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Toki Tori 2 Top 5: Two Tribe's Favourite Creatures

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Going natural

Toki Tori 2, the sequel to one of WiiWare's best-known titles, arrives on the Wii U eShop on 20th December. This sequel features significant changes from the structure and gameplay of the original release, while the included level editor may give extra life to the experience for any budding game designers with their hands on a Wii U.

Ahead of the title's launch, we've invited the game's developer, Two Tribes, to share information on the new game and itself. We've previously read the developer's top five new features, and we'll soon be given greater insight into the development studio itself. In this second feature provided by the company we learn about the top five animals in the game, along with some gorgeous concept art; check back for the next feature at the same time next week.

No offence Toki Tori, but the real stars of your new game are the creatures around you. The game world is just brimming with various kinds of organic life that respond to your actions in instinctive and funny ways, and if you don't study their behavior to learn how to deal with them, you'll go nowhere fast. Here are our five favourite creatures, including some exclusive (concept) artwork!

Bubble Frog

Like most of the cast, the Bubble Frog is a good guy with an odd appetite.

When he sees a Berry Bug, he'll get psyched up and run towards it, take a leap and swallow it whole. He'll then balloon, as a bubble forms inside his belly… until the ground nearby is stomped and the Bubble Frog belches like there's no tomorrow!

Shadow Biter

The island of Toki Tori 2 is generally a colourful, upbeat place.

Until you reach the dark, downbeat sections, that is, with dangerous creatures like the Shadow Biter lurking in the shadows. Better bring some fireflies, as exposing him to light will make him faint. Stage fright, or an extreme case of photo sensitivity?

Hermit Crab

This guy may seem cranky and comatose, but in fact he's the reliable worker bee Toki Tori's kin relied on when they built their grandiose city.

The Hermit Crab is not lazy, he's just taking a nap! And who can blame him after a century of towing rocks? He's still quite respectful of authority though: just give a whistle and see.


His spikes hint at his mercurial personality: the Porcupine may seem nice enough, gently grazing the forest, but just wait until you see what happens when he gets mad. You don't want to make him mad without good reason.

In fact, Porcupine gets so angry, he will turn completely red, slash the grass around him, and even run over water, Robocop-style.


Bird is a true kleptomaniac.

Whenever he sees something moving, he just can't resist his collection urge to swoop down, pick it up and fly it back to its nest. Honestly though, our feathered friend's instinctive actions can be quite useful. What if a collectible is only reachable through a Bird's nest? Swoop-swoop to the rescue!

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doso said:

Toki Tori is my favorite Wiiware game, can´t wait to get this one!



Hejiru said:

You got Porcupine completely wrong. He's not angry. The developers emphasized over and over that he was a timid creature. When Toki Tori stomps, he gets scared and runs forward with his spikes out in a panic. He's not malicious.



Hejiru said:

And Toki Tori is a Game Boy Color game, not a WiiWare game. The WiiWare version was just a remake. You guys always make it sound like it originated on WiiWare. Yes, it was on WiiWare, but that's like saying Ocarina of Time is a 3DS game.



ThomasBW84 said:

@Hejiru I said Toki Tori was one of WiiWare's best known games, not that it originated there. Also everything below the line is straight from the developer, none of our words there, as explained in the introduction.



Bulbousaur said:

Toki Tori is a great game, go it for 34p in the Steam sale
Can't wait for this game



Hejiru said:

Then they changed their minds, I guess. Because when the Porcupine was introduced, the developer kept saying "He's a nice guy, really!" like five times. He also says "he doesn't mean to hurt anyone" and says that his main characteristic is "easily scared" just as the Bubblefrog was "blind enthusiasm."
And where is this stuff then, anyway? I don't see it on their site.



Collo said:


You've been paying attention! We like that

In my (Collin's) mind the porcupine is still a wussy who's easily scared. I think Niels 't Hooft wrote these little stories and he's not on the day-to-day design team. So I think he simply interpreted what ended up being in the game.

We did tone down some of his behavior (such as being afraid of Toki Tori since he was frozen by him in part 1 so many times) to make it easier to understand for the player.

Anyway, he has spikes and mows the lawn when scared

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