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Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Rises From The Dead For Japanese eShop Release

Posted by Damien McFerran

Updated version also allows you to wipe save data

Capcom has confirmed that 3DS title Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D is getting an eShop release in Japan, alongside a "Best Price" physical release.

The game was an early release for the 3DS back in 2011, and is possibly more famous for its undeletable save data than the quality of its co-operative zombie-slaying action. Thankfully, Capcom has remained true to its word and has added in the ability to delete your save and begin the game anew. The Resident Evil Revelations demo which was included with the original version of the game has also been removed.

There's no word on whether or not Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D will make its way to the North American and European eShops.

"Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D entertains with its brand of fast-flowing action, constant stream of unlockables and captivating co-op gameplay" is the verdict we delivered when we posted our Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D review back in June 2011.

Would you be willing to drop some cash on an eShop version of this game? Let us know in the comments section.


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RR529 said:

You know, maybe I should pick this up one day (I could probably find it pretty cheap).



McHaggis said:

InB4 UK/European eShop lists the game at £39.99. I'd rather buy a physical copy, though.



marc_max said:

Mercenaries 3D should have been a download game from the first day. It's full of bugs, but it's still a very good game to play from time to time.
I guess they have fixed some of the bugs this game has.
Will the retail users get the update too?



Lilifish said:

Undeletable save data for physical copy and deletable save data for download copy? Makes no sense for the second hand game market...



WiiLovePeace said:

Hahahaha not like you could resell the game as a second hand digital copy by itself anyway, you'd have to sell your 3DS to do that so deletable save data for the digital copy really doesn't mean anything.



Gorlokk said:

I... I can delete my old data?
Please, I NEED THIS! I traded in my old copy
awhile back. I really wish I didn't because I had a BLAST playing with my friend locally, and I only got $4 for it anyway.



TruenoGT said:

Circle Pad Pro support would be a nice additional also, but that's probably asking too much...



Banker-Style said:

I saw this game for £5 in Morrisons brand new a couple of months ago,so if this game to the UK E-shop,it'll be for a Bargain price of £39.99.
Cheap as Chips innit



AVahne said:

$10-20 with circle pad pro support added and I'll get it. Would be nice if they went back in to fix some graphical problems, too.



Yosher said:

I got this game quite a while back. It's one of my most played 3DS games! Awesome game, just a shame it's a tad low on content.



MeloMan said:

Missed it the first time around... might not be a bad idea if it comes over...



Hokori said:

@Lilifish Well even if they didn't include the wipe save feature in the eShop version, you still could by wiping it from the SD card and redownload it



rayword45 said:

Considering the online aspects, I would definitely consider this with a delete save feature.



SubZer023 said:

also needs Some DLC such as more Stages more mini Game options more Characters and Guns in yea But i really dont think its gonna happen :/



WesCash said:

It's a fun game if you like the Mercenaries mode.
I wish they'd add some DLC or something though.



KryptoKrunch said:

Mercs 3D is a good game. Really fun if you liked the mode from previous games and/or you like high scores and unlocking stuff. I got my copy new so I don't have any use to wipe my data but it's a nifty feature to have.



SCAR said:

I'll probably get this for another go. I just got Street Fighter 4 3D on eBay for $12 BTW, so I plan on playing that soon...



DerpSandwich said:

Awesome action, very little content, $40 = crappy game.
Awesome action, very little content, downloadable for $10 or $15 = awesome game.

If only publishers could get it right the FIRST time. We don't want to pay full price for one quarter of a game.



Supremeist said:

It's not a bad game (I bought it on release), but the asking price was an insult. They haven't added anything to it or given us anything additional with our 40$ spent.

I did enjoy the game while it lasted, and Co-op is a blast (When the internet's not disconnecting).

@DerpSandwich - I agree with you. It's a good game, but the asking price is just so sad. Revelations however, did make up for it.



Freak-Show said:

If it does come to the States in the eShop they should add Leon, Ada, Sheva and Ashley. (To keep the genders balanced)

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