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Nintendo Releases a Video Guide for Wii to Wii U Transfer

Posted by Thomas Whitehead

Don't forget the extra TV

Though Wii U has been available in North America for nearly a month, Nintendo is still producing information and videos to help new owners get the most out of their systems. One strength of the new console, something that Nintendo's been offering for a number of years on different systems, is full backward compatibility.

Although popping onto the Wii channel and firing up a game is simple enough, those that want to transfer their downloadable content and save data have some hoops to jump through. The actual steps for the Wii to Wii U transfer are quite well known, but now there's an official video to provide a visual guide to the process. You get a glimpse of the Pikmin-inspired animations and see a lot of simulated movements of an SD card between systems, with everything clearly explained. It's excellent that this feature is included, though unsurprisingly the video doesn't highlight the fiddly nature of moving between the systems on multiple occasions; Nintendo's previously suggested that two TVs are used at the same time.

Check it out below, and if you've done this Wii to Wii U system transfer, let us know how it went in the comments section.

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AltDotNerd said:

You don't really need an extra tv, you can just switch the cables back and forth.



NImH said:

I didn't need 2 TV's. The SD card just gets removed from one console and inserted into the other, and you change the input on the TV. Although, I skipped a step during my transfer process and totally confused myself! Doh... I spent an hour on the phone with Ninty Customer service while they troubleshot (is that a term?) every possible problem for me. I felt like such an imbecile once we figured it out.



TruenoGT said:

I thought the Donkey Kong Country games didn't transfer over (as well as other games pulled from the Wii Shop Channel)... they show DKC during this process, so am I wrong or perhaps this video was produced before they got pulled...



Intrepid said:

I'm not going to transfer my games, because sending them to the WiiU means I lose the ability to use my gamecube controllers with them.



Legodavid18 said:

I think he ment games like Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Wii games which you can play with a GameCube controller.



b_willers said:

For some reason the Wii mode on my my Wii U looks poor on my TV. Like its coming through a composite cable, even though it's HDMI. Also it's letterboxed around all 4 sides of the screen. It's no problem because I was planning to keep my Wii connected anyway. Anyone else noticed anything similar?



Peppy_Hare said:

I really hope Nintendo links the games we've purchased to our Nintendo E-shop accounts so that Virtual Console games purchased on the Wii aren't lost should our WiiU consoles break.



ThomasBW84 said:

The TV tagline is a little quip on Nintendo recommending that the process works best with two televisions, maybe because they were thinking not all people have enough inputs or power supplies for their main set. Who knows, but it's a little joke. Chiiiiiilllll



renaryuugufan92 said:

"move the save data to the sd card before transfer"

games like mario kart wii and brawl don't allow you to move their data to an sd card~ or do they transfer anyway?



Rebel81 said:

First fix the problems with Lost Winds 1 transfer and 1 want one credit not thrree different ones for 3ds, wii and wii u.



SMW said:

Pikmin make the best transfer process ever. What could be better than watching Pikmin carry YOUR data onto a rocket, only to watch it take off and blast into a giant Wii U logo?



Gameday said:

Id imagine so cause im sure someone will claim the system deleted their data when in reality they did something wrong lol or something close to that nature ;p its great that they are doing this but i think it shoulda came with the wii u period or one of those videos that is pre installed to the system and not erasable would make sense and have it pop up everytime you start the system as an reminder in the corner somewhere lol ok maybe i got too carried away but you get me lol



Sean_Aaron said:

Mine worked pretty well until the upload from SD to Wii U which aborted a quarter of the way through with some error code and left me unable to shut down without pulling the plug (didn't think to try using the Wii Remote as others have suggested subsequently).

After restarting I switched to Wii channel and found a decent amount of content present including my save game files, so it was good to know the last part isn't all-or-nothing. I fired up the Transfer Channel again and it asked if I wanted to resume and just picked up where it left off.

It was a lengthy process because they don't tell you that you need to leave around 90 blocks free on your Wii for a new download (the Transfer Channel), so I had to "clean the fridge" some more; nor do they tell you that the Wii U's Wii Channel has the same space restrictions, only more so since it ALSO has a Transfer Channel - so I had to "clean the fridge" again after installing the Transfer Channel on the Wii and having a message tell me there wouldn't be enough space on Wii U for my saves/channels.

So it was an hour all-in with multiple restarts, but in the end I had the content on Wii transferred; most critically my saves with online data that you cannot copy otherwise. I still don't have all my WiiWare/VC content because I'm just not willing to do the SD shuffle any more on a system with over 3GB internal storage free because of Nintendo's method of ensuring backwards compatibility.



Mollutje said:

This doesn't work for me since our wifi isn't supported by the "Wii" setting of my Wii U.. which I find confusing because the same wifi works fine on the regular Wii as far as I know.



SYZYGY said:

It worked fine for me no problems or confusion. The best thing is that I could transfer my VC games and data from my old Wii with a broken disc drive.



Nardar said:

I have a question, it said put all the save data on the SD card. There are games like Brawl and Mario Kart Wii that wont let you copy it to the SD card, so does that mean I will have to start over with those games?



Dogpigfish said:

Wii transfer bombed, loud noise On the tv when it gets to 5% on the wii u; freezes and I have unplug the console. Lost everything unless it eventually works. My advice, keep everything on the wii before before you lose it all.



juvigt said:

@Nardar No that is not what they say in the video. They say (at 1:10) for save data move it from the SD card to the Wii console before beginning the transfer. Your Brawl data and Mario Kart data should already be in the console. The transfer software then moves it to the SD card along with everything else in the Wii. You don't move the saves to the SD card, the transfer software does.



Sun said:

What about the save data of Wii games with Gamecube controller support. It looks like everything is transferred, is it possible to transfer back those files to the Wii? Has anyone tried?



DrKarl said:


I want to know if partial transfers are possible too. I have some TG-16 games that have five player support. At this point in time, these games are limited to only 4 players on the Wii U. I need to be armed with all of the information before I am comfortable doing the transfer.



Sun said:

@DrKarl Oh, let's hope somebody answers! I really love the Gamecube controller, I think it has the best grip ever.

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