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Street Fighter X Mega Man Is "A Bit Of A Mea Culpa"

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Accepting blame with a free PC game

A few days ago Capcom announced Street Fighter X Mega Man, a free PC game to be released on 17th December that blends the two iconic franchises together as one big anniversary celebration. Capcom has assured fans that this download will be just the start of celebrations for Mega Man's anniversary, and that the interest in the upcoming release will provide key information on the demand for the series. In other words, download it if you want more Mega Man.

The initial enthusiasm for this title within the gaming media and among enthusiasts is already clear, but it's also attracted a share of criticism. For some there's frustration that what appears to be a well-polished fan-game is what's on offer and that, initially, it'll only be on PC. Speaking to Polygon, Capcom senior vice president Christian Svensson has admitted that this project represents an apology to fans, while defending the decision to not bring the release to console download platforms.

To some degree, there is a bit of a mea culpa here and part of the reason why I wanted to [release the game]. It was a great way for us to build free content that people will enjoy, and in some way to make up for the lack of Mega Man that's been in the world in the last two years.

...We may look at it on other open platforms [such as Mac, Linux and iOS]. At this time we're not looking at bringing it to consoles in any form. Obviously certain consoles are not receptive to free content and while people may be willing to pay for it, the act of collecting revenue for this adds extra complexity for us on the legal side.

The cost of bringing a product like this to consoles, even if we were to charge for it, is not insignificant to say the least. It's a lengthy process and by the time we got it there, by the time we released it, they might not be as interested in paying for it at that time.

Svenson did shed some light on the collaboration between the fan-creator, Seow Zong Hui, and the relevant parties within Capcom itself.

We had to do legal agreements with all of the members of the team. Anyone who contributed anything to it. We had to speak to the gatekeepers of both brands to get their sign off on the concept. And of course I had to talk to my boss as well, who is responsible for both R&D and global publishing, and get him to say "Yeah, I get it".

There was no antagonism on either side, [it was] one of the more smooth development efforts I've seen. Once people signed off on the general concept, (Capcom Japan) left us to it, which suited us quite well.

If this is an admittance of fault and regret on Capcom's part, are you Mega Man fans happy with it? While it can be argued that it's free so complaints are irrelevant, neglected fans may feel that a PC game conceived by an enthusiast may not be a suitable investment from Capcom in its iconic brand. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

The game will be available to download from Capcom Unity on 17th December.


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bezerker99 said:

Free is nice but IDC about PC gaming in the least. I won't be playing this unless it comes to a console.



Squashie said:

I'll give it a try, it's free anyway! Although, I have never really been a big fan of either of these two franchises.



Edge_Diest said:

I love PC gaming, so I'll give it a shot. I just hope this game is enjoyable enough...



mattatron said:

Linux user here, but I'll try to get it to work with Wine. not gonna get my hopes up though. Has anyone seen this game? Is it gonna be your typical not-so-good free game?



Bass_X0 said:

I'd rather use my SFIV XBOX 360 FightPad for PC gaming.

Is it gonna be your typical not-so-good free game?

It looks like a typical NES Mega Man game. So make of that what you will.



Geonjaha said:

Good planning there Capcom. You're not bringing it to consoles because it would've taken too long - if only there was some magical way around such issues, right?



Handy_Man said:

@Geonjaha They could delay the game so that it's available on consoles and PC on the same day, but then Capcom would get even more backlash than they already have now.

Anyway, whenever you play on your PC or not, download this game anyway to show that we do care about Megaman! Even if you won't play the game in the end, you're still helping out a cause.



shinokami said:

This is a fan made game and therefore Capcom deserves NO CREDIT WHATSOEVER for this idea nor creation.



Bulbousaur said:

I'm going to download it. Its free, and is Mega Man! Even if you don't plan on playing it, I suggest downloading it to show Capcom people care about Mega Man. Seriously, it would take like 5 minutes to download this with a crappy connection, less than a minute with a good one.



