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Nintendo UK Looking To Maintain Wii U Momentum

Posted by Andy Green

Focus turns to Q1 2013

It's fair to say the Wii U's launch has been a success, with the system selling out across the United States and shifting 40,000 units in the UK. Extra shipments are coming in thick and fast to meet the extreme demand that you'd expect for a new Nintendo console at Christmas time. Nobody really doubted that Wii U would be successful at launch, but many people are concerned about what's to come.

When the 3DS launched it enjoyed fantastic sales but then failed to maintain momentum in the months following its release. This was put down to many reasons but games was certainly an issue with big hitters Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 being released quite some time after the console launched.

Nintendo is eager to learn from these mistakes with Wii U, saying it is already focused on the next step: the first quarter of 2013. Speaking to MCV, head of consumer marketing at Nintendo UK James Honeywell said:

We’ve got a very strong line-up, lots of titles and activities aimed at Christmas, but we’ve already got plans for Q1. Lots of new titles like Monster Hunter, but also repromotions and things like that.

Q1 covers everything between 1st January and 31st March and is known as the fabled Wii U launch window. The Wii U launch window is fairly strong in Europe with titles such as Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor’s Edge, SiNG Party, Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate, and Lego City Undercover all being made available before April Fools' Day.

Pikmin 3 sadly won't be available in Q1 as it was confirmed this week to be a Q2 release, but Rayman Legends has recently been given a release date of 1st March in the UK, meaning it has retained its coveted place as a launch window title.

Honeywell went on to reaffirm Nintendo's desire to maintain a balance between core and casual games for the entire lifespan of Wii U, saying:

Nintendo always makes sure it launches games throughout the year. We don’t really focus particularly on Christmas. We’ve got a strong line-up all the way through the year. We always have the marketing to support that. We have plans to take sampling all the way through the year.

For us, it’s not just about launch, it’s about building momentum and maintaining that over a long period of time.

Do you think Nintendo is striking a good balance between core and casual games on Wii U? Can they keep this momentum going? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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TOMBOY25 said:

my life ends march 31st monster hunter tri ultimate is delivered to me



Yellowgerbil said:

Monster hunter tri Ultimate is releasing in march and I just can't wait! Come at me Lagiacrus



Rapadash6 said:

I'm pretty sure Wii U sales will wind down fairly quickly. As a Nintendo fan, I'm really happy with mine, but the lack of clarity in what Wii U is all about will alienate the general public, while the lack of any substantial third party support beyond Q1 2013 will discourage the remainder of the gamer populous. It's possible Nintendo is holding onto certain information in order to prevent thier limited supply chain from creating bad press. They let the companies biggest supporters buy up the initial runs through the holidays while they ready a bigger supply and garner more support for the broader crowd next year. At least I HOPE this is what's happening, otherwise Nintendo's ineptitude with this launch is among the worst I have ever seen, and this is coming from a fan.



Xilef said:

Stillwaiting for news on The Wonderful 101... Oh well, it least i got NG3:RE, LCU, RL and MHTU. Can't say i'm complaining.



theJP said:

@Rapadash6 I can kinda see what your meaning, but i have to give you my opinion. First off, i dont see the sales going down that quickly they may go down alot later, like with any console. The lack of clarity? well nintendo have always been known to be about video games (well of course some people are stupid enough to think its just an addon to the wii, those people first started gaming on wii), if you look at the ps3 or the Xbox 360, the thing they are all about are... video games, ive heard many rumours of the next duo of third party support consoles being the Playstation omni (4) and WiiU, with the next "xbox" being a casual heaven. maybe nintendo wont be as succesful with sales this gen, as they were with the Wii. but they wont be as bad as gamecubes sales. people know there will be mario and all the other nintendo Ip's so they will surely invest into the WiiU, But the thing the wii u is all about is Multiplayer fun. And i defenately see the WiiU being one of the best nintendo crafted consoles. (sorry for the bad english)



Ryno said:

Phew! That's a relief! I was worried Nintendo was not looking to maintain the momentum from launch.



Molotov said:

Let Me Make My Point.
If I Have Two Phones In Stock And They Sell Out... Then Its A Sell Out. Point Made.



Rapadash6 said:


Don't get me wrong here; the Wii U is a solid console with a lot going for it. The asymetrical gameplay is fun, Miiverse is groundbreaking stuff, and the games I've played so far are excellent. The problem really isn't with the product though, but the messege of said product. You see, the Wii was accessible because you really only had to SEE it to understand it. Wii U doesn't have that benifit, and in fact, seeing it might confuse some moreso than simply hearing about it. This is where Nintendo is faultering, because it seems they are relying soley on word of mouth to sell this console, but even with how awesome the Wii U is, you have to admit it's a lot less inviting of an experience to grandma or your kid sister at first glance.



ajmetz said:

It's good that they're making an effort. Personally, though, I'm likely to only buy one (or at a push, two) games in H1 2013. Nothing particularly appealing to me on that list of games mentioned for Q1...I'm more likely to buy up some Wii classics I've missed out on, and possibly some casual or retro titles from the eShop. I don't doubt the format will be buzzing this time next year... but I'd still expect a slump in interest until Q3 2013. However, with only 40,000 sold in the launch weekend, I reckon there are still plenty of people who want a Wii U, so hopefully they'll get more stock in, and demand will continue to result in some good sales at least up until Christmas. Good to know Nintendo UK is making an effort to keep momentum up however, =).



rjejr said:

Some Wii U things I've noticed:

TRU has a deal for $20 off a Wii U game if you buy the white Basic Wii U. I wasn't expecting that until Feb. as I didn't think any store would have enough in stock to justify any deals.

Many stores seem to have the white Basic Wii U in stock. I didn't see a Wii in stock for about 2 years after launch.

My kids were just both playing Mario Kart Wii - with the plug Gamecube style controllers. They weren't happy when I told them no ports for plug-ins on the Wii U.

I know that's just anecdotal evidence but I do think a winter/spring push may be necessary on Nintendo's part to keep Wii Us selling. Pack ins, price drop, ad blitz. I'm not sure what, but something positive in the news.



Daz-brum said:

Nintendo really needs to get the big big hitters out Mario world U or Mario Kart U otherwise guys will turn off. I want a Donkey Kong world please

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