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Nintendo Direct: Watch The North American Presentation Live

Posted by Damien McFerran

Wii U and 3DS titles to be revealed?

Japan has had its turn, now it time for North America to get the Nintendo Direct treatment. At 9AM PT (12PM ET) Nintendo of America will hold yet another Nintendo Direct presentation, focusing on forthcoming Wii U and 3DS software due to be released both this year and early in 2013. The event will last for around 30 minutes.

We're standing by to give you play-by-play commentary and updates, and you can enjoy the whole thing right here, on this very page. Excited? You should be!

Don't forget, the European presentation is also taking place at the same time.

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And that's a wrap!



New NSMB2 DLC is available today!


NSMB 2 DLC news now




Fire Emblem Awakening! Feb 4th NA release


Brain Age Concentration Training!



New Brain Age game for 3DS


Spring 2013 release date for Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon




Onto 3DS games now, and it's Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon



Iwata has spotted a turtle.


Google Maps Street View coming to Panorama View, we reported on this earlier today


Panorama View comes out next spring, is a paid-for download product


Panorama View now, we've seen a lot of this so far


Ninja Gaiden 3 - New character!


Come at me, Bro


Ninja Gaiden 3 Wii U is getting new characters


Wii Fit U is early 2013 in NA...


Introducing the Fit Meter!


Wii Fit U!


Now showing off the Game & Wario Fruit game that Iwata played earlier


Game & Wario has 16 unique games, playable only on GamePad


Game & Wario now!





Looks like the same video that was shown during the Japanese ND


Pikmin 3 now! We saw this during the Japanese ND earlier


Lego City Undercover coming early 2013 in NA


Lego Morgan Freeman?


Nice Shawshank Redemption reference there!




GTA meets building blocks


Lego Iwata again!


Lego City Undercover being discussed now...


Nice lunchbox, Reggie!


It's started!


Our collective bodies are ready.

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User Comments (132)



Squashie said:

Yikes! Which one do I watch? They're both on at the same time! Are you guys combining the text stream?



Megumi said:

I'll stick with Reggie, lol.
I almost forgot that Nintendo did say they didn't tell us everything about Wii U's launch window, so yeah...prepare for some surprises.
(also, please talk about Ultimate, that series in general just need to be known about here)



SkywardLink98 said:

I doubt it's be F-Zero... Didn't Miyamoto say they weren't gonna make anymore because no one bought them.



sr388survivor said:

I think they said they were surprised to hear that people still wanted a f-zero game. Which means even if they make one it'll be a while lol



SteveSnowmn said:

I can't believe people are actually expecting new games to be revealed here....they said on their Facebook it was about "announced" much more clear can you be?



Blodtryck said:

I wish you'd post GMT/CET times in addition to the US time zones. Annoying to always have to look that up on google ^^



Megumi said:

@SkywardLink98: First time I've heard that, only thing I heard was that Miyamoto was just surprised people wanted it. Well now they know, so maybe we'll get F-Zero...but not now obviously, lol



Dodger said:

My day will be so much happier if the release date for Animal Crossing is released.



DF2506 said:

@Dodger: My day too!

I just hope they announce it. Other than that, I don't care what else they talk about. Animal Crossing: New Leaf release date already! Come on Nintendo!



NintyMan said:

A Game & Wario release date is all I would really like, but we'll see what else there is.



Megumi said:

Yeah that's what I surprised him, maybe they'll do something for the series at some point.



Kirk said:

I must admit that Pikmin 3 does look very charming and visually appealing



Emaan said:

Game & Wario looks great! I'm seeing a pattern of like, no release dates at all. I'm counting on the 3DS 2013 games now as far as solid dates go.



SMW said:

Thanks for this article! The video wouldn't work for me on the NOA site for some reason. Works here, though.



Molotov said:

Those Two Weirdos Look Like Scientology Nuts. And Neither Is Looking Anywhere Near The Camera, Especially Mr Cross Eye Talking About Luigi.



Emaan said:

...alright. I'm done counting on release dates. Tell us something we don't already know Nintendo. Spring 2013? Quarter 1 2013? I swear we already knew all of this, or it was already assumed. /me waits to be surprised ;_;



Emaan said:

I stand corrected! Yay for them finally giving us an actual release date! February 4th, 2013!



SammyOfMobius said:

Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Harmoknight, and Pikmin 3 made this Nintendo Direct! But seriously... no specific release date on ANY of these? Kinda lame, but at least I can confirm in the next 3-6 months.



Dodger said:

Excited about Harmoknight, Tokyo Flash Mobs looks fun, Fire Emblem and Luigi's Mansion will be nice.

But no Animal Crossing. :/



New_3DaSh_XL said:

I woulda liked to have seen something about FSS and ACNL, but now I might have to get FEA...looks like a really deep game.



FiveDigitLP said:

Wow. Quite disappointing indeed. Why spend a Nintendo Direct just giving new videos of games we already know about if we don't get a firm release date? Only benefit of this stream: Fire Emblem coming in February!



ohhaime said:

No Monster Hunter, no Animal Crossing makes OhHaiMe something something...



Megumi said:

...No surprises?...What happened to the "we have a few unnanounced launch window games for Wii U" thing? :/



Ryno said:

Maybe people will stop expecting to much from these presentations from now on..



NintyMan said:

Even though there was no exact release date, they still showed Game & Wario and the "Gamer" looked really cool. The game's shaping up the way I thought it would. And I'm thankful and pleased Harmoknight is coming to North America.



