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Take A Whistle Stop Animated Tour Of Nintendo's Hardware History

Posted by Damien McFerran

Four decades of greatness in just over two minutes

Nintendo has been in this business a heck of a long time - right the way back to the 1970s, in fact. It has also been creating video game hardware for several decades, something which animator Anthony Veloso and vector illustrator Quentin Dron are keen to celebrate.

The talented pair have put together this awesome visual tour of Nintendo's hardware, starting with the Game & Watch and going right up to the present day with the freshly-launched Wii U. Enjoy - we certainly did.

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Nintex said:

The Virtual Boy is Nintendo's greatest HeadHeld of all time. lol It was the first 3D system released in 1995



Morpheel said:

Wait wait wait wait wait... Wait.

Did they just use Pokemon GSC gameplay for the Game Boy Micro?



idork99 said:

LOL on the Virtual Boy comments! Only the NL community and long time Nintendo fans would remember and cry foul at the absence of this infamous system. Still, it's a cool little video.



Intrepid said:

No GBA SP, Gameboy Light, and Gameboy Pocket. Nonetheless, that was still a great video.



Handy_Man said:

@Nintex The Virtual Boy is pretty awesome indeed. I own every game for it, including Jack Bros. (except 3D Tetris, lol), and I have to say, it's pretty rad. Great games, but horrible hardware to run them on.



biggsydaboss said:

I've owned many of these consoles & loved all of them. Though I didn't et in to the Wii. To my shame the last gen was my 'core' gaming days & obviously the Wii was just too much fun & didn't take itself seriously enough for me. Like a prodigal son I've returned to the flock with a rather sizable investment in a Wii U Premium & a few games on top. Though if I ever feel like becoming that little moaning git again, going on & on about my K/D ratio, it's good to know that Nintendo have catered for that side of me. My Wii U is going to take pride of place as a console that me & my family can enjoy equally.



coolvw93 said:

@Korbin64 true, i promised on comment #6 i would never mention "it" again. it sorta popped in my head after watching the video because i was watching tv show pawn stars today after class and some one was pawning thier "console that wont be mentioned" off and got $80 for it



koops330 said:

nice video but missing a bunch Virtual boy and Gameboy Advanced SP were the big ones also 3DS XL came out in 2012 not 2011

Good try though



RevolverLink said:

Game Boy Advance SP master race, reporting in to voice our displeasure!

Still, it was a pretty cool video.



Skeletor said:

@coolvw93 They got $80 for it?!? I remember after it bombed, I saw some selling new for under $50, maybe even under $40. I do like mine. I wish that the F-Zero game was actually made for it, and that RPG that was mentioned in Nintendo Power all those years ago.



Trikeboy said:

"Nintendo has been in this business a heck of a long time - right the way back to the 1970s, in fact"

You are half right. Nintendo was actually founded in 1889 as a card game company. However, Nintendo, as we know it today, does date back to 1974.



AntiGuy said:

It's funny how they included the Micro but completely forgot about the SP which is the definitive GBA....



artofmana said:

No Game Boy Pocket, Advance SP or Virtual Boy? Probably a few others too? Good stuff, though!



coolvw93 said:

@Skeletor I was suprised too when i saw it. but ive looked and thats about the range of one NIB and even more than that. used usually range from 40 to 60. also depends if any games come with it. the cheapest ive ever seen one for is $20, which was just the system itself, no wires or controllers.

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