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This Strange Russian Cartoon Shows Mario's Nasty Side

Posted by Damien McFerran

It's funny what crops up on YouTube. Packed among the videos of funny cats and "Fail" compilations you'll find hidden gems like Super Mario & Three Russian Bogaturs, a short animated film which stars Nintendo's famous mascot and three bumbling bogaturs (best described as Slavic knights).

Check out the crazy video below and let us know what you think - the ending is especually amusing, given Mario's whiter-than-white reputation.

EDIT: The video has now been pulled from YouTube for copyright reasons, but you can still watch it here.

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aaronsullivan said:

Awesome. Lol.
It had just the right tone I think. And we knew this was bizarro Mario from the start by his fear of the Goomba.



Linkuini said:

Not the 'stache! NOT THE 'STAAAAACHE!

Well, it's certainly better than the last Russian Nintendo animation I saw...



zoroarkrules25 said:

Lol revolver. As for the cartoon it was so weird but after he beat bowser it was pretty fun. It was definitely interesting but so weird.



edhe said:

How in the hell can this "CTB Film Company" block this video on copyright grounds when it uses a copyrighted character - Mario?




NESguy94 said:

I just tried to use the link and my computer gave me a pop up warning of p0rn. I'm not sure if I will watch it.



Morpheel said:

There's nothing wrong about the new link, I just watched it... It's pretty interesting lol.

Gotta love the dance party at the end.



Klinny said:

Ha. That was cute. The voices made me think of those weird yellow potato minion things from Despicable Me.



edhe said:

And it's been removed again - this time by the user. Again, I didn't get to see it.




Onion said:

This is why I hate Youtube. The copyright BS is out of control and they often remove videos for the dumbest reasons. I remember one of my videos was removed because it contained 5 seconds of the Angry Video Game Nerd, when you can view any of his videos online for free. >_<



Henmii said:

Very cool!! They never should have removed this from Youtube! This doesn't damage the Mario franchise in any way!

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