, or video game cover bands?



Shiryu said:

Hope he makes it, I can relate with his statements about some ways the remixers take the old themes and remix them into something inferior to the original, a challenge I often find myself in most of the time.



Omega said:

Will you be pledging financial support?

No. I would never spend money for fan projects. If he is not satisfied with the honor, he should let it be. Sorry.



Haxonberik said:

I feel the guy's concern about retro remixes. I hope he succeeds so I can see if his work delivers.



Hejiru said:

You do realize it takes money to create something like this? He's not just asking for money for the sake of money.



ueI said:

I agree with what he's saying, but I'm going to have to hear the music myself before I pledge any money.



Kilroy said:

@Hejiru Do you realize many, many musicians have made remixes for free out of passion? High quality remixes that people enjoy? All this guy is doing is taking advantage of people through the popularity of Kickstarter. He can easily launch a bandcamp website and charge for the album there. At least that way, people will know for a fact that they're getting their money's worth in music because they've already heard samples of everything they're purchasing, rather than relying on faith beforehand.



Stuffgamer1 said:

@uel: He revealed several songs...did you watch the whole video?

Now...with that said, I'm not so sure I like the approach he's taking from a musical standpoint. I mean, I really, truly LIKE 8-bit music, and I don't feel like he's adding much with the samples he's provided thus far. Also, the cost to choose a track for him to do is simply too high...and those packs include other crap I don't even want. An all-too-common problem with Kickstarter campaigns, I've found.



ueI said:

I didn't watch the video! Thank you! Now I feel dumb.

Now I know not to pledge because I don't care about the songs he's including, but they do indeed sound nice.



DerpSandwich said:

My first impression was, "Cool! Maybe I'll pledge a little for a download," but after taking a look I think I have to agree with a lot of you guys. We all know he's making this music on his own computer with his own software, so there's no money going into the production, and he can just put it on something like Bandcamp like everyone else, which certainly doesn't cost $4000. There's no real reason to give him anything. Looks like he just wants to make a couple extra bucks. Also, $5 doesn't get you the digital download? Please. Also also, I agree that his remixes seem to be no better than any others I've heard. In fact, I was hoping that they were songs inspired by old 8-bit music, and not just remixes. I could see myself getting behind that more.



JebbyDeringer said:

So he takes awesome chiptunes and updates them to Sega CD versions? Too smooth sounding for my tastes though I agree with him about the NES sounding a bit thin these days.



MagicEmperor said:

He has a right to be dissatisfied with remixed albums/songs, but, personally, I think what he presented sounds not so different from things you'd find in OCRemix, or the like. I will not pledge, sorry. Good luck, though, Brad.



ShadowSniper7 said:

Ya I wasn't too impressed. Decent at best. The Super Smash Bros version of the palace theme from Zelda II is so much better then his.

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