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Retro City Rampage Looks Set For A January Release on WiiWare

Posted by Orla Madden

Don't worry, it'll arrive... eventually

It seems like forever and an age since Retro City Rampage was announced for the Wii Shop Channel - the title has had a delay or two since then. We reported earlier this month that an updated version of the 8-bit action-adventure game would be heading to Europe and North America 'soon', but no specific date was given. Vblank Entertainment has now announced that the game will make its way to the Wii Shop Channel in January 2013.

Retro City Rampage is an open world "action parody" adventure game; the concept coming to life in 2002 with developer Brian Provinciano setting out to remake one of his favourite titles, Grand Theft Auto III. It's greatly influenced by the Playstation 2 classic, but is said to mash old and new ideas together to create a new 8-bit experience.

Check out the official trailer below to tide you over between now and its release in the New Year.

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NImH said:

Man this took forever! It looks great though... It mat be my very last Wiiware purchase!



Omega said:

Okay. Now we have at least Vampire Crystals and Retro City Rampage scheduled for January. I'm pleased that Nintendo doesn't let the Wii go quietly into the dark. (Like they did with the GCN.)



Tasuki said:

I will believe that is out when I am downloading it myself. Too many times have I heard oh this game is coming just to be disappointed to hear that is has been delayed.



SteveW said:

I sort of lost hope for this and Descent, I'll believe it when I see it.



Kirk said:


If/when this happens I'll def download it

Lot's of retro style fun.



bezerker99 said:

January is fine with me. I probably won't have extra money until then anyways. Still, it's disappointing having this game released in 2013 when there were trailers for it and it was winning awards back in 2010.



ouroborous said:

sweet, i didn't think this would be any good from the name but it looks like lots of fun.



Squashie said:

I was once excited for this game, but with the release of the Wii U etc.. My excitement has now died



coolvw93 said:

cool, hopefully it isnt pushed back anymore, though at this point i may just stick with gta.... but im still gonna end up getting it, maybe for xbox though....



DashDG said:

They should port HD for wiiu, not interested anymore on wiiware besides virtual console...



Banker-Style said:

How many times have we heard it was going for a certain release,and it never made it.
In all honesty I couldn't care less about the game now,and I should think many other Wii owners think the same.
Release it on the Wii U instead.



Knux said:

Good news, now I need to get back to playing it on my Vita (along with Gravity Rush).



luminalace said:

Honestly I probably won't get it now, considering I play my Wii U almost exclusively. How about a Wii U port?



Shanksta said:

Ill play it on my Wiiu using the Wii App but I refuse to get a game on xbox pc or ps3 that clearly was meant to be played with a Dpad.
Xbox = trash dpad
PS3 = okey just not used to it
PC = dont have decent gamepad
Wii = ideal layout



JulioMoruno said:

Great news for WiiWare and WiiU users and I wish a great succes for Vblank.
Wiiware close with two great games, Retro City Rampage and LA-MULANA.
Now the WiiU users can enjoy with this games the next years!!!!!
Thanks for you support and happy hollidays and new year!!!



WaveBoy said:

Man, I'll never forget that classic Destructoid Video Interview with Jonathan Homes and the Retro City Rampage 'man' himself Brian 'whatever'. I have to play this. Greg Miller from IGN can go eat his reDUCKulous review, complaining about difficulty spikes....which ultimately lead to the game receiving a less than stellar review. I guess the big baby doesn't like a challenge. whaaaa*



Raiko said:

Waited years for this lol. Kinda hoping it comes to the eShop instead now, because it's the Wii U that'll be absorbing all my time for the next few months.



ouroborous said:

WiiWare??! Bah, what waste, release it on 3DS or WiiU at the very least for cryin out loud. sheesh. WiiVC and downloads should ALL be available for download on 3DS anyway. It's completely lame and insane that they are not.



Pogocoop said:

I would get it if it was on WiiU eShop, but I don't want to spend Wii points on anythings that isn't VC at this point.. It seems like such a waste to put this on Wiiware...



Sonic1994CD said:

Hey is their any words that it will come out on the Wii U? Because If so I just wait a little longer then.



sweetiepiejonus said:

Wii U eShop would be better for sure but, ideally, I'd prefer this on 3DS. Perfect for short sessions and any system other than 3DS takes a bit longer to start up.

But I'm not complaining as I've waited very patiently for this.



Whopper744 said:

yeah, I give up. This looked cool awhile back, but now I just get mad everytime I hear about it.



DrDaisy said:

@Omega Those games better not become WiiUWare or some people are going to get a very unpleasant unscheduled visit from the doctor.



odd69 said:

this game is worth the wait for those who have not yet purchased it on PSN or Xbox live.



DrDaisy said:

@odd69 I played the demo on PSN, then bought the game on GOG when it went on sale. I guess I sorta used Sony, but I don't feel too guilty since they're not always up front about their digital merchandise. Actually, I don't feel guilty at all. I want to screw Sony even more!



Gamer83 said:


To be fair, Greg Miller was hardly the only one complaining about that and giving it a lower review score because of that issue. I don't agree with it, but I don't think it's an unfair complaint either.



Urbanhispanic said:

I'm worried about this game will sell. It has taken forever for this game to FINALLY show up on WiiWare. With Wii U out now and the brand new e-shop in full swing (not to mention that people have either forgotten about this game or don't care if it comes out), Retro City Rampage may not sell as much as it can.

I would get it when it's out in January but I wonder how many others would do the same.



Shanksta said:

I'm gonna buy it when it comes out. I just hope by January they mean January 3rd. lol
EDIT: Probably won't buy it, makes me too mad just thinking how every other system in EU region is getting it before Wii ANYWHERE. I really had high hopes for this, but whatever. I'll keep my money.

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