WindWakerLink said:

This is cool, I guess, but "Just give me my Legends 3 and I'll be a happy camper. I'll even be happy with just the prototype of Mega Man Legends 3 that was being worked on before. Just give me MMLegends 3!!!"



BaelogTheFierce said:

How can you whine and complain about something that is free? So what if it's not on consoles, I really don't see the difference. If you care about Mega Man at all just download it.



theblackdragon said:

Why does it matter who they made agreements with or what problems they'd have getting this on a console? Here's a tip, Capcom — if you'd bothered creating a game on your own instead of promoting this fan-game to quasi-official status, you'd be free to put it on whatever platform you felt like!

The stones on these guys must be the size of basketballs judging from the 'apology' they're trying to feed everyone.



DarkLloyd said:

why do some of you make it seem like pc and console games are completely different things? lol makes no difference its just a game a free one at that no matter where its on so suck it up buttercup



x-mas_mii said:

what some of you don't know is that the 360 and the ps3 cost big money to submit a game on to their servers so you would have to charge money for that, which is something they can't do since capcom doesn't own this game, it's just a fan-made promotion.



the_shpydar said:

Translation as to why it's going to be on PC only:
"Well, it would actually cost us a little bit of money to put it on consoles, and the fact that all we did is snatch up and release a fan-made game should tell the fans all they need to know about how much we're willing to invest in MM at this point. Almost nothing."



Stuffgamer1 said:

Okay, so they regret the lack of Mega Man. Until they ACT on that regret and finish Legends 3, I really don't give a crap.



GeminiSaint said:

From what I've seen it still needs some polish. The 8-bit graphics aren't quite up to Mega Man standards yet. But I'll give it a shot anyway.




I still can't believe that CAPCOM actually went ahead and did a Mega Man VS. Street Fighter. I see this game as a bit of an apology I guess for that dam piece of filth, Mega Man Xover. And also a bit for cancelling Mega Man Legends 3. I don't have any problems at all downloading this when it comes out on PC, but imo, this would be a good title to feature in BOTH the Wii U & 3DS eShop. I say if this takes off real well with a bunch of BOTH Mega Man & Street Fighter fans, then why not bring it to all 3 consoles. Wii U, PS3 & XBOX 360, including 3DS & PS Vita also.



Retro_on_theGo said:

@itsa Because the Megaman game they did develop was Xover. Xover was enough for infinite hate for ever. Oh and they suck and megaman dead and blah blah blah.

Don't you dare think this makes up for anything Capcom!



Tsuchinoko said:

@Stuffgamer1 Exactly. I'm smelling a bit of (or a lot of) bad blood between Inafune and the people at Capcom, and that they stopped release of the game out of spite, but whatever. It was one of the games I had been anticipating.

Even if they never release MML3, I'll take the Prototype Version as a peace offering. That alone would make me happy. I have a nice little space on my 3DS menu and money ready and waiting for it.



theblackdragon said:

@itsa: What I'm getting from the article you posted was that they paid the guy for his work, gave him feedback re: where to go with his game (and let's face it, anyone can say 'yeah, bro, you should totes do (insert thing here)!!!1'), made a trailer and promoted the game for him, QA tested it for him, got the permissions he needed and provided a venue for users to download it from. The article says that every time he got feedback from them, he'd give them a new build to try, so clearly he's the one who did all the work for them. If Capcom was doing the work they'd be getting his feedback and they'd be doing the builds, wouldn't they?

Another telling part about the story is how they kept it for PC because the guy developing it isn't a licensed console developer. That's their specific excuse, they didn't want to shell out to get the guy his license(s) because then the fans would have to pay. If this wasn't a fan-game still, it wouldn't have been an issue.

yeah, it's great for the guy who made this game that Capcom was willing to do this for him, not gonna begrudge him the sweet break they gave him at all, especially when they could've just told him 'no, and if you release this to the public we'll sue the pants off you'. However, that doesn't make this any less of a fan-made game that's been legitimized with Capcom's magic wand, and they're trying to use it to smooth over the holes in this rocky Mega Man saga after Legends 3 and Xover? No way.



