It's the festive season and many are starting to put their feet up and eat too much food — not us, we'll be bringing you features every day throughout the Holiday period. Nintendo of Europe's boss, Satoru Shibata, has left a fairly lengthy message for Nintendo fans, talking about his move into hosting Nintendo Direct and his own experiences so far with Wii U.

At one point we believe he thanks us, here at Nintendo Life, for including his recent performance of Call Me Maybe in our Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments feature. Read the excerpt below and decide for yourself.

I was also flattered when one gaming website listed me singing Call Me Maybe as one of the ‘Memorable Nintendo Direct Moments’ (thank you!). I admit that it was embarrassing to sing in public, but I’m glad I did it in the end if it helped to convey the fun of the game. To tell you the truth, that song was very difficult to sing because the pitch doesn’t change a lot in the beginning of the chorus, but after having practised more than 30 times, I was able to achieve over 90 points in Practice Mode! And yet despite that, the Nintendo Direct team only used a five-second clip of me singing in the end…

Considering that we did indeed honour Shibata-san's performance in an entry called "Shibata's Got Talent", and he quoted the name of the feature word for word, we're going to assume that Nintendo Life got a mention...

Elsewhere in the message Shibata-san explains that he's trying to improve his FPS skills, and that his wife was asking for a tablet device for Christmas until she browsed the web using the Wii U GamePad. He also encourages everyone with a Wii U to get the system online in order to access all of the good stuff.

We recommend that you read the whole Christmas greetings message for yourself. We wish a Merry Christmas to everyone at Nintendo of Europe, and also anyone else who reads this, of course.