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Register Paper Mario: Sticker Star On Club Nintendo To Receive An A-peel-ing Sticker Book

Posted by Andy Green

Limited to 10,000 copies

Paper Mario: Sticker Star will finally arrive on European shelves — and of course in the 3DS eShop — this Friday, and Nintendo of Europe has cooked up a little reward to give you even more of an incentive to pick it up. This motivation comes with a glorious sticker book that will be available on Club Nintendo if you register a copy of the game; there are only 10,000 copies available, however, so they will be dished out on a first-come first-serve basis.

The beautiful looking book comes with stickers of all your favourite Mario characters and power-ups from the game. You can make your own Paper Mario adventures by combining the stickers with the vibrant backgrounds, or maybe place a few stickers around your house for your family to find, the possibilities are endless!

Registration for the sticker book will open at 8am (UK time) on 7th December. It’s naturally limited to one per copy of the game, and if you're successful then you’ll be contacted by email with details of how to claim your special gift.

We really enjoyed this new entry in the series, as we pointed out in our Paper Mario: Sticker Star review. Does this sticker book make you want to pick up a copy all the more? Let us know in the comments below.

Thanks to RupeeClock for the heads up.


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Juampi said:

You should clarify that this is for Europe only in the article title or sub-title.



ultraraichu said:

Whew its Europe only, got me going for a second there. I almost rush to go buy/download a copy. I am still getting the game at a later date but this would of speed it up for me.



RupeeClock said:

It's too bad this is on my Christmas wish list, I probably will not be one of the first 10,000 registrants, and it'd have been nice to get this little reward.



Shiromikio said:

Very nice! Would get one if they ever publish one for sale.

As usual, EU gets cool Nintendo rewards, unlike a certain dull region that doesn't have PMSS restaurant launch parties and no choice of a free game out of 5 to go with a 3DS XL. If it's any consolation, the November issue of Nintendo Power had PMSS ads with a few stickers, just enough to use on a 3DS and maybe a notebook or two.



oninowon said:

If you registered the game in the USA then you got something subjectively better- a free game- Donkey King.



ToxieDogg said:

Hopefully I get this. I missed out on the Xenoblade/Last Story/Pandora's Tower coins despite registering all 3 games and a sticker book isn't exactly in the same league as those coins, but it'll be a small consolation for me at least.



Klinny said:

@oninowon This is true, however I believe the Donkey Kong download was only available to those who purchased the eShop version of PMSS. Those who bought the retail copy did not get anything.

However, I think being able to play the game a month before the UK is more than enough of a reward for us in North America. The book is definitely a cute, though, so congrats to whoever gets one



Noxia said:

Love how our US brothers begrudge us a sticker book when we get everything way later and miss out completely on loads of stuff!



sinalefa said:


You always see these kind of complaints:

"We get it way after you"
"Where is Pandora's Tower?"
"Games are a lot more expensive here"
"Only Japan gets the good stuff"
"We don't even have Club Nintendo here"

The list goes on. Congrats to Europe for scoring this.



Mr_3DS said:

Well, I got a huge sticker for preordering at Gamestop so its alright...



WiiLovePeace said:

I would've bought the game that much quicker if the sticker book was available in Australia. I'm still going to get the game though, eventually.



Hybrid said:

Cool, Sticker Star should arrive today (it was out since Monday in The Netherlands) so I'll be visiting the Club Nintendo site on Friday morning : )



Banker-Style said:

I must admit,while it's nothing like the RPG coins I've got,I still think it's a ncie little extra.



LadyStarstorm said:

Wow what a shame, I would love if this came out here. Of course, I always get cool game/anime stickers but then never actually stick them anywhere, since I worry about the future of whatever I stick it on, and whether I'll lose the sticker because of it someday............

Ahhh, collector woes.



mario300 said:

EUROPE ONLY! CHINA now EUROPE! I know that china isnt part of this but why not the USA?

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