TingLz said:

So nobody is happy that they're even acknowledging his existence? Wow, you just can't be pleased



theblackdragon said:

@lz: it makes you wonder what they would have done had that guy not approached them with his game. no, we won't be pleased until they start treating the MM IP with the respect it deserves, putting full-fledged MM titles into console-players' hands straight from the heart of Capcom (e.g. not from the heart of a fan who happens to approach them on a good day) and that can't be recreated in 24 hours via Flash (like Xover was).



LittleKing said:

Capcom is the stuff of Legends. Well, it was before the Legends were cancelled. I'm getting kind of tired of Capcom trolling their fans.

The past few years of Capcom and Mega Man's history.

Hey, fans. Look what we were developing while you were taking a nap! holds up miniature globe with the writing "Mega Man Universe" on it. We just wanted to tell you we haven't cancelled the game... oh, wait. This just in: we have. smashes globe on the ground

Look! A great new Mega Man game! You can even help give the devs ideas! Come on, guys! Waste hours of your lives giving us ideas and deciding on the character designs!

Well, finally we've gotten a prototype version of that game we announced earlier. However, the game won't go beyond this prototype, because, guess what, CANCELLED. Oh, and we won't be releasing the prototype version for you to play whilst you cry either.

Wow! Get ready fans! For MM's 25th anniversary we're preparing something special! Maybe a game? Yes, that's right, we've decided to turn Mega Man into another crappy Canabalt clone with guns! Introducing, "Mega Man: It's Over." All the fun of pushing one button and boss fights you practically can't lose!

Hey fans, why r u ignoring us? Link... er, Fans, listen. Fans, listen. Fans, LISTEN! We got a new game for you, fresh off the "fan-made" boat that just docked over there. Play it and shut up while we think about how to kill off Mega Man while simultaneously delivering the most brutal trolling we possibly can.



Itsa said:

I understand exactly what you mean. The point I was trying to get across is that even though people think Capcom just picked up a fangame and put their name on it, that's not the case. They actually helped make the final product, and they didn't want to take credit away from the guy who developed the game.



theblackdragon said:

@itsa: they didn't, though, and that was the point i was trying to make. any idiot can tell someone they should add a sweet animation to their game, or this sound should happen there. dude could've come up with a decent trailer in like fifteen minutes with the right software. they only did QA for him because they were about to make the whole shebang quasi-legit, and same for the getting his legal permissions. they're providing hosting via Capcom Unity because they're oh-so-sorry about everything. I'm sorry, bro, but I have no sympathy for them.



TysonOfTime said:


But hey, Capcom, thanks for the free game. I'll take not paying for anything you make after MML3.



Morpheel said:

"Sorry for not making a new Mega Man in such a long time, have this game some fan made, it's totally cool and pretty Official-like!"



SirQuincealot said:

maybe Capcom is planning on releasing packs of their older games in a downloadable collection. This new one could be a nice extra in a 10 dollar megan pack



GumbyX84 said:

Release it for Mac and Linux and I will be happy. Or at least get it running in WINE and CrossOver.



shinpichu said:

It honestly seems like most of you people people want to be angry at Capcom.

I don't see how getting it to work under Wine/CrossOver is Capcoms responsibility.



TheDreamingHawk said:

I need this to work on mac... For crying out loud, mac users play games too!

