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Oliver Twins Admit Dizzy Returns Kickstarter Has Failed

Posted by Damien McFerran

Potential Wii U release no longer on the cards

We've seen our fair share of Kickstarter success stories of late, but it's worth remembering that not every campaign achieves its goal.

One Kickstarter project which looks unlikely to reach its target is Dizzy Returns, a drive by famous coding siblings The Oliver Twins to create an all-new game featuring their most famous creation, Dizzy.

Egg-shaped hero Dizzy made his debut in 1987 on 8-bit home computers in the UK, and went on to feature on the NES, Mega Drive / Genesis and Master System. His most recent outing was on iOS.

Philip and Andrew Oliver - who head up Blitz Games in Leamington Spa, England - had set a rather lofty target for the campaign of £350,000 (around $565,000). With just seven days to go, the project has only raised around £25,000, which is £325,000 shy of its goal.

The Twins have acknowledged that the campaign has failed, and have posted the following message:

As of today the total amount pledged stands at just over £23,000 of our £350,000 goal - in order to meet that we’d need over £40,000 pledged every day, and realistically that’s not going to happen. There’s certainly no shame in admitting that though, and we believe that rather than posting updates under the pretence that we might hit our target, it’s much better to be honest and upfront with you, our backers.

Although the game would have been produced for PC and iOS initially, the brothers admitted that other editions would be considered if the target had been met - including a version for the Wii U. That's now unlikely, although the pair haven't entirely ruled out a Dizzy revival:

We may revisit the possibility of another Dizzy game at a later date, but the vision of that game would need to be considerably different.

Are you an old-school gamer who was looking forward to some Dizzy action? Drop a comment below to tell us.


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Cranky said:

I enjoyed dizzy on the Spectrum, I was rubbish at it but the graphics were great at the time. £350,000 seems quite a high target for a 2d platform game, unless it was planned to be 3d.



RedDevilAde said:

Shame, it looks like Elite Dangerous will fall short as well (asking for an eye watering 1.25 million GBP). I think the main issue with these things is there is no profit sharing on Kickstarter (due to laws on investment I believe). Without that I'd never want to chuck in more than pocket change and I don't think it's realistic to expect people to put in a large sum of money to support the project without getting it back if the project is commercially successful (the amount Elite has attracted to date has really surprised me though).




I would have loved to see another Dizzy game -I had several for my Amstrad CPC 464 Plus back in the day! But the target of £350k was overly ambitious. The concept art looks great though!



ogo79 said:

sometimes, if you dont have money you cant make it either.
thats the way of business.



MrWalkieTalkie said:

It's a shame when a classic video game character just can't become relevant anymore in these times of over-rated FPS games. Like remember when Bonk tried to make his big comeback?



SilentHunter382 said:

Well I did like the Dizzy game back on the Mega Drive. It was difficult without a in save feature or password feature.



Vampire-Jekyll said:

Holy crap! I've been trying to figure out what that strange game Humpty Dumpty NES game I rented when I was a kid was for years! I remember it came in like a 5 in 1 cartridge along with Super Robin Hood. Now that I have more info (both games were done by Codemasters), I might be able to actually track the cartridge down.



SteveW said:

Maybe if you posted this a month ago it would have helped? I sent an e-mail and posted on the forums about it.



Drawdler said:

Now hold on, sure, Dizzy looks just ambitiously silly in design, but the project sounds likeit has good people behind it, and the art looks excellent, so it's something I would happily contribute to if I did Kickstarter donations.



Mk_II said:

never liked any of the Dizzy games so i dont really care. But i would love a new Elite for sure!



ouroborous said:

Dizzy for NES was impossible, no save or password and way too easy to die. I think just falling would kill you and I freakin' hate that. Always wanted to play it but hey, maybe with the marvels of modern technology it would be worth another toss now.



SKTTR said:

This is the first time I hear about this game - of course I know the Dizzy games from the Schneider homecomputer - but I mean this new version. Too bad there was no talk about it. Totally gone under. However, back in the day it was an effort of one, two, or three people to make a game like this in a few months - and they made lots of Dizzy games back in the day - so why does it take half a million dollars to make a new one? The retro versions are great but very hard: just give em some checkpoints to save sometimes. Stay true to its retro roots and don't make it a generic 3D platformer.



Tsuchiya said:

They have 25k in the bank - that's some failure. I'll never donate to kickstarter.

It's all a con imo



DerpSandwich said:

That seems like a little too much to ask for some oldschool-style game many people have never even heard of. I see that old art and it just makes me think of crappy old games.

@Tsuchiya - Kickstarters don't receive any money unless the project is fully funded. They didn't get any money, and it's not a "con" in any way.



MagicEmperor said:

I hang my head in shame, because I considered myself a well-versed gamer. But I never knew who Dizzy was. Never heard of his games. I can't really comment on this news, other than it's sad for the twins. They're handling this better than I would have, it seems...



Takosuke said:

I feel like these two were ahead of their time... but the time they were at passed us long ago.

I'm not massively fussed because Toki Tori fills the gap of Dizzy nowadays. I would love to see the old games remade though, since I always thought that they were let down by the very limited technology.



Katzii said:

I contributed to this knowing that, in all likelihoods, it wouldn't reach its goal. But, as a fan of the series, I wanted to at least show that I would love to see another new Dizzy game.



GC-161 said:

From the kickstarter page:

"As with any project we undertake, there are financial risks involved in making a game. Funding this project through Kickstarter means that we get to test the water without that high-level risk"

In other words, they pass on all the risks to the backers and fans of the game. Isn't that wonderful?



TromaDogg said:

I don't quite understand how Kickstarter projects work. So I take it if you donate to them and they don't reach their targets, the company just keeps your money anyway and says 'Tough luck, you won't be getting that game you wanted!' whilst laughing all the way to the bank?

If that's the case, it's no wonder they fell way short of their target, is it?



TromaDogg said:

^^ Ah, right....thanks. It's not really the kind of thing I'm interested in so I've never really looked into it. As far as Dizzy's a shame there likely won't be another Dizzy game but he's not really a relevant character anymore to be fair. Even if they'd have hit the target, they'd have still struggled to sell the game in any significant numbers



Kirk said:

Look, I could make a game like this for even less than the 25k support you got so go figure it out...

Christ, I've already made two pretty decent iPhone games for less than a grand. All by myself.

If I had £350,000 I can just imaging the number of great iPhone games I could make...

Well known developers asking us to pay their development fees upfront, often hundreds of thousands and more, is just them taking the utter p*ss out of those people who are willing to pay them in advance for a game they basically know very little about.

I say make at least part of the game first and then start asking for a little money possibly. That's the least you could do, no.

Anything else is just abusing the consumer and very insulting to simple honest developers like me who have to struggle to even make one game all on our own.




Trikeboy said:

It's such a shame it failed because I would have loved to have seen another Dizzy game. It is a game series I grew up with and they were so much fun to play.. If you haven't heard of Dizzy and want to learn more and even download the original games head on over to There are even fan made games. Be warned, these aren't nanny generation games. You actually need to be skilled at games to win. No save files, 3 lives or less and a long adventure. They don't make them like that anymore. The iOS release was a joke with it's infinite lives. There was no challenge to it.



Trikeboy said:

@NGamerZero Yes, he is a member of the Yolk Folk, get it . British gamers from the 80's probably know him the best. £3.99 games on tape format and a challenging experience meant hours and hours of play. Much better value for money that most of today's offerings.

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