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Sony's President of Worldwide Studios Has A Wii U

Posted by Damien McFerran

Shuhei Yoshida gets his game on

Although most rabid fanboys would love to think that Sony and Nintendo's employees loathe each other so much that they can't even bring themselves to look at a system created by their rival, that obviously isn't the case. Just like common gamers, individuals within these two great companies will have access to a wide range of systems - after all, that's the only way to ensure you stay abreast of all developments within the industry.

If you needed any more proof of this, then here it is: Shuhei Yoshida, President of Worldwide Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment has a Wii U.

Yoshida later admitted that he had the machine "for research" and was even gracious enough to decline making a direct comparison between his company's PS Vita and the Wii U:

By the way, don't bother trying to add him as a friend - he appears to have blown his 100 person limit already, unsurprisingly.


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belmont said:

There is 100 person limit in WiiU? This seems kind of bad.

It is obvious that you can't compare Vita with WiiU.



Void said:

Buying it for 'research' purposes will not stop Sony from finding ways to 'creatively' ruin ripoffs of Nintendo games.
I also agree with @Gamesake's post.



Lilifish said:

Not a very clever question, but I like his answer =)

I have a friend working for Sony (not Computer Entertainment, but they are all somehow connected) and they do encourage their employees to have also other maker's electronics.



Gorlokk said:

I always wondered if Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft owned rival consoles. I think it would be kinda stupid not to, actually. You need to know what you're going up against, after all.



defrb said:

"I would not compare apples and oranges"

He should have said their new system will blow the wiiu off the market ?
Now he make me think he may not say the vita suck monkeyballs.



kkslider5552000 said:

Honestly, both in general but also more specifically as a person with such an important job at Sony this is very mature and smart and nice to see. In general because grown adults with this much importance to the industry should not be as immature as defensive 15 years olds on the internet.



Phle said:

I'm really not surprised. I would be surprised if he didn't have one. If Sony are going to put up a good competition against their rivals they need to know what they are up against. And, a lot of gamers have more that one console, the same most likely applies to people working for a gaming console company. I mean if you work for Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft (and are among the ones that work on games and consoles), you probably like gaming a lot.




If you were a games industry boss, u'd own the consoles of other companies as well. Its not surprising tbh.



DarkNinja9 said:

lol didnt i say this in another article? of course they would try to buy one and look at it with detail to then copy it



Cesco said:

I can't see anything strange in this. As an analogy, nobody would be shocked in learning that a manager of an italian restaurant every now and then goes eating in a sushi bar, so I don't see what's wrong or strange in this behavior



Bankai said:

As Damien pointed out here, it's kind of his job to be familiar with competitive products.

I've spoken with Sony management in the past, and everyone respects all the rival companies as business competitors, not personal rivals.

It's only the kids on the Internet that imagine that Sony hates Nintendo, or vice versa, and whenever an executive makes a statement to that effect, he's either grandstanding (marketing), or misquoted.

Is it really that hard to imagine that people take their jobs that personally to actually hate the competition? Do MacDonalds workers hate Hungry Jacks/ Burger King? Does a trade worker hate anyone that works for a different business to him? Of course not, so why do fanboys insist on sticking such silly labels on professional business men and women?



HandheldGuru97 said:

At E3 I suspect we will see the Sony Tablet controller and Sonyverse (or something like that) for the PS4.



Whopper744 said:

Being Sony, part of me wants to say something about how the Playstation 4 is now going to have a tablet like controller, but I don't want to make any Sony fans mad



Bankai said:

You do realise that Sony developed two social networks (PSN messaging and Home) years and years ago, when Nintendo still though a 40MB download limit was a good idea, right?



Wonder_Ideal said:

@Waltz - I understand your opinion and agree that Sony doesn't actually hate Nintendo. But I would be a lot more receptive to your opinion and thoughts if you wouldn't speak rudely and condescendingly in your replies.



MAB said:

I would say that their rationale mind outputs a fake transmission for everyone to receive a fake perception of an ideal business type model... But deep within those layers of their psyche lies a formidable sense that would be starting to fire the electrodes that naw away at the brain 'Nintendo be damned! why must you taunt us with your greatness'



Jaz007 said:

The heads of these companys are not crazy fanboys. I don't find this to be suprising in the least.



Hokori said:

Like I've always said Sony of Japan is respectful! But Sony of America is usually the ones we see when posted about backlash



WesCash said:

You speak the truth. From my work experience, I can say that I have nothing but respect for workers at "rival companies". I can relate to them. There's sort of a mutual understanding that we are both just doing our jobs. Now I've only worked in the food and service industry, but there's absolutely no reason that it shouldn't apply to the videogame industry.



Boo_Buster said:

This guy seems like a good human being. Why does everyone need to compare everything? Take it for what it is; goodness. Don't be a moron and ask guys like this to compare a product they have nothing to do with and only want to enjoy with something they actually had a hand in.



drunkenmaster76 said:

I have a dream that little nintendo and little sony can all just get along like they use to before ps1 and snes =o)
Forget about MS, they no good



retro_player_22 said:

I betcha even the legendary Shigeru Miyamoto may have at least one PlayStation game console at his home right now to play with. These employees, when they're not working, they are just like us, they are the consumer. Also with Shuhei Yoshida buying a Wii U, it actually helps Nintendo as he is giving his money to Nintendo meaning even as a rival, sometimes a competitor would be impress by the product.



AltDotNerd said:

So he buys a rival console, RIGHT after that lawsuit against Bridgestone and that Kevin guy for endorsing Nintendo?!



shingi_70 said:

Sakurai owns a PS3 and even wrote a colunm on fatmisu about why dark souls was such a great game. He even frekaed out on twitter when he lost a playstation save.



AVahne said:

He also has multiple copies of the PSP just for game saves and whatnot. Though I wonder if even he has a Vita...(I'll be getting one, but it sure is a common joke to assume that no one owns a Vita).



Molotov said:

Well Of Course He Has One. He Recognizes That He Should Have Had A Wii In The Beginning So He Couldve Copied The WiiMote More Early.



AcesHigh said:

This isn't a big surprise. Pretty much everyone in the industry has all consoles because they are very much gamers at heart. I worked for Sega of America in '91 on the "Game Counselor" help line and we ALL had SNESs in the office. Some even had Super Famicoms and NeoGeos in the office. In fact, if you called in for game support any time around September '91 through March '92, we were most likely playing Super Mario World on the phone while telling you how to find the laconia armor in Phantasy Star!



Emaan said:

Good for him! Hopefully he doesn't think Nintendo's too awesome for life and jumps ships. Ninty needs their competition.



rayword45 said:

Gotta respect the man for not acting a fool like some Microsoft employees and stating that the Wii U is directly inferior to their console.



pntjr said:

Proud of this guy. Even though he has much more faith in his console, he actually bought a Wii U and TWEETED IT. Cheers to Yoshida!



krunchykhaos said:

Why does everyone seem to think the next systems will be better even when their information is public and proves to be about the same?



Zombie_Barioth said:

What @WhiteKnight says is true. I used to work at Safeway and what do you think happened when rival employees got together? Well we didn't act like a bunch of rabid Twilight fans fighting over Edward vs. Jacob thats I can tell you that, we talked about work and I'm sure its the same for the big cheeses in the industry.

Of course they can't talk about what they're working on but they probably talk about the little annoyances and stuff like we all do. I'm willing to bet a big chunk of the industry has rival products, especially Apple's.



MAB said:

But still nobody really cares anyway so pfft! jog on mate.



MeloMan said:

Not surprised... there's many Nintendo employees that have PS3's. At our core, we're ALL gamers

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