The Wii U GamePad is a wonderful piece of kit that allows the user to do some amazing things. The problem with that is that you’re going to want to use it a heck of a lot, meaning that you're going to have to get used to seeing that flashing red battery warning light.

Thankfully peripheral maker Nyko has already set about alleviating this problem by introducing a range of accessories that will prolong the battery life of the GamePad. Possibly the most useful of the lot is the UBoost, which is essentially an add-on battery pack that is inserted in the rear of the GamePad. According to Nyko, the UBoost doubles the GamePad’s battery life - which will certainly come in handy during long gaming sessions.

There’s also a Charge Link which can connect the GamePad to any device with a USB port, naturally including the Wii U itself. While plugged into a USB port the GamePad will take charge, provided the device with the USB port is also plugged in to a power socket, obviously.

If you’re looking for a novel way to charge up your Pro Controllers then you may be interested in the Charge Base Pro which can charge up two of them simultaneously. Nyko is also selling replacement Power Stands as well as AC adapters to simply plug in your GamePad to the mains. The UBoost, Charge Base Pro and power stands are available in both black and white, so you should be able to keep your all-important Wii U colour scheme going.

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