And as I always say: MML3'S being canceled does not a thing to me, for I didn't like the MML series at all anyway. (Due to a bad experience with MM64)



TheDreamingHawk said:

@theblackdragon I agree that Xover is utter stupidity (It seems way easier than pokepark wii, which is my least favorite wii game, so that should give you a idea on how I feel about this game) But come on, they apologized, released ALL SIX MM NES games in Japan, and are doing it in NA and EU. Why is everyone still mad at them? Just because MML3 (ONE minor game) got canceled, everyone got angry. I just wanted MM11 to be made.



shinpichu said:

It's not just the MML3 cancellation, it's how the cancellation was handled. There was also other stuff(MMU and Rockman Online getting cancelled, Megaman not being in UMVC3) that made the situation worse.



c1pher_c0mplet said:

Well, I won't be downloading or playing the game. I still think the creator has done a fine job and for that, I'm happy for them. I've washed my hands of Capcom a long time ago though as I didn't care for their antics at that time. The whole deal with MML3 (which was a very big reason for wanting a 3DS initially) was the final straw for me. The last Capcom game I bought was RE4 (PS2) about 5 years ago and that was used. I've waited and waited for the Blue Bomber's return to no avail. No more Battle Networks, Star Forces, X's, ZX's... the Blue Bomber is what I've wanted. Oh well, at least the classics are still there.



luminalace said:

While an apology of sorts is always appreciated, it's the traditional console players that feel neglected and let down because of the absence of Megaman in the last few years. Accordingly a free to play PC game does very little to compensate say, a 3DS owner and Megaman fan like me who was waiting for the also free to play demo of Megaman Legends!

It's a testament to the games traditional fan base, that make many of us willing to pay for a console version of Street Fighter X Megaman!



SCAR said:

Just go DL the free game. Capcom needs to pick it up for sure, but saying you hate them probably doesn't make them want to make games even more so. Just leave Capcom alone for a while... They're going through a midlife crisis maybe, so just chill...



retro_player_22 said:

It's official, Capcom no longer knows how to make console Mega Man games, heck they won't even release a fan-made one for core gamers. When you noticed Capcom mention the platforms of choice for the game and none of them are videogame systems, you know that Mega Man as we know it (a videogame mascot) has already died.



Schprocket said:

So whilst gingerly avoiding the blades that are hacking the corpse Capcom, what is stopping any indie developer on the consoles from doing exactly the same thing as PC Good-guy?

Surely if it was due to Capcom not being arsed to buy the guy dev-kits for half a dozen or so platforms for a series that they themselves don't have the heart to commit to, wouldn't a truly fan-made, Capcom-"endorsed" release be better served by engaging the talents of studios the likes of those who made Mutant Mudds, for example?

It's ok to vent but to vent and not be constructive is a waste of energy, IMO....



Schprocket said:

Real fans would hunt-down initiate a kick-start project. I realise that petitions don't work in the gaming world but surely this type of game would benefit a kuck-start.
Have you all forgotten recent news of other kick-start projects announced on this site ?



DaveGX said:

there's already a TON of things wrong with Capcom's seemingingly endless excuses, not to mention the sorry results brought in, not due to the concepts for the MegaMan franchise that should be making it more fun. For instance, everyone realizes MegaMan got his start on the NES, but Street Fighter really started on SNES, the fighting game everyone knows and loves. Capcom, you have at least TWO candidates that could more than make up for this and have the game look and play a lot better on you behalf; MegaMan 7 on SNES and MegaMan 8 on PlayStation. Is this really the example you wish to continue, feeding all the letdown diehard MegaMan fans for yet ANOTHER year's worth of half-***ed experiences because you are clearly showing you simply don't have the $ to invest in what USED to be considered your most iconic franchise?? That said, free and PC only......if you expect us letdown fans to take you seriously and PROVE to us that you haven't killed off your iconic franchise for good, then why not put your $ where your mouth is, DELAY it for CONSOLE release, (Or at the very least release your PC version, but INVEST on console releases. PLENTY who see this as a fun game wiould pay for it and the $ could help rebuild/reknown the self-damaged respect into your franchise. No (more) excuses, don't tell the fans what will interest them and what won't and when......We can decide for ourselves.) that way your planned celebreation for next year can continue, and what tons of fans see as such an epic game can merely build up that much more hype and excitement for once IF a better, updated version were to result in the process? Sorry, but even THIS game imo simply cannot make up for the cancellation of Legends 3 (while I'm not particular a fan of Legends, but speaking on/in behalf of every letdown fan) AND Universe!

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