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Panorama View to be Sighted on Wii U eShop in Spring 2013

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Confirmed in Japan, at least

One of the first concepts that was shown off for Wii U, and which made an appearance at various demo opportunities and expo appearances for the system, was Panorama View. It's a relatively simple app that uses real-life video and allows you to view the action from any angle you desire, simply by moving the GamePad.

It's a clever demonstration of some of the technology in the system's controller, with the ability to enjoy a 360 degree view of scenes such as a flock of birds or a tour bus driving through London. Some wondered whether it'd be a pack-in free with the system, but its absence on day one meant it looked as if it was going to be left as a tech demo. Satoru Iwata has confirmed today, however, that it'll be available from the Wii U eShop as a download-exclusive in Japan sometime in Spring 2013.

Considering the relative simplicity of localisation of an app such as this, it wouldn't surprise us if this became a worldwide download. We may not have long to wait before we find out, with Nintendo Direct broadcasts from Europe and North America on the way later today.

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Yeah this is excellent news. Got to try it at the Wii U roadshow in Braehead and it was very easy to use, and I really was hoping it would be downloadable! I wouldn't be surprised if it was free for a limited time, before having a £4.99 price tag or something similar. I certainly wouldn't pay much more than that, unless more content was added to it!



NintyMan said:

After playing arond with Metroid Blast in Nintendo Land, I'm more interested to see how to look around in all directions and angles now.



FonistofCruxis said:

This seems like a tech demo so I think it should be free but it would be pretty cool to try out and it will be interesting to see how this is used in future Wii U games.

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