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Riki Densetsu Footage Roughhouses Its Way Out Of Japan

Posted by Damien McFerran

River City Ransom sequel is now available on the Japanese 3DS eShop

Footage from Arc System Works' River City Ransom spin-off Riki Densetsu has appeared online, showing off some impressive old-school brawling action.

The game is available in Japan now but there's no word on a western release at present. It features series antagonist Riki as the main character, and is part of the popular Kunio-kun line of games.

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RR529 said:

Do you know why the antagonist stepped in to be the hero?

He heard that Johnny Kung-Fu was coming to Japan (interestingly, it's actually releasing the same week as this game in Japan), and even he felt bad at the thought of brawler fans downloading it to get a quick fix



Shiryu said:

I'm a huge fan of all of Kunio's games, Id really wish they would start releasing these in the West.



Tasuki said:

@Shiryu: Agree

@hendie001: They also released Super Dodgeball, Nintendo World Cup, Renegade, and Crash N The Boys Street Challenge in NA which are part of the Kunio series.

I really hope this game comes to NA. Either that or I am tempted in looking in on importing a Japanese 3DS.



N_PowerGlove said:

When i was growing up River city ransom was one of my fav games on the nes. I hope we get this.



Phocks5 said:

Not only is this just as awesome as River City Ransom, but it's in 3D and has a leveling system!??! Be still my beating heart. I've been hoping that RCR would come to 3DS as a 3D Classic since Excite Bike's release day one at the e-shop.



Windy said:

This looks really fun. I would get it if it released in the Eshop at a reasonable price for digital download



Magrane said:

This needs a North American release...! Big River City Ransom and Nintendo World Cup Soccer fan here!

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