Pikachupwnage said:


They are the new smash bros brawl ;_;

But harmoknight confirmation and Fire emblem dates made this awesome



Lunapplebloom said:

An ok showing. Would have wanted some release dates other than vague windows, but seeing the games in action looked great. Fire Emblem has been marked down on my calender.



Shiromikio said:

Still no AC date, HarmoKnight confirmation (expected already just not "official"), and most of the 3DS items have no release dates except the Luigi Mansion game. Nice ND for Wii U players (Ninja Gaiden 3, Lego City Undercover), though. 3DS followers can go back to sleep.



DerpSandwich said:

What I really wanted was just one awesome surprise. The absolute least that I realistically expected was release dates for Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing. And once again, Nintendo has delivered below my lowest expectations. They're getting really good at doing that.

Also, how much did that guy pay for all of that time just talking about Ninja Gaiden 3? That was the most boring thing! He talked about it for five minutes just to mention the new characters at the end!



Barbiegurl777 said:

At least we get HarmoKnight! Yayy!

Spring 2013 for luigi's mansion 3ds wish they would have given us a release date but oh well...

Happy Gaming! (^_^)



AVahne said:

We get FE13 before Europe?

Other than that, that was a really boring Nintendo Direct :/



rjejr said:

@Pikachupwnage - I've been thinking Pikmin 3 was the new Brawl every since E3. Glad to see Nintendo not let me down.
Just how long can a launch window be if a launch window can be long?
On the bright side, maybe the Wii U's body will be ready out-of-the-box by the time Pikmin 3 launches. Maybe they can make a Wii U look like Olimar's ship. (If a 360 can look like R2D2 I don't see why not.)

@xkaj0x - Thanks for that comment, saved me the trouble.



Rapadash6 said:

First of all, I am really enjoying my Wii U, but this Nintendo Direct furthers my fears about the system and its future. Nintendo's handling with the original unveiling the system in 2011, all the way up to its launch has been just so bad. It's like a movie that never really hits its climax, and the audience (Nintendo fans) are never really satisfied.

Looking back on all of Nintendo's hardware launches we've always had that window into the future, and the games we knew were coming, even if they were far off, helped us through that typical software drought that tends to succeed those launches. We are once again facing such a drought, but with no knowledge of the future to help us through it. Nintendo needed to open up to us fans, and so far they have failed to do so.

My hope is that this is a system that will leave me satisfied by the end of its lifecycle, and so far no Nintendo console has done any less, but Nintendos silence here has me quite worried.



Dreamcaster-X said:

These direct videos are so bizarre. There's nothing in them that couldn't be done in a normal press release.They get fans excited with these "announcements" and so far they haven't really surprised anyone. These are all games we knew would be coming soon but now we know they will be out sometime in 2013. Going forward I'll be putting my expectations very low as I always come away disappointed. I mean I wasn't expecting the next Zelda to be announced or anything but the amount of secrecy they have in regards to the Wii U games lineup is rather perplexing.



Adam said:

Been hoping the delays for Pikmin were so they could add online. Guess not if they still haven't announced it. Oh well. Fire Emblem!



SCAR said:

Guess there's alot of cool stuff coming out for Wii U! 'Nuff said, so just go buy one now. Haha. For all of those complaning about no news, go watch the news on tv. Haha. Just wait you animals. The games are gonna come out the same day whether it's announced or not, and even if they say release dates, there's always a chance it could get pushed back. Nintendo might even know when they're coming out, and if they do, then it will come out that day whether they announce it tommorow or a month from now.



ianmage1 said:

Thank God for the Fire Emblem release date. That's about the only 3DS game I'm looking forward to right now.



LittleIrves said:

So people really have a fetish for release dates, huh? Don't really understand why. If a game comes out on March 1st, it'll come out on that day whether I know or not. If I'm told "Q1," it'll still come out whenever it's going to come out. Personally, I kind of like the anticipation and mystery of a vague window over a specific date anyway. People take for granted the level of access and information our connected age gives us. Please calm down, citizens of earth.



allav866 said:

(sigh) Another Nintendo Direct where they don't tell us anything about Animal Crossing: New Leaf. COME ON, REGGIE! I've been holding $40 on my eShop account since Japan's release!



TheDreamingHawk said:

AC 3DS will probably come to Na in Q1. After all, it doesn't need as much translation as the european version. I like how close FEA's release is, though! But no PMD 3DS mentions for EU OR NA...



AgentChuckAloo said:

LEGO City Undercover looks great. None of the previous LEGO games ever really garnered my interest, but City has won me over. Loved the Morgan Freeman bit. Super stoked for Pikmin, Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and Luigi's Mansion as well.



JJtheTexan said:

This was rather disappointing. No real surprises, though Google Maps and Panorama look nice, I guess. Um, yay Fire Emblem?

I read a rumor on GoNintendo that a black 3DS XL would be announced today... triste.



Metal_Slugger said:

Is the xl 3ds blue darker like Reggie's? It always looks like it's much lighter in photo's. His almost has a metallic look.



HawkeyeWii said:

So Game and Wario only has 16 games?? Usually those Wario games have close to a hundred for each game... And they can only be played on the gamepad?? I was super excited for this game, but now it just doesn't sound quite so remarkable anymore.



DarkNinja9 said:

guess this direct wasnt much of what ppl expected =/

that grace throwing game does look weird and fun at the same time xD wth but would of been more interesting if they hinted at miiverse for 3ds

but at least i know now the date for the luigi game

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