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This New Super Mario Bros. 2 Course Pack Will Push Your Skills To The Limit

Posted by Damien McFerran

"Impossible" and "Mystery" packs available in North America today

Nintendo has revealed the final DLC Course Packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2.

The "Impossible" and "Mystery Adventures" packs will be available in North America from today for $2.50 a piece. Both contain three new courses for the game's popular Coin Rush mode.

Mystery Adventures is focused around exploration and seeking out hidden pathways, but it's the Impossible pack which has caught our attention. All three courses included are devoid of coins and power-up items - the coins you earn are determined by your remaining time at the conclusion of the level. Unsurprisingly, Nintendo recommends that this pack is only purchased by supremely skilled Mario players only.

Will you be taking up the challenge?

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Intrepid said:

I'm very interested in the Impossible pack. I guess I'll have to pick it up soon



Lalivero said:

Lmao @ Difficulty: DANGER! It's nice to see DLC playing a more frequent role with things though.



FyreeTSG said:

i need some damn eShop $$!!
Can we get some more GOLD RUSH levels?? OR MORE Retro levels renewed?



grumblegrumble said:

I love these latest batch of Coin Rush packs. I just wish they were half the price they are now, $5 seems a bit steep (since they keep releasing them so frequently) you can look at spending upwards of $20-30 over the price of that $30-40 cart or downloadable NSMB2 game you already purchased. Seems unreasonable. But I'll still download them because I'm a Mario freak.



SuperMario85 said:

The video said last round of DLC for NSMB2? Makes me think the courses are already on the cart. I enjoyed the free coin rush pack but, it should only be $20 for all the coin rush packs now that they're all released. Can't wait to get them.



Vallu said:

Well, the only pack I have bought so far is the nerve wrack pack so I will buy the impossible pack today to get some challenge to this game.



luminalace said:

I have still haven't considered any DLC because Coin Rush mode wasn't really my thing. Some real levels I would pay for.



TheDreamingHawk said:

Impossible pack is how hard I want my main games to be. Sigh If only Pokepark wii could have been as hard and as awesome



Kyloctopus said:

Coin Rush should have had a simulatious multiplayer mode. Especialy for DLC like this.



Nardar said:

I would love to see another game like Lost Levels. I find the harder levels unique and challenging.



rjejr said:

@Kyloctopus - So none of the DLC has multiplayer? Well that just saved my family a lot of money, I thought I was going to have to buy 2 of each pack. I'll let them get the free pack though.



Jaz007 said:

The warning sounds like something very similar (if not the same) warning Nintendo put on the lost levels in stores.



mmarkster said:

@SuperMario85 Nope. They haven't even started the DLC packs when they finished the game. Also, the packs uses the main game's assets to create levels (with new assets being added through an update). That's why packs uses very little blocks.



Capt_N said:

If I unwrap this game (this) Christmas morning, or even get it myself, afterwards, I'll maybe d/l some packs, definitely the "impossible" courses.



NintendoCat14 said:

I still haven't gotten the last 2 DLC packs,but these look way better, I'll be picking these up first for sure.



allav866 said:

Altogether, the 10 Coin-Rush Packs are a $25 value for 30 stages, although for now, you are charged $22.50, since the Gold Classics Pack is temporarily free. Including the Rainbow and Cannon Courses, there are 94 stages in the main adventure for $40. You end up paying a little over half of that to get a third of the total number of stages found in the main game. So yes, the DLC for NSMB2 is a bit overpriced. $1.50 would seem like a more reasonable price to charge for each Coin Rush Pack, since it would tally up to a little over a third of the game's price to buy them all.



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, I'm completing my set of DLC with these last 2 packs. But I'm concerned: does "last" refer to the last for this year? Or does it refer to the last of it overall? I hope that's not the case, because several of these levels were pretty cool, especially the Classic ones.



MitchVogel said:

If there aren't any powerups in the impossible pack, then why is Super Mario being played as at 1:39?



allav866 said:

I just tried the Impossible Pack, thinking to myself "If I just use my Gold Flower and not get hit, I can beat the pack and maybe even make the 100 Coin goal." Then I found out that the pack keeps you from using the Gold Flower. I should've known better.



SirQuincealot said:

hells yes been waiting for this downloaded two of the first three an dthe free one, wanting one that will be an actual challenge



ShadJV said:

They weren't kidding about this pack being "impossible". And, should you fail even once, getting kicked back to the beginning is frustrating. I must beat it though!



Iggy said:

Like others said $2.50 a piece is pricey considering your only getting 3 courses but its better then no dlc. Really looking forward to playing the impossible pack I've played Super Mario Bros. games as long as I can remember ill see if I have what it takes to beat the so called hardest levels ever released.



Chaoslink1 said:

I would consider myself a mario pro since I beat almost every mario game 100% and yes, I did complete grandmaster galaxy in mario galaxy 2.
But I don't know if I could do THIS!!



UnseatingKDawg said:

Well, the Mystery Pack is pretty good. The Impossible Pack lives up to its name - they thought of everything, and pulled out all the stops too. Let's see, can't use your Gold Flower - didn't surprise me. No powerups - also not too surprising. Then I found out why the clocks at the start of each course have red barriers around them. When you're tackling as normal Mario, they open automatically, giving you an extra 50 seconds. When you're White Raccoon Mario, they stay shut. So even though you're invincible to all the enemies, time is much more of a factor as you have less to work with. I admire that they thought of that, so that it's challenging no matter what you do.



Gioku said:

Are they really the hardest levels ever? There must be at least one Mario level that's harder...

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